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Fifi Introduction

The idea for the Fifi is found in the confines of prisons around the world. Fleshlights and other male masturbators are not readily available in prisons, so inmates must rely on their creativity and imagination. Que the birth of the original Fifi.

The original, prison style Fifi is a glove stuffed into a towel or sock. The tightness of the fifi can be controlled by wrapping rubber bands around this contraption. You can also make it hands-free by slipping it between the bed frame and mattress. Inmate creativity never ceases to amaze me! I guess the old adage: desperate times call for desperate measures really does apply here!

The problems with the original Fifi, other than the inmates having to work with the little material they had at hand, was that it could chafe the skin quickly, it was a one-shot wonder, and lube was scarce.

What is the Fifi?

The Fifi is a less gross, more innovative take on the original design. The designers, Whizworx LLC, are based in North Carolina and label the device as a discreet and adjustable “male pleasure device.” It is reusable with disposable/ replaceable sleeves. It is low-tech and advertised as a mess-free alternative to manual pleasure or other forms of masturbation.

Fifi Review

The toy is a piece of fabric sewed around polyethylene foam, and you insert the disposable latex sleeves into the opening at the end. Like the original Fifi, you can control the tightness of the Fifi, but unlike the original, it is controlled with a Velcro strap instead of rubber bands. You just unroll the toy, insert the sleeve, and roll it back to your desired tightness.

Other features it shares with the original is that you can make it hands-free by placing it between your box spring and mattress, use it solo, or however you wish. The Fifi is cheap but better made than the original version, low maintenance, and makes for an easy cleanup.

Fifi Features

As I mentioned before the Fifi is a piece of cloth sewn around a piece of foam and secured with velcro. In order to use the Fifi and not mess it up, you have to buy reusable latex sleeves, similar to female condoms, to insert into the opening of the toy. After each use, you remove the sleeve and toss it. This makes clean up easy unless you somehow get your bodily fluids into the foam/cloth bit of the toy.

If you do happen to get bodily fluids on the actual material of the toy, it is easy to clean and cheap to replace, at only $15.95! Otherwise, it is about $10 for each pack of 10 replacement sleeves. While the toy is simple and somewhat dull compared to other toys I have reviewed here, it does live up to its slogan “It’s better than your hand.”

What comes in the box?

The Fifi arrives in a clear plastic container. The packaging is just as simple as the idea behind the toy, but you will probably want to keep it for storage purposes. As far as what comes in the box, I was not expecting any ‘extras’ and was not surprised. In the box, you will find:

• The Fifi (Duh!)
• Five latex sleeves
• Five packs of water based lubricant

Whizworx seems to have a theme of keeping things simple. There is just enough lube and sleeves to get you started with the Fifi, and you should buy more before you run out. Furthermore, due to the material of the sleeves, it should be noted that you use only water based lube with this toy! If you happen to get any of the water based lube on the material, it is easy to wash off.

Fifi Demo Videos

How to Use the Fifi

As I mentioned before the Fifi is incredibly simple to use. It is based off a makeshift masturbator that prisoners use and has been kept simple in the spirit of things. But just because it is based off a design inmates use, does not mean we need to use it in that manner.

To start things up, you are going to want to insert a latex sleeve. The latex sleeve does have a less than happy feeling to it and is not all that great, but it is “better than your hand.” Once you have the sleeve in place, you roll the Fifi back up to your desired tightness, and then you are going to want to lube the thing up.

Like I have said, latex does not feel that great, cold lube does not help. I find that if I hold the packet of lube between my hands for a bit before pouring it into the toy or lubing up my junk, it makes the experience a little more welcoming. Once you have lubed up (the toy or yourself) slip it in and go to town.

When you have finished using the Fifi merely unroll it, remove the latex sleeve, tie it up and throw it away. If you do get any lube or bodily fluids on the material part of the toy you can just hand wash it out or buy a new toy!

What Do I Like About The Fifi

Light – Unlike Fleshlights, the Fifi is incredibly light. I do not get tired while using the Fifi as quickly as I do when I use a masturbator of another kind.

Clean-up – True to the companies claims, the toy makes clean up a breeze. All of the mess is caught in the disposable sleeve and can be tied up for easy disposal.

Discreet – Unless you leave the Fifi with a used latex sleeve in it, there is hardly any chance someone will happen upon this and immediately think ‘male masturbator!’ I do store mine in its original packaging, which would give it away if someone came across it. But on its own, it is not obvious as to what it is.

Cheap – At only $15.95 the Fifi is a toy that anyone, on any budget can try. And if you happen to mess it up, break it, or lose it, it is cheap to replace. Unfortunately, it is a long term commitment if you find that you like the toy. You have to buy replacement sleeves, and they run about $1 per sleeve. That’s really one bang per your buck.

Adjustable – The tightness of the sleeve is completely customizable due to the Velcro design. Thanks to the way the Fifi is made you can create a tightness unique to your needs!

What I Did Not Like About the Fifi

Cold – If you do not take the time to prep the lube the Fifi starts out cold. While it will build up and retain heat from the friction you create, it starts off frigid and not much at all like a real orifice. And unlike Fleshlights, you cannot warm the body of the toy under warm water. You either have to warm up the lube or deal with the cold.

Texture – Well, lack thereof. There is no texture to the internal parts of the toy. You can control the tightness via the Velcro straps, but if you enjoy texture, you will not like the Fifi.

Pinching – It takes some time to play with and find the right tightness. It is easy to control the tightness, but finding something that feels good while thrusting takes a lot of time. Too loose and it is incredibly unimpressive, but too tight and it will pinch you.

Smell – Latex is a terrible material for toys. Not only is it porous and breaks down quickly, but it stinks to high heaven. While you do not have to worry about the other cons of latex as you will only use it once and throw it away, the smell can be overwhelming.

Finish – I have found that when I finish if I start to go soft in the Fifi the sleeve will stick to my shaft. When the sleeve sticks to my shaft, it comes out of the toy, turning inside out, with my penis. This causes the mess that the company tries to help you avoid.

My Final Verdict

The Fifi is a simple, easy to use, no-nonsense male masturbator. It is designed around an idea found in prisons and among sexy DIY-ers. The material it is made with is easy to clean, it is easy to use, and the cleanup is a breeze.

If you can get over the smell and know a way to heat things up before sticking your dick into it, the Fifi is a fantastic cheap alternative to other pocket pussies. It does come with an upkeep cost, as you have to buy replacements constantly, but it is adjustable and only $15.95 to get things started.

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