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Fleshlight Launch Introduction

Fleshlight is always stepping up their game; they have everything from pocket pussies to life-sized masturbators. You can buy masturbators in the shape of your favorite porn star, toys that create a one of a kind blowjob feel, and even an interactive device that allows you to fuck your favorite porn star (with the right software of course). Dedicated to providing top-notch sex toys, Fleshlight has yet to let down their penis having consumers!

With the reputation, they currently hold, it is important that they continually move forward in the world of male sex toys. Fleshlight is currently the number one in the world of male masturbators, and maintaining that in an ever-evolving market can be tough. While they still offer their extensive collection of manual masturbators, they are moving more towards technologically enhanced toys.

Que the Fleshlight Launch – a hands-free, technologically enhanced Fleshlight accomplice.

What is the Fleshlight Launch?

The Fleshlight Launch is another scientifically advanced toy to pair with your favorite Fleshlight and select porn. It couples up with the porn of your choice and moves the Fleshlight in tandem with the movements in your VR goggles. All you have to do is lock in your favorite Fleshlight, lube up your junk, and “lift off.”

Fleshlight Launch

The Launch is made to pair up with VR goggles and create a hands-free, completely immersed experience. The Launch reproduces every stroke and movement you see through your headset, and it can go up to 180 strokes per minute. All you have to do is enjoy it; there is no stroking or thrusting required on your part.

The Launch is rechargeable, able to be paired with most Fleshlights, and designed to be set in your lap for a truly hands-free experience. It controls everything from stroking to speed, and all you need to do is pick your porn and sit back and enjoy yourself.

Fleshlight Launch Features

You can use the Launch with any Fleshlight or the Kiiroo Pearl and Onyx toys. Use your favorite Fleshlight and pair it with porn or use the Pearl and Onyx to use it hands-free with a partner. Either way, you choose to use the Launch, you just set it on your penis and let it do all the work.

You do not even have to have an internet connection to use the Launch. You can use porn that you have downloaded or use the touch panel on the side to control the length and speed of the strokes. You do not want to try to stroke yourself while using the Launch because it is 12.75 in length and bulky as hell.

The Launch has many features; I will not try to list them all here. An important one that should be noted is that you have to use the exclusive content for it. There are a handful of subscription websites you can sign up for, but as of now there is no free content, and the paid content is limited.

What comes in the box?

Fleshlight is not known for their luxurious boxes. Actually, quite the opposite, they are known for using simple packaging and having fantastic toys! There is not any toy cleaner or lube in the box, so if you do not have either of these you may want to buy some while you are purchasing your toy! In the box you will find:

• The Fleshlight Launch (Duh!)
• USB charging cable (It is fully rechargeable and does not require any batteries.)
• Authenticity card used to activate your 1-year warranty (While I hope you never have to file a claim, you should register your toy upon receiving it in case anything ever does happen to it!)
• Setup instructions (This can be a bit confusing, so be sure to keep track of this for the first time you set up the Launch.)
• User manual (Again, using the Launch can be a bit overwhelmed at first, so keep this on hand to help you get the most out of the toy.)

Fleshlight Launch Demo Videos

How to Use the Fleshlight Launch

When you first get your Launch, you are going to want to put it on the charger. Make sure you have a full charge before starting any playing time with it! Once you have it fully charged (should take about 6-9 hours) you need to connect it to your other devices. Follow the instruction in the setup manual to do this.

Once you are connected, you can load up your favorite Fleshlight, turn on a porn of your choice, and let the device work its magic. The Launch is hands-free, fully automatic toy. Once you have it setup, you can connect to exclusive porn, join a cam girl website, or pair it with the Kiiroo toys. The possibilities with the Launch are endless.
You can use the Launch with or without an internet connection. If you choose to go without a connection, you can control it by the panel on the side of the toy or watch porn you have downloaded from the compatible websites. The versatility of the Launch amazes me!

No matter how you choose to consume your content (cam girl, porn, VR, etc.), the start up is the same. Lock your Fleshlight into place, pick your poison, lube up, place the device in your lap (with your penis inside- of course!), and let it do all the work. The Fleshlight will move in tandem with whatever content you have chosen to use with the toy.

What Do I Like About The Fleshlight Launch

Quiet – While it is not discreet and you probably will not be able to use this unnoticed in a dorm room, it is quiet, and you can use it in the same room as a sleeping lover and not wake them up.

Compatibility – The Launch can be used with almost any Fleshlight, as well as the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl. The toys do have to be a full-sized version, but it is compatible with all of the full sized Fleshlights!

Lightweight – It is 12.75 inches in length and bulky as hell, but it is light weight and is not uncomfortable on your lap for long periods of time.

Rechargeable – The battery is completely rechargeable. It does take a while to charge up the first time, at 6-9 hours for a full charge. But after the first charge, it does not take nearly as long.

Warranty – If anything were to happen to your Launch you can get a new one through the one year warranty. Not saying that anything would happen to your toy, but if it did, Fleshlight has you covered!

What I Did Not Like About the Fleshlight Launch

Bulky – As I mentioned before, the Fleshlight Launch is bulky. It is large enough to fit a full sized Fleshlight and has all the internal workings necessary for the motors and connectivity equipment.

Finicky – It is a new technology and connectivity issues do occur. Sometimes there is a lag between the motions on screen and the toy. Other times I have found that the connection can be a little sensitive.

Price – Due to its size, technologically advanced workings, and the quality of the Launch, it is not cheap! It is currently going for roughly $200!

Water – Any water in the internal workings of the toy can ruin the mechanics of it. Keep lube, water, and bodily fluids out of the Launch.

Videos – The Fleshlight Launch is one of the first of its kind, meaning there is not a lot of content out there for it just yet. Furthermore, the content that is available are all on subscription and paid porn sights.

My Final Verdict

The Fleshlight Launch is one of the first of its kind. It is high tech and delivers all the bells and whistles you would expect from a Fleshlight product. It can be connected to videos or used with a cam girl, the possibilities for pleasure are endless. If you can wait the 6-9 hours for the initial charge and get through the setup process without pulling out all your hair, it makes up for all the hassle with a completely hands-free, automated experience, unique to the Launch!

The Fleshlight Launch is the way to treat yourself to a truly no-effort-required masturbation session. Paired with your favorite Fleshlight and a porn of your choice, it works in time with the porn star on the screen (or on your VR headset) and creates the feeling as if you are honestly fucking your favorite porn star! Couple a porn starring your favorite star and use her matching Fleshlight for an experience similar to fucking your favorite star.

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