Lelo Loki Wave Review

Lelo Loki Wave Introduction

“I’m going to perform a procedure on you called milking the prostate. It’s an anally induced ejaculation.” We have all seen that scene in Road Trip (2000) where E.L discovers that prostate massage is pleasurable. While we all laughed (or scoffed) at the time, prostate massage can provide very intense orgasms. Whether you are only thinking about it, have played around with your fingers, or already have a collection of butt toys in your closet, I am certain you have probably heard of Lelo.

Lelo creates everything from luxury vibrators for her to high-quality prostate massagers for him. They create all their toys with body safe, medical grade silicone. Every design begins and ends with the consumer’s pleasure in mind. While the Lelo Loki Wave is intended for him, she can use it for g-spot and clitoral action as well – like a rabbit vibe! But we are going to focus on its original purpose in this review.

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What is the Lelo Loki Wave?

In layman terms, the Loki Wave is a butt toy. Unlike many of the other toys reviewed here, this one is designed to stimulate the prostate. The website boasts “The world’s first vibrating prostate massager that moves back and forth to beckon you toward the absolute pinnacle of prostate pleasure.” While I cannot attest to this, as I have not tried all the anal toys the world has to offer, it is the first luxury prostate vibe to come across my dashboard that offers this range of motion!

Lelo Loki Wave Review

The Loki Wave is 100% waterproof, rechargeable, body-safe, and has “10 pleasure settings.” It has 4 inches of insertable length, with a 4.5-inch girth. It has a rabbit vibrator style, but Lelo intends for the outer arm to be used for perineum stimulation rather than clitoral. It has two motors, one in the inner arm and one in the external. And it takes one hour to charge the Loki Wave completely for two hours of play time.

Lelo Loki Wave Features

The Lelo Loki Wave is made with 100% body-safe, medical grade silicone is completely submersible, and is fully rechargeable. It has two arms, one for perineum stimulation and one for prostate stimulation, and a whole butt load of other features. Pun intended.

Due to the silky-smooth material, with a little water based lube, the Loki Wave slides in without any friction or issues. Once inside it is operated by a control pad on the front of the base of the toy. The middle button controls the on/off feature, the up and down arrows control the mode, while the plus and minus buttons control the vibration intensity.

There are five vibration strengths and five waves. The patterns offer everything from a buzz to a pulsating sensation. The inner arm vibrates and moves in a come-hither motion while the outer arm merely vibrates, combined these sensations create a one of a kind experience.

What comes in the box?

The box that the Lelo Loki Wave comes in reflects the Lelo company’s focus on luxury. The cardboard is sturdy, the lining is plush, and the contents are exactly what you would expect from a company like Lelo. In the box, you will find:

LOKI Wave™ – duh. It was smaller than I had anticipated though.
USB-Charging Cord – this can be used with your computer or a charging block. Just ensure that the amperage output is correct. Otherwise, you will fry your new toy.
Satin Storage Pouch – if you find the box too gaudy, obvious, or bulky, you can use this to store your toy. But I keep mine in the box with all the accessories.
Warranty Registration Card – Do not forget to register your Lelo Loki Wave. If something were to happen to it, this could save you $219!
Detailed Instruction Manual – If you lose this you can download a PDF from the official product page.
A sample of Lelo’s water based lube – I recommend using this, especially if you do not have any other water based lube on hand. The user manual highly recommends only using water-based, anal-safe lube on the Loki Wave.

Lelo Loki Wave Demo Videos

What Do I Like About The Lelo Loki Wave

Come hither – The internal arm moves in a come-hither motion. Much like your fingers when going solo. Expect this is designed to better stimulate the prostate with more functions than just your fingers.

Settings – Speaking of: There are ten settings. These consist of five vibration speeds and five waves.

Ergonomic – Lelo does think of everything. The handle of the Lelo Loki Wave is designed to fit perfectly in your hand. Meaning that during use your hand will not start cramping up and get tired from holding the toy.

Charge/Play – As I mentioned before an hour of charge time via the USB cable will get you two hours of playtime with the toy.

Safe – This is one of the best things about Lelo! They care about what you are putting in your body, so you do not have to. Their toys are latex and phthalates free. Making them body safe to use for most users!

What I Did Not Like About the Lelo Loki Wave

Girth – While I enjoyed the girth of the toy, I find that it may not be suitable for all users. It takes some warm up and a lot of lube, but the work is worth the play.

Buttons – Located where your hand would rest while using the toy are the buttons. This can get irritating because you should be wary of where your hand is resting and careful not to hit any buttons. There is nothing more frustrating than changing the settings mid-wank.

Battery – Depending on how long you go, can mean whether you must charge the Lelo Loki Wave every use or every other use. You charge the Loki Wave using a USB cable, so depending on how smitten you are with it, you are going to have a toy laying on your desk at all time.

Lube – Due to the girth of the toy you are going to want to use a lot of lube. Granted, for any play you are going to need lube, but with this toy, you are going to want to use a lot of lube.

Lint – The silicone is silky smooth, but attracts lint like nobody’s business. I recommend cleaning the toy before and after each use!

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My Final Verdict

I would not suggest this toy for beginner anal players nor would I recommend it for size queen/kings. While the toy is girthy, more experienced players may not find it as large or as powerful as they would like. Personally, I find the size and amount of power to be perfect! If you are looking for a vibrating, rotating, dual massaging toy, the Lelo Loki Wave is possibly going to be your best match!

Ease of cleaning
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