Mangasm DSRV Review

Mangasm DSRV Introduction

Sometimes the stroking of a Fleshlight or the mechanical sounds of an AutoBlow is more of a turn off than something you want to get off to. Working most masturbators takes a lot of effort, and those that are hands-free and automated make too much noise to ignore if you are craving the real thing properly. Do not get me wrong, I love a good masturbator, but sometimes getting there with one takes out some of the intimacy you get with the real thing.

Mangasm is dedicated to providing top-notch male masturbation toys. On their website, they offer everything from pocket pussies to prostate massagers. You can find a plethora of life-sized pussies in their shop, including their own line of Mangasm toys. Their website does not provide much insight into the company, so without further ado, I bring you the Mangasm DSRV.

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What is the Mangasm DSRV?

The Mangasm DSRV is 6 pounds of realistic Cyberskin. While the website claims it is life-size, I have to disagree. It is large, heavy, and much bigger than a sleeve, but in size, it in no way compares to an actual woman. Basically, this is an oversized pocket pussy that you can set on a table, bed, or other surface and fuck doggy style.

Mangasm DSRV Review

DSRV stands for Doggy Style Realistic Vagina. It is designed after an anonymous model who works with Mangasm. The website claims it is made out of 100% body safe material, but be aware that Cyberskin is porous, so if not cleaned properly it can get gross, fast. When you clean the Mangasm DSRV, you should use a non-scented, dye-free soap and make sure to get every nook and cranny. Furthermore, you will want to use a restoration powder to help keep the elasticity of the toy and ensure a longer lifespan of the toy. The two holes are connected with a third hole leading out the back of the toy to help with the cleaning process.

Mangasm DSRV Features

As I mentioned before, the Mangasm DSRV is 6 lbs of Cyberskin. It has two realistic orifices that are presented to you as if in doggy style. The holes are tight and provide a stimulating internal texture. The ass is tighter than the pussy, as you would find in a real person. Unlike a real person, the two holes are connected. The holes are separated by several inches of Cyberskin and connect many inches deep into the toy, so they do still feel like different holes.

Due to the size and weight of the toy, it is easy to place it and go to town. I find that putting it in a corner on the bed and using the “hips” for stability and force creates an amazing feeling. Just remember to place a towel or something under the front portion of the toy to catch your semen after you blow your load.

What comes in the box?

While Mangasm put a lot of thought into the production of the DSRV, they did not put the same effort into the packaging. It comes in a discreet box, and you do not have to worry about it showing up on your credit card under some shady name, you get exactly what you pay for. In the box, you will find:

• Mangasm DSRV
• User guide

And that is it! So, while you are purchasing your toy, be sure to grab some water based lube, Cyberskin friendly cleaner, and maybe some restoration powder.

How to Use the Mangasm DSRV

Using the Mangasm DSRV is simple. Find a position you like, lube up, and go to town! There are no mechanics to the toy; there are not any internal workings to worry about, there is no technology to fuss with and set up. Seriously, you just lube up and start playing.

The user manual is almost as simple as that last paragraph. They do not include any position examples or suggestions. Although I highly recommend bracing the DSRV against a wall and using a towel.

What Do I Like About The Mangasm DSRV

Realistic – It was molded after a real woman, in the doggy style position. The lips are even engorged as if she were excited.

Size – While it is not life-sized, it is 6 lbs of realistic feeling material.

Options – You can choose between the ass or pussy. Both meet up in the middle but have different feelings, textures, and tightness before that.

Clean up – The holes meet up in the middle and come out the other side. Clean up is a breeze. Just make sure that you are using a cleaner that will not deteriorate or damage the material.

Price – It is only $80! Of course, this means you do not get any extras in the box and do not expect it to last for forever, but it is a great price for such a great piece of ass.

What I Did Not Like About the Mangasm

Material – Mangasm does not come out and say exactly what the DSRV is made with. Cyberskin is a broad term used for many different types of material, and this can lead to a guessing game when it comes down to lubes and cleaners.

Meet up – The two holes do meet in the middle. This is great for cleaning purposes, but if you are long enough to get there, your options really just become one at your head.

Finishing – Due to the hole in the toy, when you get off it will come out the other side. This means you need to have a towel on hand or another way to catch the semen coming out of the toy when you do get off.

“Life-sized” – It is not nice to advertise something at life sized when really it is about half the size of a real woman. I am not saying the size is a negative, just the wording for this could have been chosen better.

Warmth – The size and feel are great! But when it comes down to comparing this to a real human, it requires some warm up. No, not foreplay, but you may want to run some hot water through it before slipping your dick into this cold hunk of Cyberskin.

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My Final Verdict

The Mangasm DSRV is a great alternative to the real thing. It is better than your hand, feels realistic, and molded after a gorgeous (but anonymous) model! At only $80 it is worth giving a shot if you are tired of the same old same old.

I must note that the material is iffy, and the lack of lube was disappointing, but cleanup is a breeze and using it is fun! The biggest issue I found with the DSRV is finding a good position to fuck it in. I suggest playing around with positions until you find a couple that if your style!

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