Tenga Flip-Hole Review

Tenga Flip-Hole Introduction

Tenga is one of the leading manufacturers in the male sex toy industry, only bested by Fleshlight. They are based in Tokyo Japan and produce a variety of masturbators from disposable eggs to Iroha vibrators. Their website boasts that their goal is to provide pleasure, “the way it should be!” Today we are looking at the Tenga Flip-Hole, which is priced at $99.99. We are going to go over the four different variations today to help you chose the right one for you.

The Flip-Hole comes in three colors: white, black, silver, and red. Tthe only variation between them, other than the color, of course, is the internal texture, suction, and firmness of the material. It is important that you consider these differences before making a purchase, that is why I am here! Also, unlike the eggs mentioned above, the Flip-Hole is reusable, so again, it is important to consider which one will fit your personal needs, before buying.

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What is the Tenga Flip-Hole?

The Tenga Flip-Hole is an easy to clean, easy to use male masturbator. Unlike Fleshlight and other pocket pussies, this masturbator does not have a removable sleeve or any sleeve at all for that matter. The toy flips open, hence the name.

The Flip-Hole measures 6 inches in total length with only about 5.5 inches insertable length. The width of the point of insertion is approximately 1.7 inches wide. The outer portion of the toy is made from PC, and the sleeve is made of TPE.

The toy does not have any electronic bits, meaning it can be used in the shower and washed with abandon. I say “with abandon,” but due to the material it is made with you should not use any soaps that are acidic, as this can damage the TPE. And you should only use water based lube (once you run out of the samples) with the Flip-Hole because TPE is porous.

tenga flip hole

Tenga Flip-Hole Features

Each sleeve features its texture, suction strength, and firmness. Each side of every sleeve has a different texture to it, creating a different feel on each side of the penis. You can control the pressure on any of the variations by applying pressure to the white “buttons” on the sides of all the toys. In this portion of the review, we will go over each color option.


The white Flip-Hole has the softest material of all the sleeves but has the second most intense texture pattern. One side of the masturbator is lined with nodules, and the other has two ridged “walls” running the length of it and ends with a large bulb designed to stimulate the head. The material with the Flip-Hole White is so soft, though, that the texture may not be felt as intensely as it is with the other colors. If you cannot feel the texture enough, you can use the white “buttons” on the outside of the toy to apply more pressure.


The black Flip-Hole has the firmest material of all the masturbators in this series. It also has the most intense texture of the four sleeves. The texture includes a series of textured balls, geometric triangular ridges, ridges, nubs, and at the end two large textured balls that completely encompass the head of your cock. The black Flip-Hole should be used with a fair amount of lube due to the intense texture and firmness of the material. This one can be too intense for uncut men or men who are not accustomed to a lot of texture.


The firmness of the red and silver are about the same and fall between the white and black. The texture of this one seems relatively plain compared to the first two I went over, but do not let that fool you. It features a series of shallow geometric ridges and can be great if you find that you want something not too intense. The Tenga website describes this one as “a maze of planes and edges for a strong, smooth sensation.” If you found the white Flip-Hole too tight, this one is a good alternative.


This one has the most intense suction of the four, but the texture is comparable to the silver. The texture is shallow and not as intense as the white or black, but paired with the suction can be very intense. On one side of the red, there is a series of ribs and diagonal ribs at the end that stimulates the head. The other side has firmer ribs that are staggered differently than the ones on the opposing side, and at the end, there are three ridged things that resemble slinkies. This one is best suited for men who want more suction.

What comes in the box?

All four of the Flip-Hole’s come in a round, plastic sleeve with three sample lubes. The packaging is sleek and straightforward. The sample lubes come in packaging that resembles test tubes, and there are three types.

Mild: This is the thickest of the three lubes and has a sticky feel to it.
Real: This one also feels sticky, but is not as thick as the mild, and feels like most water-based lubes.
Wild: I prefer this one out of the three. It is the thinnest and wettest.

Tenga Flip-Hole Demo Videos

How to Use the Tenga Flip-Hole

To use any of the Flip-Hole’s you must first remove the plastic clip (which is also used in cleaning the toy). Once the clip is removed, you can open the toy like a long book. It is hinged at the bottom of the toy and opens the long way to reveal the texture. Open the toy and apply lube to the texture, you can also lube up your dick, but you should apply lube to the toy as well. Close the toy and slide the plastic clip back onto the toy, but this time from the end so that it holds the toy closed.

Once you have the toy lubed up and put together, you just penetrate it. You can flip it over to feel the different textures on other parts of your penis or twist, turn, and angle it for different sensations. Using the Tenga Flip-Hole is simple, and the most difficult part is getting the clip on the end of the toy when your hands are slippery.

What Do I Like About The Tenga Flip-Hole

Simple – While there are many varieties of the Flip-Hole, they keep it simple. It opens clam style to aid with cleaning, the buttons are manual and squeezing them provides just as much pressure as you apply. And it is easy to control.

Variety – There are four different styles of the Flip-Hole. Each color represents a different suction, texture, and firmness of the material.

Texture – Each texture has its advantages and all of them feel fantastic with a lot of thought put into the construction.

Suction – While it is not as intense with the more textured versions of the toy, it gets intense with the silver and red. Tenga did a great job picking what suction levels to pair with what texture.

Ease of Cleaning – Flip the toy open, and use soap and water to clean out all the nooks and crannies. Then use the plastic clip to “hang” the sleeve on to dry.

What I Didn’t Like About the Tenga Flip-Hole

Limited reuse – The user manual lists that the Flip-Hole is only good for about 50 uses. At around a dozen uses, I started to notice a couple of rips and tears.

Not discreet – While the Flip-Hole series does not feature a detailed pussy or another obvious orifice, it is not discreet. If you leave it out drying and have company over, they are more than likely to know what it is!

Time to clean – Cleaning it is easy, but add in drying time and it can take up to a couple of hours to ensure that it is completely dry.

Black/White harder to clean – These two have the most intense and deepest texture. Due to this feature, these two take more time to clean, and you have to work harder to get the lube and bodily fluids out of the nooks and crannies.

Price – The Tenga Flip-Hole is about $100 for only 50 uses. This is just ridiculous considering that the Fleshlights are only $70 and last for more than 50 uses.

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My Final Verdict

If you have $50 to blow on a toy that you will only get 50 uses out of, it is worth it! Not only do you get a variety depending on which color you choose, but you also get variety depending on how you hold the toy. Depending on which color you chose, cleaning is a breeze, but waiting for it to dry can be a pain. The simple design is unique but provides a new take on male masturbators.

Ease of cleaning
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  1. 50 times isn’t really a fair thing to say. Of course there’s wear and tear but there’s wear and tear with any masturbating toy. I’ve used mine for well over 50 times. It’s the white one so there’s not as much detail as others so there’s less to ruin I guess but it doesn’t feel brand new. That doesn’t mean its not doing its job or doesn’t feel good. Don’t let that stop you from getting a toy you’re interested in cause its just not accurate.

  2. Hahaha man I really like the Flip Hole. I’m surprised I can’t find better reviews on it in general. Yeah it looks weird but have you ever tried cutting into your pocket pussy? And it’s not any worse to clean than any other toy you stick your penis in to get off or more obvious than if you leave out your Fleshlight. Some of the complaints are ridiculous. It feels good, it lasts a while, it cleans up. What else do you guys need??

  3. This is the best review I’ve ever read. I’ve got one of these red Flips and this article really does go over everything really well. I agree about the value but I had the money to spare and it wasn’t a total wash. I like it enough to not completely regret it but I wouldn’t ever buy another.

  4. THE LUBE! I dont even care about the flip anymore the LUBE it comes with is fantastic. It changed my whole life!

  5. This is the first non-realistic toy I’ve used and I was really hesitating at first because I thought since it looks so fake that it wouldn’t turn me on or anything, but it’s like saying an ugly chick can’t feel good. I went with the black one because I’ve got toys with suction and I’ve got generic but the black Tenga seemed like it had the most texture to it. It definitely has more texture than anything I’ve ever used before and it feels amazing with any of the lubes it comes with. My usual lube even works with it and I like that even though its more detailed than any of my other toys its still pretty easy to clean out. It’s not too expensive and it feels good and I don’t keep count of how often I use a toy but its still going strong so far so, you know, I’m pretty happy with my purchase.

  6. Tenga Flip Hole is one of my favorite random purchases. My wife and I each get a new toy for our anniversary that we can play with because we believe toys spice up our sex life whether we use them together or on our own. Over the past few years while new stuff is constantly coming out in our budget for her most of the cool stuff for men is way outside of my budget or I already own it. I got a Tenga Flip Hole because I really wasn’t sure what else to get that wasn’t exactly like everything else I already have. I got a red one just because of the color and I have to say I was a little skeptical but after the first time using it I’m glad I got it. Its definitely not the best thing I own but it is nice to go to when I need something a little different and this texture is pretty simple to clean so all in all it was a good random find. If nothing else interesting comes out by my next annviersary I’ll probaly get another color.

  7. I like trying new toys but I’m staying far away from this one. It looks cool and sleek but after seeing the video of the inside I do not want to stick my dick in crazy and that flip is crazy. I’ve never looked at a triangle or a spiked ball thing and thought Hey I want to rub all up on that. I think the only cool thing about it is the way it opens for cleaning but since I’d never get off using it I don’t have to clean it. I don’t care if it was only $10 I’m not going anywhere near it. Nope nope nope


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