While anyone who knows what they like in bed will tell you that size doesn’t matter and it’s all about skill, you still need to know what skills apply to your size. Both smaller and larger penises have their pro’s and con’s and learning how to use the equipment you have can make all the difference in your partner’s pleasure. Of course things such as communication and acceptance will help you to learn how to use your equipment, but there are other ways to improve your skills in the bedroom.

1. Accept Your Body

The first step is to accept what you have. For most people, changing your body is an unattainable goal. While there may be a noticeable difference with pumping, it usually takes patience and time. Even if you do decide to modify your penis through pumping or other methods, it will take time before you start to notice a difference and the quickest route to pleasing your partner is to accept what you have to work with and learn how to use it.

2. Reduce Lubrication

Reducing lubrication can help both parties feel the friction better and create a more intense experience. While going completely dry may be uncomfortable and cause chaffing. Simply decreasing the amount of lubrication can increase the friction felt making it seem as if your member is bigger than what it is. If your partner is naturally dripping wet, don’t use any synthetic lubrication at all.

3. Exercise PC Muscles

Both parties exercising their PC muscles will help increase what is felt during penis in vagina sex. When a male exercises his PC muscles it increases his control over flexing the muscles that will make him seem bigger to his partner. When a female exercises her PC muscles it increases the control she has over clenching those muscles. When either partner clenches their PC muscles during sex it will tighten the canal making sex more pleasurable for both parties.

4. Stimulate Her Clit

It is rare that women get off from penis in vagina sex alone. If you’re wanting to get her off try stimulating her clit. Not only will this help her to achieve orgasm, but it will cause her to involuntarily clench her PC muscles, tightening the vaginal canal.

5. The Hound

While it is rare for a woman to get off on PIV alone, the chances are a bit higher with men who have smaller members. Men with smaller penis’s can better achieve the position called The Hound. To get into this position have the woman get into the traditional doggy style, but on her forearms with her back arched, she should be pushing back into the male partner as he enters her. Having her back arched will shorten the length of the vaginal canal and guide the penis into her g-spot. This almost guaruntees her an orgsam and enhances the experience for both parties.

6. Girl On Top

Girl on top is another sex position that is fantastic for men with smaller penises. With her on top she is sitting on the male partner’s penis and getting deep penetration. With her in control it is less likely that the male partner will slip out. This also gives him better access to her entire body. If he does wish to take control, there will be more control over depth in this position than in others.

7. Lip Jobs

If he does slip out during girl on top (or other positions) take this time to give him a lip job. It feels amazing and mixes things up. To give a lip job position the shaft of the penis between her lips and have her thrust her hips over him. If she is wet this will create an intense feeling for both partners and stimulate her clit. Lip jobs are great for pressure control and can be as gentle or hard as you wish. Experiment with different  pressures for different experiences.

8. Oral Sex

If the male partner is having issues accepting his body or having a bad self image day, a fantastic way to have sex without those issues would be having him perform oral sex. Having him up his oral sex game will increase his confidence. Try spelling the alphabet with your tongue, repeat letters she responds well to. Mix things up by sucking on her clit and labia. Stick out your tongue and allow her to grind on it.

9. Anal Sex

A great thing about having a smaller penis is that it makes anal sex easier and more comfortable. While you may have to experiment with positions, and anal sex safety is another post entirely, having anal with a smaller penis is less intimidating and more pleasurable. Also, with a smaller penis, you can use less lube (although you should still use lube) and it is more intense (in a good way) for both partners.

10. Communication

As with anything related to sex, communication is key. If you are the one struggling with body issues try figuring out why you’re experiencing those issues and bring it up to your partner. If your partner is struggling with body image issues remember to encourage and inform them when something feels good. Communicating with your partner about body issues may be a hard topic, but the hard conversations are the ones that help us grow the most.

While penis size isn’t everything, there are different techniques and tricks that each of the spectrum can use. Addressing your body issues should be your first step, but once you find a few tricks that work for you and your partner, your confidence should skyrocket. Just communicate, don’t be afraid to try new things, and have fun!


  1. The first time I ever came from just regular sex, was with a smaller guy. He was so insecure and swore up and down that I was lying about cumming. But we were doing it doggy style on the coffee table with him standing behind me and I was watching our reflections in the TV. It was SO FUCKING HOT. Anyway, with him being rather shorter (coughcough) than what I was used to and us being in doggy, he hit my g-spot PERFECTLY! And him being so insecure he was really paying attention to what I was liking. I came SO FUCKING HARD.

  2. The Hound just looks like lazy doggy style. That doesn’t work with big butt girls. Her ass just gets in the way, especially if you have a small dick.

  3. Sometimes I will purposefully pull out of my girl to rub my shaft along her slit. It drives her wild! I recommend it for anyone. For before sex. Anytime. It’s never a wrong time to go hotdogging cause it feels good for everyone.

  4. I’m glad I found this. I always feel like I’m inadequate because my member is smaller than average. I have always felt that I’d be a much better lover if I had better equipment to work with. I’ve seen how I measure up to my friends and it’s always in the back of my mind that I’m much smaller than most men. This article helped to alleviate some of my fears and put into perspective that it isn’t about what I have to work with but how I use it.

  5. Having a small dick sucks, but my girlfriend seems happy with it and none of my ex’s ever had anything bad to say about it when we were together. Must mean that I’m doing something right.

  6. These are great tips. But I wanna add, just go with the flow, man. Don’t get so concerned with your size that you can’t even get it up. Four inches is so much better than a none. By none, I mean being so worked up that you can’t even perform!

  7. Last chick I was seeing left me cause of my size. I’m talking to another chick now and have been so nervous about my dick size. So happy I found this article. Can’t wait to try these tips on her!

  8. Stop worrying about how you’re going to be and started working on it. Eventaully you’ll be so good that your size won’t matter. Do kegels, look up new techniques to get her off with, learn more about cunnilingus. Try to find other ways you can sexually satisfy her.

  9. Great tips fap guy. Sadly, there will always be girls who put size over skill. But on that same note, there are women who could not care less.

    Really, there’s only so much on the internet/books/etc that you can read on the topic. You just gotta stop putting so much emphasis on it cause it’s not something you can easily change.

  10. Invest in a relationship before you have sex.

    Then when you do have sex, you already have a personal/emotional connection with the person and hopefully it will be enough to overcome any superficial issues.

    It doesn’t hurt to do these things, too. Just to err on the side of caution.

  11. I dated a girl who tried anal sex with her ex, who was average to bigger than average and she said it was the most terrible thing she has ever done to herself. She was so scared of trying to have anal sex again. But when she finally came around it was amazing. For both of us. She said that since I was smaller it didn’t hurt and she could focus on good it felt. Which wasn’t something she felt with her ex.

  12. It’s a dealbreaker for me when a guy is cripplingly insecure about his dick size. Like, just get me off, I’ll get you off, it’s cool!

  13. If you aren’t in a relationship and don’t have a lot of experience with sex, how do you get better at oral, anal, or those other things listed here? It seems like the article is written by someone who doesn’t really understand the struggles of having a small dick.

  14. Big dicks are so overrated. I much rather prefer someone who is smaller or average sized. These are great tips, but some I already practice. Like reducing lubrication! That makes a world of difference.

    On the flip side, if your girl gets really wet – eat her out a bit before you slip in. That way you, ahem, mop up some of that slipperiness before getting down and dirty. Also, you’ll make her more horny for you. Which is always nice. 😉

  15. I love, Love, LOVE giving smaller guys blowjobs! I don’t feel inadequate for not being able to get him all the way inside my mouth. It feels amazing for him too because I CAN get him all the way inside my mouth. It’s a win win. Why would anyone turn down a small dick that is great for blowing? Why would anyone turn down a blowjob? LOL.

  16. If a woman ever has anything to say about the importance of size, you have to take their age into account. Younger women have had less experience with men in general and are probably going off what they see in porn – like most men who are obsessed with their penis size.

  17. Care more about if she is enjoying herself or not and the size of your dick will be the last thing on her mind. I promise.

  18. My roomamte has an incredibly small dick and he gets more pussy in my own house than I do! And I’m average. It is all in how you carry and present yourself. Dick size only matters to men.

  19. I’ve been talking to this girl that I go to college with for a week or so and we wound up kissing the other night. She has been showing a lot of interest in me lately, but I haven’t been returning it. Not because I don’t like her, but because I have ended relationships over my fear that I won’t satisfy her in bed or that they’ll tell someone or they’ll just straight up make fun of me.

    I really want things to work out with this girl so I googled “tips for small penis” and came across fapguy. We are going out this weekend and sex is not guaranteed, but it could happen so I’m really happy I cam across this post. Now if only I could completely get over my insecurities.

  20. try the lazy dog. it’s good for small penis. just lay on your side and enter her from behind. then kinda bend her forward while she’s laying on her side too.

  21. Guys who obsess over their small dicks remind me of overweight people who think they’re larger than what they are. It’s all about perception. Fake it til you make it. Or in this case, give off that big dick energy until you have it. Not a big dick. The energy and skills.

  22. You should love your penis no matter how big or small it is! I promise you, not all women want monster dicks. That’s just porn for you. I’m so happy that my husband is average sized, he’s perfect for me! As long as you know what you’re doing, how to get your woman off, and have fun, that’s all that matters. Quit psyching yourself out, chill out, and just enjoy yourself.


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