While anyone who knows what they like it bed will tell you they prefer skill over size, it is still good to know some tips and tricks relevant to your size. Having a big penis is nothing if you don’t know how to use it and most women will agree that simply sticking it in and thrusting will hardly ever get them off alone. If you have a big penis and are looking to up your game in bed, check out the following 10 tips for men with huge penises.

1. Acknowledge it

If you’re big, there are chances that your partner is intimidated and possibly scared of attempting to take on your member. Before any sex you should talk to your partner about those fears and come up with a back up plan if they find it to be too painful. Sex isn’t always penis in vagina, but your partner may feel like they’ve let you down if they’re unable to take your full length or girth. The first step for any man with a large penis is to assure that their partner is comfortable and that they don’t feel insecure if they’re unable to accomplish PIV.

2. Foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of sex for any couple, but when it comes to taking a large object, women need at least 20 minutes of warm up before they’re fully aroused. Try making out, exploring her body, or giving her a couple of orgasms with your mouth first. Making sure her vagina is ready for entry will help your success rate and her comfort. Be sure that she’s fully aroused and ready for penetration before trying to fit your penis in her.

3. Make Her Orgasm First

I mentioned that you should attempt to give her an orgasm with your mouth during foreplay, if that isn’t your thing, try to ensure that she has an orgasm with your hand or toys first. Having an orgasm will help her to loosen up and be ready to take your full member.

4. Work Up To It

If you’ve warmed her up and given her a few orgasms, but she’s still uncomfortable with trying to take your full member, try working up to it. Use a variety different sized toys to work up to something comparable to your size. Start small and slowly move up as she’s ready. If she is comfortable doing this, you may practice each time before having her sex and train her vagina to take larger objects without as much warm up.

5. Let Her Be In Control

Allowing her to control the speed and depth with not only help ease her fears of taking a big penis, but will also help with any discomfort she may experience. Sex should never be painful, even when dealing with a big penis, but it can cause discomfort if you go too fast, don’t give her time to warm up, or don’t pay attention to her cues. Letting her be in control will allow her to adjust to what her body is saying and be able to take you at her own rate.

6. Try Different Positions

Girl on top or doggy style may provide too deep of penetration for a man with a big penis. If your girl is complaining that certain positions are hurting her, try others.Try missionary position but instead sit on your knees and enter her. This will limit the amount of length she will take, but feel tight and great for you!

7. Use A Buffer

If you want to try a position that may hurt her, use a buffer. Take a Tenga egg or other short sleeve and cut open the other end. Lube it up and slip the entire sleeve over the length of your penis and use it as a buffer so that you won’t push too far into your partner. You can also have your partner twist the buffer around the base of your penis while you thrust into her for a more intense stimulation.

8. Take it Slow

No matter which method you choose to help you partner prepare for a large penis, you’re going to have to take your time. It takes at least 20 minutes of foreplay before a woman is fully aroused and ready for penetration and then to prevent tearing you should be patient while working up to a size similar to yours.

9. Try Non-Penetrative Sex

Sex doesn’t have to be all about penis in vagina, women can have sex with one another for hours without entering one another. Experiment with oral sex, boob jobs, hand jobs, and mutual masturbation. Non-penetrative sex can be fulfilling for both partners and can be a great way to working up to and easing your partner into having penetrative sex.

10. Lots of Lube

If you have a large member using a lot of lube is important. This will help ensure that you go in easily without causing any chaffing or drag. It will also help keep friction to a minimum and since you will be making contact on all edges, keeping that friction down is important. Find a lube that is glycerin and paraben free for a more comfortable experience. Silicone lubes last the longest and will provide the slipperiest experience.

While media would have you believe that all you need is a big penis, that is often not the case. More times than not new partners are intimidated or frightened of a large penis. The classic “5 minutes of foreplay, in, out, in, out, done,” will not cut it. And having a large member requires more prep time than for a man with an average sized penis.


  1. This was obviously written by a guy. Women want to be worked up for sex anyway. A big dick is exciting with a man who knows how to use it. You don’t go in like it’s porn. Start with face to face positions so you can see if she’s wincing. You don’t need to wait for her to say something to take it slower. Women don’t want to ruin the mood by saying no or don’t do this, they want the man to know and do it right. Take it slow to see how well she takes it and if she can take it all. If she can’t take it all, work what she can take and occasionally get deep without slamming it. This is how you get her used to you. If she really can’t take it, pay attention or listen, and let it go.
    Letting her be in control is good, but some women are going to need to be shown they can handle it by not being in control. That takes patience and assurance. You want her to feel as ok with trying to take it as you want to put it in her. If you can’t make it happen, let her give it a try with the most comfortable positions so taking it slow is simple. If she can’t take it, don’t make her feel bad. Either cuddle or eat her out “because you wanted to make her cum anyway.” She’ll probably give you head as a makeup, love you for understanding at an intimate and personal time, or both.

  2. First step is too funny. She gonna acknowledge it as soon as she sees or feels it.
    But for real though, if you gotta big dick, treat new women like it’s anal the first time.
    If you know what you’re doing, a lot of this should already be happening because it’s how a man treats (owns) a woman. Foreplay isn’t because you have a big dick. Making her cum before sex isn’t because you have a big dick. Men, do this for your ladies no matter what. Ladies, do this for your ladies no matter what. Whoever reads this, do this for your ladies. Dick size is not an excuse or reason.

  3. This reads entirely like an anal guide for virgins.
    It’s missing the passion that makes sex work normally instead of anal though. Get her worked up and wanting it. Have her wet and still take it slow at first to make sure she doesn’t get ripped. After 5 minutes, she should be ok and down to take the dick. If not, be ready to not fuck until you cum until next time. AND SHE WILL want to make you cum next time. Also, there’s balancing recovery if she’s sore from being stretched out and going for it regularly so the pussy doesn’t stay so tight that she’s in pain.
    Some women like deep sex, some don’t. If she doesn’t, don’t make her take it face down ass up – have her on her hands and knees instead.

    • you say the article is missing passion but then go on to write an entire comment that reads like a badly written porno. i think it’s great advice. also, “balancing recovery if she’s sore from being stretched out and going for it regularly so the pussy doesn’t stay so tight that she’s in pain” give her time if she’s sore, you should never pressure someone because you want to “work out their pain.” that sounds so gross. also, she wouldn’t be in constant pain if you took your time and wasn’t so worried about making her want to “make you cum next time.”

  4. Yo the lube is a trap! You slide in too easy. Everything else is cool on this, but that lube gonna someone in trouble.

    • Well don’t use a TON of it, duh. But you gotta have some to cut down on the friction and reduce the risk of pulling everything on the outside in with you. Lube is GREAT. Just know your limits.

  5. For some reason it never crossed my mind to build up to it. I guess we should get some smaller dildos to help her build up to my huge cock.

    • Start with a dildo that’s a bit smaller than average and work your way up from there. It’ll help her get used to having something… in there. Then you can start… filling her up with bigger toys until you get to a size similar to yours.

  6. Why do men think it’s okay to skip foreplay? Why do they have to be reminded in EVERY SINGLE POST DIRECTED AT PLEASING A WOMEN? You gotta preheat the oven if you want anything to cook right.

    Foreplay can be as simple as making out for a bit. Why can’t men wrap their minds around that?!?! You gotta heat up the car in the winter. There’s so many stupid little things they can understand letting run a little before using it, but a women they just don’t get.

  7. If you get your girl to cum a couple of times before you try fucking her, her pussy will be super loose. Women relax when they’re turned on and what better way to turn them on than giving them that good old o.

    • This cannot be said enough! We need bumper stickers, hand outs, pins, the works. Make. Your. Woman. Come. Before. You. Try. Fucking. Her.

  8. Dudes, if you’re reading this, pay attention! I am terrified of big dicks now cause my first experience with one was terrible! The biggest dick I have ever been with was about 9 inches long and thick around, too. I was super curious before we started because I had always heard the bigger the better.

    The guy didn’t do ANYTHING to warm me up for his dick. I had no prep time, I had no time to adjust. Nothing. He just slammed his dick into me and violently pounded against my cervix. Imagine having your balls kicked from the inside! It was horrible, sent me into an adrenaline rush that made me want to puke. I let him finish cause I cared for him, but it felt like my entire body was being beaten and rammed. It sucked and I spent the entire time we were having sex feeling sick from the pain. When he finished I was bleeding and went to the gyno. He had bruised my cervix and tore my vaginal canal.

    I’m so afraid of large dicks now, and much rather prefer small penises cause you can do a lot with a smaller one AND not cause internal damage. So seriously, if you’re reading this: take notes! Don’t make your lady terrified of large dicks. Cause you can scar her for life.

  9. Sadly, most guys with big members have no idea how to ease their way into women.

    So many women just deal with the pain because “hey he got a big dick.”

    I have a rather large member and I’ve had a few partners afraid of it cause it is either intimidating or they have had a bad experience in the past. But afterward they were shocked about how a little bit of attention and care and they had the best O’s of their lives.

  10. I’m a size queen and still prefer to use dildos over an actual large cock cause so many men don’t care about tips like this and buy into the bigger the better. They have no skills and want me to cum all over them just cause they have a big dick.

  11. Some of my own tips:

    Learn to talk. Seduce her with your words. Get her soaking wet before the pants are even close to coming off.

    Educate yourself. Learn about female anatomy. Learn where to push, pull, lick, bite, etc. Learn why it would hurt her if you just went nuts.

    Take it slooooow. You should start seducing her way before you get her pants off. Make sure she is relaxed and ready way before you even slip a finger in.

  12. Guys should be doing these things no matter their dick size. Women want to enjoy theirselves, too. Don’t make it all about you and how big you are.

  13. There should be a pamphlet like this to hand out to every man who mentions their “size” like I should be swooning over that alone.

  14. As a 30 year old man, I don’t understand why these younger guys don’t get how important it is to build up to the act of sex. Starting hours before with a few dirty texts is the best way to prep your girl. Especially if you usually have to take extra time in the bedroom with foreplay to get her ready for your size.

    Hell even hand holding, cuddling, and making out a bit through the day work better than waiting for everything to happen in the bedroom. And she will appreciate the extra attention more than you could possibly imagine!

    Romancingy our woman is an art that every man should study. Just being blessed with an above average penis does not mean you’re all set without having to put in any work. Guys with big dicks need to do this more than men with average sized cocks cause you have your own set of problems – like bottoming out with ever stroke. Which isn’t a good thing!

    Having a big dick is like having an electric drill. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you know how to use it. You gotta keep a charge on it, know how to use it, which buttons to press, etc.

  15. Reading some of these comments – I’m so happy that my man knows how to warm me up, turn me on, and rev my engine. I feel so bad for some of you ladies.

  16. Just gonna throw this out there for any ladies reading: you gotta know how to handle a big dick, too. Dont expect him to do all the hard work.

    • Yeah, fapguy, where’s the guide for the ladies?! I love knowing that you’re out there to tell my man how to help me take his huge cock. But I wanna know what I can do to be able to take it better, too! Sex involves two people, don’t we get matching guides? 😉

  17. Number 8 is so important! I used to rush through things, excited for what was about to go down. It has taken me a while to learn how to slow down and take my time. Despite my excitement. But it has helped my sex life so much!

  18. I would love to see a post on “how to handle a big dick.” My man is very well endowed and I have no idea what to do half the time. I feel like I’m not pleasing him like I could be.

  19. So you just finished reading 10 Tips for Guys With Huge Penises. Your next step should be to… read it again. I doubt you got everything from it that you need to please your lady. I’ve read it three times and I finally think I’m ready to try again with my girlfriend. Our first time having sex (a couple of nights ago) ended with her in pain, hence me coming across this article.

  20. the cervix usually sits about 6 inches deep in the vagina, shorter if a woman isnt properly aroused. when a woman is aroused her vagina lengthens a bit but that isnt an excuse to plow her like a corn maze in november. i didnt realize i had a bigger than average dick til i was with my first serious gf and she complained that i was hurting her.

    after some research i learned that i needed to give her more time to get turned on. that we needed to do some more foreplay before i dived in balls deep. this article nicely sums up all the advice i scrounged from the various corners of the internet all those years ago.

  21. Make sure you get a lube that works for her. I just got the cheapest from walmart and my girlfriend wound up crying in the tub. Said the lube burned her. It was a bad night all around for everyone.

  22. I’m pretty big. My wife loves it. We usually start with foreplay (duh). Then I’ll eat her out til she cums. Then she gets on top and grinds on me without letting me go in. Then she guides me in and rides just a couple of inches/cm at a time instead of going all the way in. When she is ready, she will push me all the way inside of her. Usually we end with me on top. But it takes a lot of time to get there.


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