Nowadays you can 3-D print just about anything, so it shouldn’t come a surprise that people are 3-D printing their own sex toys. While the market is mostly flooded with homemade dildos and butt plugs, many creative individuals are using their 3-D printers to create male sex toys! While we are still a long way from directly printing comfortable male masturbators, we can create cases for them, molds for silicone, and so much more!

Online stores like SexShop3D, Cults3D, and Dongiverse are popping up all over the place and allowing users to design and sell their blueprints for personal sex toys! With a choice of affordable 3D printers available online and the materials just as inexpensive, it is becoming more and more popular for individuals to create their own toys rather than buy them!

If you plan on printing your own sex toys, I do recommend following a few basic rules for your safety:

1. If you’re buying a blueprint online, be sure to check the warnings listed on the product page. It is important to understand how and how not to use the product you’re going to be creating.

2. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic is phthalate-free and hypoallergenic. It is the best, non-porous, body safe material currently on the market for directly printing your sex toys.

3. If you’re going to be printing a mold and using silicone to create your toy, make sure the silicone you purchase is phthalate and latex-free as well as hypoallergenic and non-porous,

4. Be sure to polish your finished product with sandpaper or another abrasive material to get rid of all the little crevices where bacteria can hide and seams that could cause damage to your skin.

5. To further ensure safety with your homemade sex toys you should consider sealing them with a thin layer of silicone. This will reduces the amount of hiding places for bacteria.

Now onto the good stuff:

If you’re going to be 3-D printing your own toys, you probably want something that will resemble a well liked, popular toy that is already on the market. While you could scroll through the blueprints yourself, I have put together a handy little guide for you!

Design Your Own Sex Toy

If you don’t want to use other people’s designs, there are tools that will help you fuck anything you can dream up. The Dildo-Sculptor lets you design a sex toy and download its .STL file for 3D printing.
You drag points to generate a 3D toy and then use FX to add some more flare. Once you’re done you can 3D print it, or add it to the gallery where people can vote on it.


Buy the blueprint here:

This mold creates a popular style for many cock rings already on the market. All you need is a solid plastic, like ABS for the mold, some body safe silicone, and a bullet vibrator to slip into the completed product!


Buy the blueprint here:

This blueprint creates an ABS Plastic plug similar to the Tantus Severin Large. It is great for anal training, but you’ll definitely need to sand down the crevices and seams. I also recommend using a good bit of lube with it if you’re going to skip the recommendation of coating it with a couple of layers of silicone.


Buy the blueprint here:

This is a mold that resembles many male masturbators on the market. All you need to create this sex toy is the plastic for the mold, some sandpaper, and body safe silicone. You can also create a sleeve for it, if you’re looking for something with a hard outer casing!


Buy the blueprint here:

If you’re looking to add variety to your male masturbators, you may want to check out the MultiMoldMast. This mold requires plastic, silicone, and sandpaper, but will provide you with many options for the internal working of your sex toy!


Buy the blueprint here:

This is another popular, traditional design. It is a simple ABS plastic cock ring. It is not designed to vibrarate, like the last one, but rather to trap blood in the penis for added pleasure and increased stamina.


Buy the blueprint here:

If you’re looking to explore anal play and have had your eyes on the traditional training sets, you may want to opt for this 3-D printed option in ABS plastic. You’ll need to sand down the crevices and coat it with silicone, but it’s just as good at similar products on the market!


Buy the blueprint here:

Not all naughty blueprints are for pleasure, there are a handful that offer convenience. For example, this air dryer for your masturbators. Masturbators require that they be fully dried before being stored to avoid mold building up. This nifty device will ensure that every drop of water is removed from your favorite toy after cleaning!


Buy the blueprint here:

If you’re looking for something to share with your partner, there are a variety of double penetration cock rings available for printing. While this one is meant to be printed in a flexible material, you can use it to create a mold for a firm silicone cock ring!


Buy the blueprint here:

And finally, there are a plethora of weird, wacky, wild, and amazing sex toys available that you can make for yourself in the comfort of your own home! The best one I found, while browsing blueprint shops, has been a mix between the Bad Dragon-esque dildos and this beautifully crafted Demogorgon.

Creating your own sex toys at home may take a bit more time than just buying it online, but it is more fun and less expensive! Just be sure to follow safety precautions to avoid bodily harm and to use body safe materials!



  1. I wonder if it actually is cheaper to make your own. Assuming you don’t already own a 3D printer you’re looking at anywhere from $200 to a couple thousand. Then you have to buy some of these blueprints and of course the materials. Since the materials that you need to make these is specific and you’d want to use high quality stuff you’re probably looking at a decent amount of money there. If anything happens during the printing where it doesn’t print right that’s a loss that you can’t recover and then there’s the amount of work that goes into making whatever sex toy you want instead of just buying one.
    With all that said though it’s a neat idea and as long as you’re willing to make the investment it might be nice to make or create your own toys especially masturbators to your own design. I’m interested in trying it but I don’t think I’m looking to drop that kind of money on it yet. Maybe for Christmas!

  2. This is the coolest thing ever. I need to get someone to make me that air dryer. Definitely need one for my insane collection lol

  3. Wow, so futuristic! Sex robots, print your own toys, it’s like the future is right now. Maybe someday I can print my own sex robot!
    I actually just got a 3D printer for work printing building designs but I might need to take a break from that and try making a few new things for myself. I’m glad this talks about materials to use though because I wouldn’t have even thought of that or sanding it down if it doesn’t look rough. I’m going to try to make the cock ring tonight!

  4. I’m not buying a 3D printer to make fucking sex toys. Sure it seems cool and maybe eventually it could be advanced enough to be worth it but if I got a 3D printer there are way better things to make, like stuff I can’t purchase anywhere. All of these blueprints and ideas are all available at almost any place that sells porn and sex toys and whatever so that’s where I’d rather spend my money.

  5. Can’t say I ever thought about making my own toys. Why is it just male sex toys? Can’t I make stuff for my girlfriend too?

    The only thing I don’t like is that if it sucks or breaks I can’t refund myself for making a crappy toy. I do like some of these ideas. That last picture is freaky as hell but kinda cool. I’d give making my own thing a try.

  6. What the hell? This is super freaky. I don’t want to make my own toy and invest in materials and whatever. I can find whatever I want online, this is ridiculous. And seems totally unsafe. Nope nope nope

  7. Whoa! Those are so cool. I wonder what sort of matierals there are available for making stuff like this? I know that with the regular stuff you can’t eat or drink out of it cause it isn’t safe. So you prolly cant stick it in your body either. I already own a 3d printer and have run out of fun things to print. I guess I found my next project!

  8. I dip everything that I make for bodily use in a silicone mold base. It helps make it a bit stronger and safe for bodily use.

    You should also invest in some good sandpaper if you’re going to be printing your own sex toys. Believe me when I tell you that you do not want sharp edges when you’re playing with a fresh printed toy.

  9. I feel like the molds should have their own post. There is SO MUCH you can do with a 3d printed silicone mold. Imagine the possibilities. Teach yourself 3d design and you can fuck anything! Just make a mold for it, pour silicone into it, and have at it! So many people are overlooking this!!

  10. That demegorgon is just too much! The inside doesn’t even look nice! Did they paint it?! I couldnt use something like that! Its too much!

  11. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an etsy shop already full of 3d printed sex devices. You can find anything on etsy. No need to spend a ton of money on a 3d printer when there are people already making this crap for you!

  12. It sounds like an entire art process. Like you could make an entire business out of this alone. Is this a future endevor of yours,fapguy?


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