aneros vice review

Aneros Vice Introduction

Aneros is the makers of the “original male g-spot vibrators.” On their official website, you can shop their products, browse their catalog, and even learn about multiple things! Their “learning” tab includes numerous ways to learn including blogs, forums, chats, and their “learning center.” They discuss how their products work, the method behind the design, and so much more!

Aneros’ website is a great tool for learning, but also a fantastic place to get some great prostate toys. All of their prostate toys are handsfree that “work simply through the contractions of your own muscles.” Most of their designs are simple, without batteries or need for any electronic bits, but very effective. While they do make a broad range of toys, today we are just focusing on the Aneros Vice.

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What is the Aneros Vice?

The Vice is one of Aneros’ few toys that do vibrate and require batteries. Like others in the Aneros line, it is designed to be used hands-free and massage the prostate. The massager is made of 100% medical grade, body safe silicone and is velvety to the touch. It is easy to clean and has no visible creases or lines from the mold.

Aneros Vice Review

The vibrator can be removed from the toy and is made of stainless steel. It takes three AAA batteries and is operated by a push button on the bottom of the toy. The vibrations travel well through the toy and provide a powerful push that other Aneros toys do not have. Each part of the Aneros Vice can be used separate from one another, but I find that I enjoy them best combined.

Aneros Vice Features

According to the product page, the top part of the Vice is 1.06 inches in width, and it has an insertable length of four inches. The bullet is also four inches in length, and the base of the toy is a total of 3.5 inches. The base ensures that the toy will not slip inside of the user and get lost.

The Vice is designed to fit comfortably between your cheeks while resting against your prostate. It can be used while contracting your anal muscles, rocking back and forth while sitting on it, and/or while playing with the vibrator. The vibrator has four modes. The vibrator has a variety of settings including, but not limited to, a pulsating vibration, an escalation mode, a rollercoaster type vibration, and constant vibrations.

Both parts of the Vice are splashproof and should be cleaned with non-scented, no-dye soap and used with anal safe, water based lubricant. Aneros claims that through regular exercise with the Vice (or most Aneros toys) one can reach a point where they can have multiple orgasms. As a man, I have found this can be difficult to achieve, but with the Aneros, I feel like I am getting there.

What comes in the box?

Just like small things come in small packages, I have found that usually luxurious things come in luxurious packages. At least that is true for Aneros. The box that the Vice comes in is sleek and sturdy! It is red and resembles a book. It closes with a magnet clasp and has the Aneros logo emblazoned on the front. In the box, you will find:

• The toy – duh!
• The user manual – it is easy to use, but this might come in handy if you have a specific question.
• And the vibrator – again, duh!

Yup that is it. That is all you get. So, when you purchase your Aneros Vice, if you do not have any, go ahead and pick up some water based, anal safe lube, too. If you do not have any dye free, non-scented soap you may want to pick up some toy cleaner as well!

Aneros Vice Demo Videos

How to Use the Aneros Vice

To use the Aneros Vice, you first need to lube it up. Scratch that, you first need to decide if you want to use the vibrations or not. If you do, insert the vibrator into the toy, if not, leave the vibrator out. Once you decide if you want it in or out, then lube up!

Once you have the toy lubed up with a water-based, anal safe lubricant, lay on your back and slip the Vice in. The Vice is designed to be easy to insert and rest comfortably against the p-spot (or as Aneros says, the male g-spot). Once you have the Vice in place, it should not be painful, and you should be able to move around.

You can adjust the vibrations via the button on the bottom of the vibrator. Once you find a setting you like or decide you do not want to use the vibrator, you can walk around, rock on the toy, or just lay back and enjoy it. If you are using the vibrator, it can be difficult to use the Vice while rocking back and forth on it.

What Do I Like About The Aneros Vice

Design – Aneros designs all of their toys to fit the body perfectly and push on all the right places. Furthermore, the Vice can be used with or without the vibrator because their toys are made to be used with the contractions of your muscles.

Quiet – The vibrator that comes with the Vice is powerful, but whisper silent. This means you can use the toy in public or if you have a roommate. A quiet vibrator makes all the difference in the quality of a toy.

Safe – The Aneros Vice is made with 100% body safe, medical grade silicone. There is no phthalates or latex in the material of this toy.

Customization – You can use the Vice with or without the vibrator. Some days I just want to rock on it, while others I enjoy the vibes. How you use the toy is completely up to you, and it is easy to remove the vibe if you do not want it.

Powerful – As I mentioned before, the vibrator with the Vice is powerful! It comes with about a dozen different options to choose from, but do not jump to the most powerful first thing. Build up to it first.

What I Did Not Like About the Aneros Vice

Splash proof – If you get your toy too wet while cleaning it, it will not work anymore. Do not take it in the shower, bath, or get too excited while cleaning. If you do happen to get, the vibe wet the wrong way your toy will not be able to be used with the vibe anymore. Do take care while cleaning it.

Batteries – The vibe is not rechargeable, and when the batteries start dying, you know it. The power depletes drastically when the batteries start to die. I recommend keeping a couple of extra on hand.

Accessibility – Changing the speed or function of the toy involves reaching around, finding the button, and pushing it until you get the mode you want. This is irritating and requires some effort. I may be spoiled on my remote controlled toys, but I find this to be a major con.

Build up – It takes some getting used to the power of the vibe. While this is not a huge issue, it can be a little jolting if you accidentally change the setting to something higher than what you are ready for.

Button – The button to change the vibration mode or strength is located on the bottom of the toy, making it easy to change the function without meaning to. As I mentioned before, this can be jolting if you are not ready for it and upsetting if you are near orgasm.

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My Final Verdict

The Aneros Vice is an innovative toy. It is designed to fit the human body perfectly, stimulate the male g-spot (also known as the prostate), and provide powerful vibrations right where you want them. With its perfect design and body safe material, it is difficult to find things to not like about the Vice. Just be sure to be wary of where your water is and not to push that too easily accessible button

Ease of cleaning
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  1. My wife knows I have a butt plug and she likes the way that using it during sex makes me act. I guess she did some reading about men and anal stimulation cause she wants me to cum harder so she can really feel that impact even with a condom which is crazy hot that she wants that. She actually read this article and decided this was the best price and value and a good choice for me. Easy to clean is a big thing I like in any toy including the ones I use on her. We used it without the vibrating first because the shape was new to me and I never had a vibrating toy in my butt before. It was really comfortable and definitely hit my male g-spot in a good way that she even noticed so next time we used the vibrator part. She thought it was great because she could feel vibrations a little and it felt so good for me that she had to keep begging me not to cum yet. I ended up finishing too fast and having to use one of her vibrators on her to help her orgasm more but then felt I could handle the Vice again and used it while giving her oral. She said it was the best I’d ever done. The Aneros Vice is like magic or something and I recommend it to every dude I know.

      • Idk about OP but I cum super hard when I’m wearing a cock ring and using a powerful toy in my ass. The vice is INCREDIBLY powerful and makes me jizz so hard. My woman swears she can feel me pulse just before I cum when I do it this way. It drives her wild and if she is on top she goes faster and harder when she can feel me getting closer which just makes me cum harder.

  2. The vice is the perfect size for me and stays in place super well. It fits so great I’ve even used it while fucking a girl and she had absolutely no idea it was in me. She kept wondering if my bed vibrated or something and thought she was something special cause I came so damn hard. She wasn’t special. I’m glad I had my vice.

  3. Aneros makes the best toys. I don’t have a Vice yet but it is next on my list especially now. I hadn’t seen anything about the noise level before but that is really important to me. I don’t always want my spouse to know what I’m doing.
    Another Aneros g-spot toy I have (forgot the name right now) is a great fit but I think a little smaller than the Vice and doesn’t vibrate so this would be a nice upgrade. It is really disappointing that it can’t go in water. That’s the easiest way for me to clean toys and also I occasionally like shower play. Sounds like it might be better for different angles though anyway so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it even if I can’t use it in my favorite places. Looking forward to being able to get one.

    • I highly recommend getting the Vice. It’s worth it and can double as a g-spot toy. But if you already have a g-spot toy, I’d use this one just for anal pleasure!

  4. No mention of price and the link says the product is not available anymore. Using google it looks like its about $90 which seems a lot for something without a remote. The shape looks comfortable and I saw a different toy from Aneros with the same shape so I think I’ll get that instead. Incomplete review, disappointed in FapGuy, other articles are good.

    • Aneros makes really high quality toys. While I prefer waterproof toys with remotes, I do reach for my Vice a lot more than I do other toys. It is very comfortable and fits me well. I can wear it while out and about, while getting off solo, or while having sex. It’s worth it!

      • Why does everyone want waterproof toys? When I jizz I can’t stand up. I don’t wanna try to get off in the shower and I sure as hell don’t want to skeet in the tub! Gross.

        • Ha! Could you imagine that ER visit? “Yeah, I was playing with my ass in the shower and I came so hard that I fell over and hit my head.” Or if you had to call an ambulance and the medics find you in the shower with a toy in your ass and cum all over you?

  5. When my wife isn’t home, I pop this baby in and put it on it’s lowest setting and try to focus on someething like reading. Then I slowly build up the speed until I absolutely cannot focus anymore. Then I have the best orgasm of my life. After I get it on the highest setting i’m so horny i can’t stand it.

    This thing is powerful and makes for great fun for when the wife is away.

    • I’m a woman but this sounds like a fun game. I’m going to have to try this with my vibrating panties. My husband will love coming home to me already horny and waiting.

  6. My ex got me this toy and I hated it while we were together. She always wanted me to use it. Now that she left me I use it all the time. It is great. I see why she wanted me to like it so much. I don’t think I woulda liked it so much with her judgemental self hovering over me anyway.

  7. i hate where the button is on this thing

    i tried sitting on it and changed the speed

    it’s dumb and not worth it

    if the button was somewhere else i would like it more

    • That sucks! I want something I can put in to motivate me to work. Which would be in an office while working. I was hoping that the Vice would be something I could sit on. But it sounds like I’m still looking for something. Damn.

    • That sounds like a HUGE design flaw. Especially for a toy made by a company that designs pieces you are meant to sit on and rock with. Just seems like they’d know better ya know?

  8. When I bought the Vice the only thing I had stuck up my butt was a small bullet vibe that my GF has. That little bullet was nothin compared to the vice. I thought I could take it full speed cause the little bullet was pretty powerful – but this thing is crazy. Not only that, but the bullet didn’t hit my p-spot like this does and I almost came immediately after putting this thing in on high that first time.

    If you’re still new to putting things in your butt this toy is great cause it’s so small but don’t turn it on full speed the first, second, or even third time. It is crazy powerful and will surprise you! I didn’t take the warnings in other reviews seriously. Take me seriously, my brothers, this thing is POWERFUL.

  9. I have an aneros toy that doesn’t vibrate or anything. It just rocks back and forth when you sit on it or squeeze your anal muscles around it. They make some really cool toys. I want to try this one, but that’s a lot of money for something that looks so simple.

  10. The silicone is really nice and squishy. While this can be a problem for insertion, it’s great fun to play with. And the bullet can be taken out and replaced with a different bullet. So if you don’t like the way the Aneros bullet works, you can use one of your favorites. My girlfriend has the We-Vibe Tango and I use that in a lot of my toys that are like this.

  11. I like that the bullet goes all the way to the end of the toy. A lot of toys just have a tiny bullet that barely vibrates in the bottom of the toy. This one can be felt just as strong in the tip as it can be felt in the bottom.

  12. It looks cheap. Like a toy you’d buy for $10 on amazon. It’s hard to believe that it’s really as good as you say it is when it looks so simple. I guess that’s appealing to some people.

    • I keep mine if they’re nice. Can’t say I’ve ever cum on one, though. Sounds like some “I keep my cum in a shoe box” level of creepy.

  13. That second picture makes the device look like it would collect all of the dust. Silicone is great, except that you have to clean it before AND after you use it cause it’ll collect dust bunnies like it’s its hobby.

  14. I have had my Aneros Vice for two months and I’ve been using it a few times a week since I got it. About a month in I taught myself how to get myself off with it without even touching my penis. Lemme tell you how so you can, too.

    I got ready and lubed up and inserted the toy about halfway in. I found that it hits my prostate better if I do it backwards from what the box suggests, but that might just be me. I put on some turn on some porn and cycle through the settings as I get more and more aroused. I stop once I find a setting that fits my current mood. Then I push the toy down so that the tip hits my prostate better. I can get off so fast this way!!! I’ve also gotten off hands free with this vibe, but I put it all the way in for that.

  15. To be honest, when I first bought the Aneros Vice it took some time to get used to. At first it was so uncomfortable that I felt like I had wasted my money. After using it for a few weeks it feels amazing. I would recommend it.

  16. Personally, I don’t like using it hands free. It isn’t arousing at all for me. Using it hands on and physically moving it in and out feels so much better than just letting it sit there.

  17. I found that the aneros vice feels good but doesn’t give mind blowing orgasms like I expected. It does add to an ogasm if I’m playing with myself, but it doesn’t do much for me on it’s own. I might need a bigger toy – can anyone suggest something larger that is also a vibrating model? Price is no object.

  18. I am a complete and utter beginner when it comes to aneros products. The Vice is my very first toy of this type, I have had some progress and enjoy it, but I don’t know how to take it to the next level. Anyone have any advice for my next toy? Or how to use the aneros vice in a less beginner way?


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