Autoblow 2 Plus Review

Autoblow 2 – The first blowjob machine for men

Welcome to the future of masturbation and get ready to go blow yourself. The Autoblow 2 is the next best thing to a real blowjob. It’s easy to use, provides endless power, and doesn’t pester you. Prepare to turn off the lights, turn up the tunes, kick back, and get a BJ!

There is very little work and virtually no effort required of you. There are no hand motions, stroking, thrusting, or any energy output needed on your end! There is also no nagging, excuses, gag reflex, or headaches. With the Autoblow 2, you can get head any time you want, for as long as you want. Well, at least up to 1,000 hours of head.

The Autoblow 2 started as a crowdfunded project that blew up! It is the first of its kind and men on over 30 countries are raving about it. It was designed for men, by men. It’s guaranteed to be everything you’ve been missing with other masturbation aides and to be as close to oral as possible!

What is the Autoblow 2?

The Autoblow 2 is a machine that provides stimulation similar to that of a blowjob without all the work. It stands at 8.6 inches tall and has a diameter of 3.93 inches. Its canal is 6 inches long and can accommodate penises up to 6.5 inches in girth. With three different sleeves, the Autoblow 2 built for penises of all shapes and sizes!

The most interesting feature of the Autoblow 2 is that it doesn’t take batteries. It plugs into the wall, like the Hitachi wand. This method of power provides you with 1,000 hours of blow jobs, or so the website boasts. I haven’t had it that long, so I can’t confirm nor deny this claim!

The biggest challenge I found while using the toy is letting go. Usually when going solo I am in control of everything. I stroke, thrust, and generally use my hands and hips. When using the Autoblow 2 I found it most relaxing and enjoyable when I could completely let go. For me, this took a couple of sessions and it is something that I still struggle with.

Indiegogo crowd funding story

Over 3,000 people supported the Autoblow 2’s crowdfund on IndieGoGo! And they raised 622% of their original goal. The Autoblow 2 has been featured on or in over 20 well known and popular websites, magazines, TV shows, and more. Including, Buzz Feed, Playboy, and Comedy Central.

The crowdfunding page was launched in 2014, and now the Autoblow 2 is owned by over 100,000 men. Currently, you can purchase the Autoblow 2 on various websites, in brick and mortar sex stores, or directly from their website.

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Autoblow 2 Features

The Autoblow 2 has two spring loaded rings of beads that are operated by a powerful motor. The motor rotates a wheel and moves the rings of beads up and down the shaft of the sleeves. The sleeves are interchangeable and come in three different sizes and designs, more on that later.

It also doesn’t use batteries. Without batteries, this means that you will never be mid-wank and your toy die. Just plug it in, and it supplies you with endless hours of head. Unlike other toys that die or other people whose mouths and jaws can grow tired.

Autoblow Sleeves

The sizes come in A, B, and C. “A” being for “smaller guys,” “B” is marketed for “average guys,” and “C” is labeled for “bigger guys.” The three different designs feature a mouth, pussy, and ass. These come in two different styles: uncolored and the “real doll” series. The original series looks like the Fleshlight sleeves, while the “real doll” series has colored lips, labia, etc. While the “real doll” series looks amazing, it is considerably more pricey.

The website does not say what sort of material the sleeves are made of. They are tacky and emit a slight smell. The website does share that the sleeves are latex and phthalates free. But remember that the sex toy industry is not regulated and this means nothing. If you are concerned about the material of the sleeve, use a condom. And always use water based lube.

How To Use The Autoblow 2

To use the Autoblow 2 you first need to insert your sleeve, you’ll know you have it in there correctly when you hear a click. The toy comes with a rod to help you insert the sleeve into the canal, but I’ve found that I haven’t had to use the rod. Getting the sleeve in place is easy. After the sleeve is in place, plug the adapter into your device and then into the wall.

After your toy is ready to use, it is time get your penis ready for it. Now, there isn’t much texture with this toy, so getting hard is something you need to do with your hands or another implement. Once you’re hard, use a water based lube on your penis and slide into the toy. Once you’re inside and have the toy in a comfortable position, use the turn dial on the bottom to turn the toy on. The turn dial will also be used to speed up or slow down the toy.

If you truly want to use this toy as “handsfree” it is important that you experiment with it. I have found that propping it on my thighs while sitting or lying down works best. The device is approximately 2 lbs and bulky as hell. Using it as a hands on option is not always viable and can be more cumbersome than the orgasm is worth.

When you are finished using the Autoblow 2, merely take out the sleeve and wash it. Washing is much easier than with Fleshlights because the sleeve is closed and easy to take out without making a mess. Wash the sleeve with warm water and unscented, undyed antibacterial soap. Be careful not to get any water on the case of the toy as it can damage the motor and mechanical workings of the toy.

Autoblow Demo Videos


What Do I Like About The Autoblow 2

As I mentioned above, the Autoblow 2 is easy to clean, has an easy to operate turn dial, has endless power, a variety in sleeve options, and makes for a great lazy masturbation session.

The turn dial is located on the bottom of the toy; this means that you can set it to just the speed you want and you won’t accidentally bump it and change the speed during use. I have used a couple of toys where the dial is in an inconvenient place and easily bumped. I have also used toys that are operated with a push button, and these can be just as irritating as a misplaced dial.

With endless power and the variety in sleeves Autoblow 2 offers, you can fulfill all of your blowjob fantasies. Just plug it up and change the sleeve as needed.

Furthermore, the Autoblow 2 is the lazy man’s best friend. When you want a lazy wank, you don’t want to be stroking, thrusting, or moving. With the Autoblow 2, you can just slip it in, prop it up, and let the machine do the work for you.

What I Didn’t Like About The Autoblow 2

The Autoblow 2 is not without its faults. It is loud, cumbersome, without sleeve texture, and lacking in pattern/pressure variety.

Sadly, if you have roommates or live in a dorm, you aren’t going to want to use the Autoblow 2. This toy is loud as hell. It can be heard under a blanket, behind a closed door, and across a room. Just listen to one of the videos above.

Like I mentioned above, the Autoblow 2 is almost 2 lbs and quite large. It can get heavy if you are holding it up for the entire masturbation session or can be bulky if you are trying to place it between your thighs.

Additionally, if you like texture or more than a stroking motion, this device is not going to provide you with much stimulation in that department. The sleeves alone are smooth and texture-less. While the beads provide some variety in stimulation, I find it isn’t enough for most guys.

Finally, there isn’t any variation besides the speed. The speed is the only variant that the user can control. If you need to change the pressure or pattern of the stimulus, this toy will not work for you!

My Final Verdict

The Autoblow 2 is the first male toy of its kind. With options in sleeve design and size, it is a great gift for anyone looking for endless blowjobs. It’s easy to clean, easy to use, and fantastic for that lazy man’s orgasm.

If you are a lover of blowjobs but hate the work of getting one, this is a great option for you! While the feeling isn’t as warm or textured as a real mouth, it does provide the same in and out stimulation as a basic blowjob. I find this to be a great alternative when I just want a lazy, easy orgasm from simple, basic head.

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Ease of cleaning
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    • Amen! Even companies ran by men don’t realize that men want shower head! Damn. Can’t a brotha just get a little shower head with a toy?

    • I have a couple of toys that I can use in the hot tub and it completely changed the way I chill. I don’t think I’ll buy any more toys that I can’t use in the shower. Haha.

    • Using this in the shower or hot tub would be like taking a toaster or hair dryer in there with you. It plugs into the wall! There are plenty of other toys that are waterproof and won’t electrocute you if you want to take them into the shower or hot tube.

  1. Let me start by saying this; nothing compares to a real woman.
    When you have a woman or a guy if that’s your thing that can give good head then no toy is going to replace it. The sound of the moaning and gagging, the natural wetness the mouth gets when you’re deep, and the feeling of having all your cum swallowed is just the epitome of orgasms.
    But not every guy gets that and no guy gets that all the time and the autoblow 2 is a really good backup. It can get really wet with good lube and it won’t ever get tired. And since it is pretty easy to clean you can cum right in it so its like a good girl swallowing.
    If you can’t have the real thing this is the next best thing.

    • I got this because I have heard that it is very comparable to someone really giving you head. I have to use a LOT of lube with it to make it even feel close to someone using their mouth on me and there is zero texture. And, like you, I love hearing someone slurp, moan, and gag when they’re sucking on my cock – but this thing makes mechanical sounds. I just don’t like it all around.

    • I have the AutoBlow 2 and while I do prefer the real thing – for all the reasons you listed – I do use this a lot more than I actually get head. Getting head is such a pain in the ass. You gotta go out, meet people, chat them up, see if you’re compatible, see if they’re into casual play, then find a place to get down to business (if you don’t want to take them back to your place). It’s just too much work when you can just plug up the Autoblow and go at it.

  2. I thought this looked cool but I never wanted to spend the money. The discount should make it worth it though so I’ll maybe review it after I get it and use it.

    • It’s so worth the money! I got it for my husband and he prefers it over my mouth! Sometimes I get jealous, but I don’t have to swallow anything and he loves it! It’s great for warming up or sending him to when I just don’t wanna hold my mouth open for that long. It is sooo worth it!

      • My husband takes forever to get off with oral. We use the AutoBlow to get him almost there and then swap to my mouth. That way I get to help and be intimate with him, but I don’t have to spend an hour sucking dick.

    • You should get it. It maybe expensive, but it’s worth it. I mean, if the crowdfunding could pull in 600%+ that’s gotta say more than any review ever could.

  3. This is probably the best blowjob for the price but I prefer VR stuff like the Fleshlight Launch and find it worth the higher price. Why not spend the money to get fully immersed in the perfect blowjob instead of just sorta feeling like a good one?

    • I’ve been comparing the two, trying to figure out which one I want to buy. While there is a price difference to consider – is there really that big of a difference between VR and blowjob machines? I was starting to lean toward the autoblow, but the way you word this makes me think I should reconsider my choice.

  4. Hands down (or maybe off) the best blowjob machine available. I haven’t found another that has the same features that I really like.

    First the fact that there are different sizes are so important with blowjob machines. I mean, you’re using something that has to be able to have firm machinery so it can GIVE YOU A BLOWJOB and that means there’s going to be a certain size to it. It can’t be one size fits all and men are not one size. Getting to pick the best size for me was awesome.

    Then there’s the no battery thing. You know how quickly a machine of that strength will go through batteries especially when you’re trying to consistently last a while? Fast. So I love not needing batteries.

    But really the big thing is the CHOICES! Not just getting the best size but also the best look for the sleeve! And the amount of changes you can choose for the feelings! Man I love this toy so much.

    • I didnt’ think about how the size of the sleeve would effect the quality of the blowjob. I know that when I’m getting head I like my woman to make her mouth as tight as she can. And as wet as she can. I feel like i’d be worried about the autoblow getting too much lube in it cause blowjobs are supposed to be wet af.

    • Did you measure yourself before choosing your size or did you just go by their “small,” “medium,” and “large” recommendation? Do you find that being tethered to a wall limits where you can get off? What do you mean “the amount of changes you can choose for the feeling?” I thought all of the sleeves were textureless.

      I measured myself and I need a medium sleeve. I’m thinking about getting the real doll lips, but if they have different textures now, I would much rather prefer to get one with texture. While mouths aren’t super textured, they aren’t bland and smooth either. I feel like having some texture to the inside of the sleeve would help to make the experience more real.

  5. The texture is fine unless you have a hard time getting it up anyway. I don’t have any problem just lubing up and going.
    Really why would you need anything more when you know you’re about to get a stress free blowjob? Just thinking about it gets me hard.
    My only real problem with it is the noise like it says cause it does get loud and can be distracting once in a while. I can usually solve the problem by just blasting porn but obviously can’t always have loud sex noises in the house.
    A lot of these automatic toys make noise though and I don’t know of any really quiet ones so noise shouldn’t be a turn off from getting it for anyone.

    • I have been struggling with the noise, too. But I use headphones now, so it works very well. I can’t use it when anyone else is home (I have roommates) unless I put something on the TV in the background. I’m too paranoid that they can hear it.

    • I’d put on some headphones. Nothing says a stress free blowjob like kicking back, listening to some tunes, and letting the head commence ha.

  6. I invested in that first campaign and I’m glad I did. Kickstart type campaigns are always worriesome and I have only ever invested in a couple but Autoblow 2 really took off and I love mine. The variety really is exceptional and I have other automatic masturbators or whatever you want to to call them and they don’t really compare to the Autoblow 2. I wouldn’t even have them if I hadn’t already owned them before I got the Autoblow. Can’t say I need anything else and I would absolutely call it perfect.

    • I wish I would had gotten in on the first campaign. I enjoy supporting start up companies or products like this. I guess I had my safe search turned on on kickstarter or something? Idk.

  7. OMG! The AutoBlow is the best toy. Ever. Hands down. It feels better than a real blow job and it doesn’t get tired. In the past when getting head the girl would usually tire out before I was half way done and I hated having to finish any other way. If I want a blow job, I want a blow job til I blow. That’s the whole point! This thing really works. It feels great. With a good amount of lube you barely notice a difference.

  8. The beginning of the article is a bit misleading. “Get ready to blow yourself!” Lmao. For some reason, I thought this was going to be tips on autofellatio. Fapguy, we need one of those!

  9. I have this and the Kiiro and when I reach for this one way more often than I do the Kiiro. The Kiiro is supposed to be amazing, but it takes way too much set up time. This one is actually as simple to use as it claims. I just hook up the cord to the toy and plug it in and load up on lube. It’s great.

    One time my cat ran through the room while I was tryna get off and ripped the cord from the wall. The toy completely shut off. That was a bit of a shock cause I was right on the edge of cumming. Just make sure your setup is more secure than mine was.

  10. My girl got me this cause she can’t get me off with oral and I wanna get off from a blow job. It’s not much like the real thing, but I can use it for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS. There aren’t any batteries to die, there’s no charging, you just plug it up and go. It’s fucking great.

  11. I used to go out to bars evry nite tryna get head but this damn thang dont pester you, dont wanna relationship, dont wanna no “what are we,” dont complain about its jaw hurtin. I just hate that i gotta hold it up. It can get heavy.

  12. If you stick this between your mattresses or something you can use it w/o having to hold it. You don’t have to thrust or anything. Just stick it somewhere, stick yourself in it, and let the rings inside work their magic. I just wish it had more to it. The sleeve is bland. I got one a bit smaller than what I wanted and it makes the beads tighter so that I can feel it better.

  13. I was usin’ mine 1 day and accidentally hit the dial. Don’t tell me that I it’s hard to hit that dial. Ha. I went from the edge of an orgasm to trying to figure out what happened to my speed! And the speed is the only thing you can control on the autoblow. It doesn’t have any tightness or vibrations. Just those rings.

  14. I found it hard to relax and just let go when I used it at first, too. It takes a lot of effort to get used to not thrusting or anything.

  15. I got this with the original sleeves that come with it and they are so bland. So I decided to get the real doll ones and the inside is just as bland. But the outside is cute and kinda makes it feel like I’m fucking a chicks mouth.

    Washing it is way easier than I expected, just don’t cum in it while it’s standing up right, otherwise you’re gonna get all your goop all over your body. And becareful when taking the sleeve out. You can’t wash it in the sleeve cause it’ll mess up the electronics. But if you take it out wrong you’ll spill it everywhere.

  16. The AutoBlow needs a little work on it. As the first prototype it has its flaws. I am about to get the 3fap by the same company. I hope it doesn’t have as many flaws.

  17. I find the best way to use the autoblow is to kinda prop it up so you dont have to hold it and then kinda thrust into it. That way you get more of an authentic feel. When I get oral I have a hard time controlling my hips. I cant just sit back with this thing and let it go. I gotta move.

  18. I always use a condom with my autoblow 2. That means i dont have to clean out splooge from sleeve (just lube and condom stuff) and it doesnt feel any different. I have havin to take toys apart so usin a condom with it just makes it easier.

  19. I fucking hate toys that have turn dials but this one is perfect. Usually turn dials mean that you are going to bump it while you’re using it and fuck up your mood. This one isn’t that bad and helps you to set the speed to JUST THAT RIGHT PACE.

  20. When I got my autoblow I used it almost every day, but it’s so heavy that it it almost isnt worth it. I dont use it as much as i used to.

    I prefer to go with something lighter. I really like the fleshlight vstroker, but it doesnt provide the same kinda stimulation. i kinda wish it was lighter or there was a lighter option.

  21. Since you can take the sleeves out, if you want something warmer, try running the sleeve under hot water first. I hate sticking my dick in cold af toys. You gotta make sure that it is completely dry before you try putting it back into the casing, but its so worth the extra work.

    Besides being cold the autoblow is a great toy! It feels close enough to a blowjob. It is easy to clean and put together. I like that it has different options and I have all the sleeves in my size. I’ve used a lot of lube and wasted a lot of hours with this beast.

  22. I prop mine against my desk and let it do its thang while I do mine. I’m usually working and getting a fake blowie from it. It helps to keep me productive.

  23. “Wash the sleeve with warm water and unscented”

    Why unscented? I use my girlfriends body wash and it makes it smell like her. Makes the experience more appealing.

  24. The AutoBlow is the best toy on the market. Anyone who says anything different is trying to sell you their less than great toy. It is the closest to a real blowie I have ever found. And I have tried a TON of toys!

  25. I prefer the real thing. My fiance gives the best head! Plus, you can’t use this in the car, and she can use her pretty mouth anywhere!

  26. This damn thing is so noisy. I bought it thinking I’d use the hell out of it, but I can only use it when I’m home alone cause otherwise my roommates hear it and get curious.

  27. I enjoy that they gave you choices on the sleeves. Too many companies neglect to realize that everyone has different tastes. I just wish there were more colors.

  28. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet kids. The Autoblow really let me down. It looks so great in the videos and I know that intrigues you, but you will be just as disappointed as I was if you fall for it. It doesn’t feel a damn thing like a blowjob. Save your money. Or better yet, spend it on a woman who knows what she is doing!

  29. I have a toy hoarder and my husband has barely any, so I got him this as a surprise. It gets him off fairly quickly (about 10 minutes or so! much quicker than I could ever do it!) and enjoys playing with it by himself just as much as having me use it on him.

    Sadly, we can’t use it when the kids are home. Which is most of the time. It is so loud!


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