So, You Want To Be a Sex God

It’s not secret that it is nearly every man’s dream to become a God in the bedroom. Most focus on finding that one secret that will make every woman orgasm on demand, but fail to realize that no two women are the same, and what may have had your ex screaming in ecstasy may only be “meh” for your new partner.

Becoming a sex God is more about learning how to seduce and read people rather than turning your hand 90 degrees to the left and humming kumbaya for 2 minutes. There is no secret formula that will turn you into a God overnight, but there are tips you can follow to help you get there a bit faster than you currently are. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll quickly be on your way to learning how to please every woman you date!

Sex Starts in the Bedroom

Sex starts when you wake up. Sex starts hours before you even near the bed or start taking off your clothes. Before you can have a woman begging for you, you must first get her thinking about you. While you’re at work, send her risky text messages to hint that you’re thinking about how soft her skin it. Come up behind her and playfully grab her butt while you are grocery shopping. Nibble on her ear while you’re watching a movie together. Put on a slow song after dinner and dance with her in the kitchen.

Doing little things through the day to remind her that you want her and keep you on her mind will have her wanting you just as bad as you want her. Sex doesn’t start in the bedroom, it’s starts with seduction while you’re grabbing coffee in the morning. If you do it right, you won’t even make it to the bedroom, she’ll start ripping your clothes off as soon as you get through the door.

Sex is Just Intercourse

Once the clothes do start falling off, your end goal isn’t to cum – it isn’t even to get her to cum. Your end goal is for both of you to be fully and completely satisfied. Start slow and take your time, penetration isn’t the whole meal, it’s just the entre. While you have been seducing your partner all day, now is the time to ramp it up and have them begging for you to be inside of them.

Explore your partner’s erogenous zones, taking time to kiss, lick, nibble, and bite every inch of their body. Explore their body with your hands, tongue, and fingers. Taking your time to give them orgasm from oral pleasures, or at least push them towards the edge of an orgasm. If you’re unsure what they like, pay attention to their cues.

Ignoring Her Cues

Everyone gives off verbal and nonverbal cues when being pleasured. Whether they’re screaming your name or silently biting their lip while desperately clinging to the bedsheets. Learning and paying attention to your partners cues will help you learn what they do and do not like. When you find something that they react positively to, keep doing it. If they look bored or blatantly tell you to stop, you aren’t causing them any pleasure and there is no use in continuing.

Everyone has their own cues, so you should take time to learn what your partner does when they are enjoying something you’re doing. A couple of signs that are common include verbal affirmation (oh god, yes, keep doing that, etc), panting and moaning, and arching the back. These are only a couple of examples, and as I said, signs vary from person to person.

Doing the Same Old Same Old

You may think that your oral skills are the bomb, or that doggy style is the only position that you’re good it, but chances are that if you do the same thing every time you have sex – your partner may be tiring of it. Having sex in the same position, with the same moves, only in the bedroom can get incredibly boring.

Try changing up your routine a bit. Have sex on the kitchen table or the porch. Explore different positions and different kinks. There are so many different kinks that even the most vanilla person is bound to find on that they enjoy. Try a new hobby, like rope bondage! Swapping up your routine and trying new things can bring passion and excitement into the bedroom that you can’t even imagine!

Final Notes

Being a God in the bedroom isn’t about learning that one special secret. There is no formula to make every woman you know cum on the spot. Doing the same things every time you have sex is only going to bore your partner – even if you’re enjoying it. Having sex isn’t all about getting off as quickly as possible. It isn’t even about getting off. Having sex is about enjoying your time with your partner, getting to know one another, and provide one another with pleasure that you’re not going to get from hiking or hanging out with the guys watching football.

Having sex is about learning about one another and enjoying each others intimate company. In order to become a sex God, you need to learn your partner’s cues and do what they like – not what you think they’ll like. Start by seducing your partner hours before you’ll even be together, let them know you’re thinking about them and how good you made them feel the last time you were together. Don’t go straight for penetration when you are finally alone, and pay close attention to their verbal and nonverbal cues.


  1. That last paragraph is probably the most important thing to pay attention to in this whole article. All of these tricks and tips are good in general but so are a lot of what you’ll read in cosmo and as it says, what works for one person won’t work for everyone. The key is really to learn about your partner and get in tune with them. You want to not only get to know what they like but also explain what you like since a lot of times a partner also enjoys making you “happy” too.
    The text flirting or grabbing her butt might not be right for your partner and she might not like that stuff. If you’re doing it without enjoying it either that also might make someone who normally likes it not like it. Things need to be genuine. You don’t have to be thinking of her sexually to text her and a lot of women get turned on because it’s romantic that you’re thinking of them.
    Keep in mind that once you’re actually in bed and doing things that not all women communicate even with their bodies. Tell her you want her to communicate, that you want to make sure she’s fully satisfied. Most women also find that sexy and you’ll find you’re pleasing her a lot more than you would be otherwise.

    • Also, not all women like the same thing! Just because one or two women go nuts for that one thing you do with your tongue doesn’t mean the third or fourth woman is going to enjoy it. You have to ask and communicate. You have to be open to trying new things.

  2. C O M M U N I C A T E !!!!! Find out if your girl or partner or whatever LIKES texts and flirting and dancing and all this stuff. Learn what they like in bed. Don’t take everything in the article at its word but use it as a guideline of things to maybe ask your partner about to see what will make them want you like crazy. Talking about what you two want doesn’t ruin any moods, trust me.

    • You’d think this would be common sense. Yeah, it’s cool to research ideas, but run it by your partner before just doing stuff. I dated this one chick who would just break out the dirty talk in the middle of sex and I’d be off in my own head thinking about how good it felt inside her. She’d get really dirty. It would ruin my mood. I hated it. I told her to ask before breaking out that shit next time. I wish she woulda talked to me before trying it.

  3. I do all of these thing with my fiance and our sex life has stayed so strong 4 yrs and counting. Being attentive to her makes her so happy and I’m always changing things around to keep her on her toes and giving her everything she needs. When she’s satisfied she is always making sure I’m satisfied too. Our healthy sex life has seriously kept our whole relationship good.

    • So many dudes don’t realize that women need more than just the shit that happens in the bedroom. Like, stop and pick a damn flower, grab me for a dance in the kitchen while I’m cooking, my sex life would be so much better if my guy realized just how much i need more from him. not just sex stuff.

  4. My girlfriend enjoys me texting her and flirting throughout the day especially since most of the week we have different shifts and don’t see each other much. The only thing is though she actually doesn’t like changing things up. I thought I’d try something different for her outside of standard missionary positions and doggy style even though I’m really into those and maybe I did them wrong but she wasn’t interested. She’s told me she really likes our usual routine too and doesn’t need more than that so it’s not like every girl wants different stuff.
    I’m happiest when she’s happy so I do what she wants. I think more men would be happy with their wives if they cared more about what their wives wanted.

  5. I just got dumped a week ago cause my girl said I didn’t do enough for her. Man if I found fapguy before I might still have her. This sucks.

  6. Be careful how you try to start sex before the bedroom. You could annoy your girl if you inturrupt her while she’s doing something important just to play with her tits. Actually, try romancing her before you even touch her. Women need their romantic minds stroked almost as much as men need their cock stroked.

  7. I dated this guy one time who thought that because his ex loved doing the same old thing over and over that I would be okay with it too. Needless to say, I was not. We didn’t last.

  8. Don’t try to hold back when you’re getting a blowjob. Just let it go. If you try to last longer you’re just going to hurt your partner.

  9. I read somewhere that you should treat her vagina like bubble gum when you go down on her. These tips are so much better and less likely to get me slapped….

    • One time I had a guy tell me, and I quote, “I want to chew on your vagina.” My friends still joke about it, but I’m so curious as to what made him think that was sexy. We never had sex. He creeped me the fuck out. But what are men watching or being taught to make them think this okay?!

  10. You gotta ask before visiting brown town. It isn’t tourism season and you have to have a hall pass to gain entry. If you just go for it, with your dick/tongue/fingers/what-have-you you’re going to ruin the mood.

    Your girls anus is not always open for business. If you just stick your tongue in her ass while you’re going down on her, she is going to shut down and pull away. ALWAYS. ASK. FIRST.

  11. Do not have sex or do anything sexy after prepping a spicy dinner. Peppers and penises do not mix. Everyone involved will be in pain.

  12. Never jerk off first. Rookie mistake. Won’t make you last longer. Just makes you not be able to get it up at all. Was like trying to shove an uncooked hotdog into a light socket. If you wanna last longer, try an STU.

  13. You gotta communicate. Not giving any feedback is going to result in a very generic experience.

    If you want to get naked, wear sailor hats, get in a jacuzzi filled with Pepto-Bismol, have me clip your toenails, while you shave my buttocks – I’m down. But you have to tell me. (Bonus points if you get the reference.)

    Of course, this also works with vanilla stuff. Be vocal. Yes, no, keep going, don’t move, a little to the left, all of these things work so well in making you and me both happy. And they’re so simple to say.

  14. Don’t eat food in your bed if you’re expecting a girl over later. And clean up a bit. She will appreciate the effort.

  15. Ugh. Cues. With my ex I was so focused on what I wanted and how good it all felt for me that I didn’t notice anything she liked. About two years in we were talking about sex and she mentioned that she liked something that I did sometimes (very rarely) and I was like “OMG YOU LIKE THAT?!” She was embarrassed that I was shocked that she liked it and mad that I didn’t know. Said she would go crazy when I did it. I hate to admit it, but I never noticed. As you can imagine we broke up cause I “never paid attention to her.” If I could go back in time, I would make her the happiest woman alive. I would be so attentive to her needs and what she liked in bed. She said sex with me was terrible. It hurt but it makes sense.

  16. Shower. Daily.

    It’s so gross and a HUGE mood killer when a guy wants me to go down on him and I find fuzzies in his pubes and he smells like piss. At the VERY LEAST sink wash yourself before requesting oral.

  17. Since these all seem to be aimed at men, here is a tip for the ladies. Don’t be squeamish about your body. It is such a big turn off when a woman can’t let go and share her body. If I thought you were gross we wouldn’t be here.

  18. Be willing to learn and adjust what and how you do what you do to meet your partner’s needs. I learned a long time ago that just doing what I want and like will end in her not wanting a second round.

  19. I’ve had enough chaffed dick to know that if she is getting dry, take a damn second to grab some lube. You’ll both be happier about it later.

  20. If you’re going to have anal sex, have lube on hand. A lubed condom isn’t going to cut it. There is prep involved in anal. Do your research.

  21. Just because she says harder and faster, does not mean give it your all. I slipped out when doing this one and slammed into her pelvic bone. She was bruised pretty badly and I had a penile fracture.

    Imagine you’re going harder and faster, as requested and suddenly you hear a loud pop followed by blinding pain. The pain increases as your penis swells to 3x it’s normal size and turns black. You black out from the pain. When you wake you try to urinate, but your urethra is swollen shut and you have to go to the hospital. They have to have a catheter put in. You wake up sever hours later after surgery!! You’ve had to have stitches and you’re on heavy pain killers. You’re tender for months after healing, can’t urinate without some pain. And sex gives you flashbacks.

    Needless to say, harder and faster is not something that I ever want to hear while having sex again.


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