My job is to find and praise the best male sex toys available on the market, but not everyone can afford the Autoblow or the 3Fap. That doesn’t mean that these individuals should be restricted to just their hands! With a little creativity and just a couple of materials, you can make your own homemade pocket pussy. Most of these items require lube, rubber bands, and a glove or condom. There’s lots of options online, but here are my top 6 favorites.

The Towel


A towel (heat it in the dryer first for a warmer experience)
A glove or bubble wrap
Something cylindrical shaped as a placeholder for your penis (a tube of toothpaste or lotion works well)
2 Rubber bands

Fold the towel long ways until it is about 3 to 4 inches long. Then lie the glove or bubble wrap down on one end of the towel leaving about an inch off of one edge, use the placeholder and fold the long end over the glove or bubble wrap. Wrap the end of the glove or bubble wrap over the end of the towel, loosely secure it with a rubber band, and remove the placeholder. Place another rubber band around the bottom of the towel where the fingertips of the glove would be (or where your penis would end). You can make this part as tight as you’d like. Once your towel masturbator is complete, add some lube to the open end and explore ways to use it. You can masturbate with it manually, or place it between couch cushions and use it hands-free!

The Pringles Can


A pringles can, cup, or bottle with the top cut off
2-3 sponges (run them under warm water first for a warmer experience)
A glove or bubble wrap
3 rubber bands

Put the glove or bubble wrap between the sponges (leaving about an inch of the open side out of the sandwich) and secure the whole thing with a rubber band on each end. Slip the sandwich into your container of choice and stretch the open end of the bubble wrap or glove over the end of the container and secure it with another rubber band. Add lube to the open end of your contraption and enjoy your new toy!

Toilet Paper


A roll of toilet paper
Glove or condom

Take the cardboard out of the center of the toilet paper and pull a glove or condom through the middle. Stretch the end of the glove or condom over the end of the toilet paper, you can secure this with a rubber band, but I find it is unnecessary. Of course, when you’re done, add lube and enjoy.

Floral Beads or Food


Floral beads (you can get these at the dollar store) or food
1 Rubber band

Remove enough floral beads from the container so that your penis can fit without pushing any out. Put the glove over the top and secure it with a rubber band, then turn the glove inside out, pushing the fingers into the beads. Add lube and play around with it.

You can create the same effect with different foods in a cylinder container. You still need a glove and rubber band to avoid making a mess, but you can use jello, mac and cheese, grapes, beans and so much more!

Stuffed Animal


Stuffed animal
Rubber band (optional)

Many people figure this one out on their own, but it’s still a great classic. If you have an unloved stuffed animal you can cut a hole in it somewhere and masturbate into the hole using a condom. If you don’t want to cut a hole in your stuffed animal, you can hogtie its legs together using a rubber band and masturbate (again, using a condom) through the openings in the legs.



Latex glove (it’s important that it be latex)
Disassembled pen (optional)

Tie the pink and thumbs into knots and then turn the glove inside out. Invert the middle finger and slip it through the open end of the glove. Taking the open end along with the middle finger, tie this into a knot. This should leave you with two fingers, cut the end off of one and blow up the glove. You can use the disassembled pen at this point as a way to direct the air into the glove, but I find it’s just as easy to blow to glove up without it. Once the glove is plump, stretch the two remaining fingers and tie them around the bulge, careful not to lose any air. Use some water based lube in the hole created by the middle finger and you have a realistic pocket pussy!

All of these methods are fantastic if you’re on a budget. They’re easy to make, require little materials, and are safe to use. You can heat up most of them for a more realistic feel and it’s easy to alter them to your personal preferences. While I enjoy using these, if you can afford it, I recommend going with something made by a pro – like anything from


  1. Personally I don’t recommend toilet paper or floral beads or food.

    If the glove rips while you’re using any of those you’re going to have a mess on your hands (literally). The toilet paper would get moist from lube if a glove rips so your wasting toilet paper and it’s messy. Floral beads are made of chemicals so if the glove breaks you might be exposing your penis to things you don’t want to. Food should be obvious about the ramifications of a glove breaking.

    There are stronger gloves that are less likely to tear but if you’re going to put money into restocking gloves and these supplies it might be more worthwhile to buy an actual toy unless you really really like homemade.

  2. I don’t think I could ever masturbate in a stuffed animal. If it works for other people whatever but I’m not a furry and I’m not into it. If I really want that soft cotton feel there’s cotton balls or stuffing cotton and I might still be able to use that pringle can idea.
    Not food either. I can’t imagine even with a glove putting my dick in food. Those beads sound really good and different so even though I have actual Fleshlights I might have to give that a go when I want something a little different than what I’m used to.

  3. Dude these are awesome Im gonna try all of them. Why not man I have all this stuff around my house and I just wanna hump everything anyway.

  4. NO! NO! You’re better off spending $15 for a shitty pocket pussy than using any of these methods. Unless you’re in prison or you’re a kid with really overprotective parents gtfo with this shit. You have to be desperate, really desperate and maybe homeless.

  5. Everyones used a towel once right? I know Ive used a towel when I was a teenager cause it was easy and easy to hide. Never used a glove just a cotton shirt inside to keep it soft but it caused friction. A glove wouldve been better. Now I know but Ive got better stuff. Maybe other people will learn from this.

  6. I know these are for guys, but when I was starting to explore my body I used the nose of a teddy bear on my clit. It was amazing. Now I have a whole dresser full of vibrators. But that teddy bear nose was great for what I had on hand.

  7. ugh. could you imagine a glove tearing and getting trapped around the head of your penis? that would be an embarrasing er trip. but i can see some of these being more appeeling than spending $15 on the overpriced fifi which is basically a diy gone viral.

  8. Get a bunch of lady condoms and use them. They don’t have weird fingers you can slip into and are built to take a pounding. I have made most of these. My favorite is the pringles can with bubble wrap.

  9. When I was in college I stuffed a Fleshlight in a stuffed bear and no one was any the wiser about it. I could get off in my dorm and no one knew anything at all.

  10. i’d love to see some faces on those boxes to see if the world’s most beautiful vaginas were modeled after actually beautiful women.

  11. you can also make one with three socks, a glove, and a hair tie. just roll two of the socks up, wedge the glove between them, wrap them together with the hair tie and shove it all into the third sock. it’s not great, but it works just fine. good for a quick fix.

  12. Not a sex toy, but one time I wrapped my boyfriends dick in a fruit roll up and sucked till it was all gone. I would love to see more ideas on how to be more creative as a frugal couple.

  13. What about homemade ass toys? Once I wanted something to stick up my ass and didn’t want to buy something that people would know what it was, so I went to Lowes and bought a screwdriver with a long, smooth handle. It may not be very creative, but I learned that you can cum loads from prostate massage.

  14. As a woman, my favorite ‘makeshift’ toy is an xbox controller. Just press it against you while you play a video game. 😉

  15. When I was in college a lot of other dudes were taking bananas back to their dorms, wrapping it in duct tape, and put it on the heater for an hour or so. When the banana got mushy they’d would cut off one end and have at it.

    There was also a “trend” where dudes were using their nondom hand and orajel on just their hand to make it feel like someone else was jerking them off. Just be careful that you don’t get any orajel in or on your dingding.

  16. i went to highschool with a guy who we called peter pan cause he kept a jar of peter pan peanut butter under his bed that had a very phallic looking hole in the center. someone found it one time when they were hanging out at his place. fucking hilarious. cheap, too.

  17. I used the neck of a defrosted butterball turkey once. Ruined thanksgiving but it was the best orgasm i’ve ever had.

    You can also take 3 baggies and fill them up with warm water. Lube up, hold them in a triangle, and go to town on that. This one isn’t as great.

    My favorite though was when I found a silk scarf in my laundry and used that. Just wrapped it around my dick and went at it. It felt so fucking smooth.

  18. If you’re in a rush, just drill a hole in a watermelon. Maybe let it sit in the sun first so you aren’t going balls deep in a cold melon.

  19. I did the glove one at the end. I’m a virgin and regular masturbating just doesn’t feel good anymore. It took me, like 2ish minute to get off. Quickest I’ve ever cum. Usually takes me like 20! I feel both ashamed and amazed.

  20. My girl did the grapefruit trick on me once. It was amazing.

    You take a grapefruit, cut off the ends, cut a hole through the middle just big enough for you to go through, and warm it up a little bit. Then if you’re using it with a partner they give you head while using the grapefruit like a hand. If you’re using it alone, just stroke with it. Don’t get any in your pee hole.

  21. you can get one of those squishy balls from the dollar store, they usually have some sort of colored liquid in them for squishing. cut it open, empty out the contents, wash the inside really well. then you have a tenga egg for a fraction of the cost.

  22. Get a pair of those children’s inflatable arm floaties. Just use lube cause they have seams.

    Inflatable bathtub cushions are good too.

    Inflatable pool mattress with the ribs are great for laying on and humping or roll it up and see where it goes from there.

    Hot tub or pool jets. Great to lean up against, but do NOT use the intake. It will end badly. Trust me.

    Memory foam pillows with gel tops. There are tons of ways to use this. Just be sure to have a different pillow for your head.

  23. So you know those things that slip and slide around your hand that we used to get at book fairs? They usually had colored water and glitter in them? There was a hole that ran through the entire length of the device? I came across a bunch of those while browsing walmart the other night.

    I bought a couple and took them home. I got a couple cause I just knew that they would pop on me. Anyway, with the first attempt, I ran warm water over and through it and just lubed up and went at it. It felt as good as you think it would. I highly recommend this.

    The second attempt I tried to wedge it under couch cushions and hump it. It wiggled around a lot. So I played with placement. Wound up putting it between the cushions and trying it that way. That worked a lot better, but I got carpet burn on my knees. So I turned it up and layed on the couch and tried that way. It was MUCH better, but I got lube on the couch. Had to flip the cushions so my roommates wouldn’t ask questions.

    The next one I actually took in the tub with me. This didn’t work as well and I wound up rubbing my dick raw. I still have a lot more ways to try these things out and I’m really excited. So if anyone has any tips, I’d be very grateful. I really wanna figure out the best ways to use them so that I don’t spend so much money on fleshlight and the like.


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