Blewit Pleasure

Introduction to BlewIt

BlewIt Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbators is an artistic masturbator with a play on words! Oh, how I adore puns. While the name hints at it being a blowjob simulator, it is not. The name is a play on the words “I blew that,” or “I messed that up.” Regarding sex, this can mean “I came too soon.” Despite the name, BlewIt! is to revel in male masturbation, rather than mull over blowing your load too soon.

It is similar to Fleshlight masturbators in many ways but has its own unique look and feel. It is more ergonomic, lighter, easier to clean, and has a couple of different features than your average Fleshlight. It can be used to increase your stamina or use it just to get off. With the variety in tightness and suction, you can use it any way you find pleasurable and fit your personal needs.

What is the BlewIt?

As I mentioned above, the BlewIt! is a stamina training masturbator for men who want to last longer in bed, build endurance, or just get off. It is made of two sections, as are most larger masturbators, a hard outer casing, and a soft inner sleeve. The sleeve is not removable for cleaning purposes (more on this later).

The outer design of the toy only comes in one color: blue, and is geometrical and twisted to provide users with a better grip. It is intended for all hand sizes and is even ergonomic when your hands are slippery from lube, unlike most other masturbators which become difficult to hold if you have lube covered hands.

blewit pleasure

A couple of other things that make the BlewIt Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbators stand out from other masturbators is “the quick-flip suction control cap, and removable rings allow you to control the intensity of the sensation.” We will discuss these in more detail in the next section.

BlewIt Features

The BlewIt features a quick-flip suction cap, two removable rings, and an ergonomic design, along with nubs for texture, an easy to clean solution, and a fixed sleeve. It is 9.92 inches in length, with an insertable length of 7.67. At its widest point, the toy is 3.58 inches, and the top is a mere 2.17 inches.

The quick-flip suction is an old fashioned take on the twisting cap that Fleshlight features. Flip it one way to increase the airflow and the other to decrease the airflow; this affects the suction intensity. The easy to flip switch is less of a hassle than the Fleshlight caps but does not provide as much variety. This design cuts down on the ‘slupring’ noise you usually get with these types of toys.

The BlewIt! also features two removable rings, these help control the tightness of the entrance to the toy. There is the standard ring, and they provide you with an “extra tight ring.” Changing these only makes the opening tighter, but can be alternated for performance training.

I have already described the shape of the toy, but I have yet to mention the material. The outside of the toy is made with a rubberized texture that creates a non-slip finish. This is great if you use too much lube or want to play with the toy in the shower.

Inside the sleeve, there is a series of raised bumps. As I have said many times, the sleeve cannot be removed. The material the toy is made from has a slight smell but is very soft to the touch. It does require a renewing product to be applied after it dries, corn starch or your favorite brand.

You can take off both ends of the toy; one reveals the entrance and the other exposes a ventilation grid. To clean the toy, you merely run water through it until all the bodily fluids and water based lube are cleaned out. Then you set it out to dry. I set mine above a fan, otherwise it never completely dries. Once dry, you reassemble the toy and store it with your other toys.

What comes in the box?

The box itself has a lot of thought put into it. I feel like the skipped out on some features for the toy to create a fancier box. It is an octagon with a magnetic closure. With all the work they put into the box, they apparently did not have enough creative cash left over to include any lube or cleaner samples.

The box only contains the toy and a pictorial user manual on the lid of the box, so add some lube to your cart when ordering. It is recommended that you only use water-based lube with this toy, because of the cleaning method used. If you use other lubes, you may find that the toy is harder to clean thoroughly.

BlewIt Demo Videos

How to Use the BlewIt

To use the BlewIt, you simply unscrew the cap; this exposes a non-anatomically specific orifice. You may choose to heat this with a Fleshlight heating rod or by submerging the casing into warm water. This last option takes a while, but I would not recommend trying to heat up the sleeve by running warm water through it because this can later wash away your lube.

Once you heat up the toy, or not, lube up and slip in. The entrance’s tightness depends on which ring you are using, and the rings do not affect the tightness of the rest of the toy. Once inside, adjust the suction, and go for it! It is relatively simple to use.

When you are done with the toy run hot water through it to clean it and set it out to dry. Make sure that it is completely dry before applying your renewing powder and putting the toy up. I store my BlewIt! in its box.

What Do I Like About The BlewIt

Cleaning and care – I have mentioned the cleaning process of this toy many times throughout this review. Thanks to the non-removable sleeve, it is very simple. The only complaint I have is that it never dries completely unless you take extra steps to ensure that it does.

Ergonomic – The shape of the casing paired with the material makes it easy to hold and non-slip. It can be difficult to wrap your hand around for people with smaller hands, but it is easy to hold onto once you find your grip.

Lighter – At a mere 1.6 lbs, it is already half the weight of a Fleshlight. This means you can pump longer and stronger than you would be able to with a full sized Fleshlight.

Cheaper – The BlewIt! is only $50, which is $10 cheaper than most simple Fleshlights. While it does not come with any of the extra’s that Fleshlights usually do, you do get a cool box to store your toy in.

Simple – The two-ring system can be a pain if you decide to change them out half way through masturbating. Otherwise, the simple flip-switch and ring system makes the toy easy to operate.

What I Didn’t Like About the BlewIt

The sleeve is not removable – Since the sleeve does not remove this means you cannot thoroughly clean the toy in a short amount of time. While cleaning is simple, it is not quick!

Does not dry completely – Unless you set the toy above a fan or heater (on low!) the toy never completely dries. If you used it every day, this might not be a problem. But otherwise, it sets the toy up to grow mold, which could be a huge problem.

No samples – I may just be spoiled on free samples of cleaner and lube, but I am always a little disappointed when I get a toy that claims luxury and they do not include any samples! You can go on their website, though, and sign up for a training manual to be delivered to your email.

Cap is easy to flip – At some points during use, I found that I would accidentally flip the cap, changing the suction. This can be incredibly irritating when you are mid-jerk and enjoying yourself or downright frustrating when you are almost done.

Plain opening – The non-anatomically specific orifice gives off a medical vibe that doesn’t do it for me. While this usually isn’t a big deal for me, I have found that I don’t like to look at the toy while entering it because it just isn’t as sexy as going into a clear Fleshlight.

My Final Verdict

As with most toys, this one does have its cons, but I greatly enjoy the simplistic design of it. The ease of cleaning and ergonomic design make up for what the toy lacks in orifice design or free samples. It being lighter and cheaper makes up for the hassle it takes to dry out the toy completely.

Ease of cleaning
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  1. I bought my BlewIt Pleasure a while ago and this article doesn’t get into the training very much. You can use it to try to build your stamina for lasting longer because of the ability to switch the rings and suction and how light it is to use. Unlike the Autoblow which can also help with stamina it is relatively cheap and other than having to manually use it it has a lot of the same sort of qualities in the sense of stimulation. Obviously something like an Autoblow or various Fleshlights will have more texture and perhaps give more pleasure but the BlewIt to me feels comprable to a good Fleshlight and has helped me increase my stamina.
    I use it more often than other masturbating toys because of the ease of cleaning it since that is really important to me as a frequent user.

    • The box didn’t go too much into the training either. I like how the STU came with a guide for training and kind of wish that this one did too. But I used google to find some others who shared their training routine. I wish BlewIt would include their personal touch with that. But eh. It helped me to last longer in bed.

    • I like how simple it is to clean it as well. Just run water right through it. Before I got it I was worried about water or semen getting between the sleeve and the wall of the toy, but when they say it is not removeable, they mean it! There is no way that anything is getting between the wall and the sleeve.

      I do wish it had more texture, but it’s really tight and great for nights when I just wanna get off and go to bed. I use it more often than I care to admit for this reason. And it is almost always sitting over a fan to dry.

  2. I have the hugest collection of Fleshlights of all time. Seriously I doubt anyone has more than me; I almost have all of them. How have I never heard of a warmer? I’ve been missing out for sure. I’m getting one right now and I’m so excited.

    • I’ve been using the warmer since it came out and I cannot express how much of a game changer it has been. It is really amazing. I used to just run warm water in my toys before using them, but this device makes it so much better! And you can use water based lube with it, whereas with the water trick, it kinda disintegrates the waterbased lube.

  3. I didn’t really have a problem with it not coming with samples. I own other good toys and most good toys need a water based lube and safe cleaners so I already had that stuff. Anyone who owns male masturbators that are actually any good should already have that stuff. The box kicks ass and the BlewIt itself is great so I’m not complaining at all.

      • That’s how I feel. Usually when something comes with lube it’s like “hey, try me immediately! this is here for your convenience.” Where as if it doesn’t, I have to hope that I have some lube at home.

  4. How does this have a 10 for noise?

    Anyway I have other Fleshlights and I think the thing that sounds best about this BlewIt is that its lighter than a Fleshlight. I swear I’ve built muscles in my arms from using a Fleshlight for masturbating and sometimes I feel like I have to work harder to finish faster if I want to actually finish inside the Fleshlight. It’d be nice to be able to go for longer without feeling like my arms are going to fall off. Where’s the fun in that?

    • When you use it, if you have the suction set too tight it makes a really loud noise. It sounds like someone trying too hard to give you head. It won’t wake the neighbors, but it can ruin a jerk session.

    • getting off with a fleshlight, especially if you aren’t used to it, can be very hard! i speed up my pace when i get closer to cumming and with a fleshlight you have already spent x amount of time just working up to it. then when it comes time to cum you are already tired and dont wanna go any faster cause the toy is so heavy.

      i have the blewit and can confirm that it is lighter than the fleshlight. the first time i got off with the blewit it was so much easier than a fleshlight. i wish more companies would consider this when making their toys. the heavier they are the less likely they are going to get used.

  5. I recently bought the BlewIt and this review has me very excited to receive it! I love getting head but hate finding someone to give it to me. I really want to explore the options for using it to train with too. And I can’t wait to see what all this hype is about the warmer!

  6. I agree that this has an artistic feel to it. That is what attracted me to it in the first place. I bought it before I even read anything on it and I thought it was a blowjob simulator. Even though it isn’t, it is worth the price. 100 and 10%!! It’s only like $50, so I suggest everyone get one. I keep it on my shelf with other odds and ends and no one knows the difference.

    When I did get my hands on it, I was a bit disappointed to see that the outside of it wasn’t designed and was just a hole. But it has helped when the one or two curious visitors picks it up and asks what it is. I can just pretend it’s something else cause it isn’t as detailed as some other toys.

  7. I wasn’t aware of the material on the outside when I bought the BlewIt. I knew that it was twisted but I didn’t know that the outside was textured and helped with grip. I usually get really messy when I get off with a toy and lube and love that this thing helps with keeping a hold on it when you get all messy from using lube. It’s also really light so I don’t get tired when it’s taking me a while to get off.

  8. i didnt think about setting it above a fan
    i have had a hard time waiting for mine to dry
    i usually dont even use it cause i hate waiting for it to dry before i can put it up
    ill have to try sitting it on my fan next time
    thanks fapguy

  9. You said it is easy to clean, but I have found that I hate trying to get everything out. I tried washing it from teh vent area instead to get it all cleaned out and it was a pain. I just don’t just it anymore.

    • Maybe wear a condom when you use it? I hate doing clean up at all and use a condom when I get off anytime. It really helps. Then you just have to rinse out the lube from the condom. Which should be easy.

  10. I didn’t know that it came with two rings when I first got mine and spent a while trying out the difference. Once I started using it for training I would stop and change out the rings after a while. It helps with training, but it IS difficult to trade them out when you’re in the middle of jerking off.

  11. I wanna get this but I have read that it doesn’t have as much variety in the suction as the fleshlight series. I like how it has a flip thing instead of a twisty cap like the FLs but what happens if you’re training and you accidentally flip the cap?

    Are there only the two air flow settings? I like that it sounds like you can change the tightness by just switching out the rings. But it sounds like there are a lot of flaw issues with this toy.

  12. I like that with fleshlight you can remove the sleeve for a more thorough cleaning. This just sounds like it would be more hassle than is worth.

  13. I used a different lube on mine than the water kind and it took me forever to get it cleaned out! They are not kidding when they say use the water kind of lube! If you do accidentally use the wrong lube you gotta put like a clean sock around a stick and wash it out somehow. And if you don’t use the powder then the materials will fall apart a lot faster. I learned the hard way with a cheaper toy that the renewing powder will help make your toys last so much longer.

  14. The rings that come with this are so underrated! They are fantastic and can really change your experience with the device. I like starting with the tighter one and as I get closer I change to the looser one. It’s kinda like having sex cause usually when you start out the woman is tighter and the more turned on she gets and the closer SHE gets, the looser she gets.

  15. I’m glad this review mentioned the box. I use the box for storage cause it is so nice and you can tell that the company put thought into it.

  16. Fapguy, can you share your methods for training with the BlewIt? There isn’t that much info in the box and I can’t find anything I like online.

  17. I used silicone lube with mine when I first got it and I had to buy a new one. I didn’t know that it wouldn’t rinse out and it got moldy. Thankfully they’re cheaper than fleshlights. So it wasn’t a huge hit. But now I know better.

  18. The concept behind the design is fantastic, sadly, the execution fell short of the idea behind it. I found that mine started to slowly fall apart, even with a lot of tlc.

  19. Skip over this one and go straight for the Tenga Flip Holes. This is so smooth that it’s like rubbing up against glass. There’s barely anything inside. The Tenga Flip Holes are so much more than this and totally worth the extra money

  20. I guess when anyone is making a purchase they should weigh how the pros and cons feel for them. Personally, I dont think anything can make up for how long it takes to dry out the blewit.


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