When it comes to masturbation, solo anal play, or partnered play we can all agree that wetter is better. Despite the common misconception that men can use lotion and that healthy women don’t need lube, it should be a staple in anyone’s spank bank. If you are going at it solo, personal lubricant can add a slick-ness and lasting power that lotion just doesn’t have. It’s also safer for your genitals than just any old lotion. If you’re playing with a partner most studies show that, despite the natural wetness of your partners vagina, it is more enjoyable for both partners if they’re using lubricant.

Common Lubricants

Sadly, not all lube is created equal. The three most common lubricants you’re going to find are water, silicone, and oil based lubes. While most of these are fine for solo play, some do have chemicals that can cause irritation or bad reactions with vaginas. Chemicals you should avoid for vaginal play include glycerin, parabens, and propylene glycol. These are known to be common allergies and irritants.

Water based is the most friendly and easiest to find, but dries out quickly and can still have harmful chemicals if you’re going to be using it with a partner who has a vagina. If you plan on using water based lubes with a partner, be sure to be wary of the ingredients. If you’re going to be using it for anal or solo play, be prepared to reapply often. Water based lubes are great for a cheap, relatively safe, easy to wash off option, but as mentioned they do dry out quickly, require frequent application, and can leave your skin feeling tacky.

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Silicone based lubes are my favorite for all around use. Again, be wary of the ingredients if you plan on using this with a partner who has a vagina, but it needs less lube and usually little to no reapplications. Silicone lube is known for its lasting power and slick-ness. It is fantastic for anal play and washes off with soap and water.

Oil based lube has even better lasting power than silicone, but isn’t recommended for vaginal or anal play. Oil based lubes don’t wash off as easily as water and silicone based and have the potential to trap bacteria and other small particles in the cavity. Although, this type of lube is the best for solo play. It has the best lasting power, the best slick-ness, and overall feel for masturbation.

Types of Lubricant

Once you’ve decided what base you’d like to use, you should look into the different varieties. There are many different options for lube, while I believe that simple is best, there are also enhancing, numbing, fertility, organic, and flavored and so much more! Most of these are best for partnered play, but a few enhancement lubes can be used to take your solo play to the next level.

Flavored lubes are great for oral sex. These are great for people who don’t enjoy giving or the taste of oral, but still want to please their lover. This type can also be great to just spice things up. Don’t use flavored lube for vaginal or anal insertion because most have sugars and can cause infections if used for insertion.

Numbing lubricants are mainly marketed for anal play, but any experienced anal player will tell you to avid numbing lubes. These types of lube decrease your ability to tell if something is wrong (friction, tearing) and can cause issues leading to not being able to walk right or, even worse, an ER visit! If you’re wanting to try a numbing lube, I recommend using a small amount for solo play or in a condom for vaginal play. This can help you last long during masturbation or sex.

Enhancement lubes include cooling, heating, tingling, and so much more. These are great for foreplay and can be used on everything from your genitals to your nipples. There are even couples packs that include heating for him and cooling for her, that when paired together create a mind blowing experience. Of course, you can use these solo as well.

Fertility lubes are used for exactly what they sound like. A good bit of regular lubricants include ingredients that may be harmful to sperm or other reproductive factors. If you’re trying to conceive and want to cover all of your bases, a fertility lube can help to ease those fears that your lube is interfering with your baby making.

If, while reading this, you’re saying “but I’m/my partner is sensitive to most ingredients in lube” or “but I’m vegan,” you should try organic lubes! Organic lubes are made with completely organic materials and are safe for most sensitive users or vegans.

In short, lube can be used for sole play, hand jobs, oral sex, vaginal and anal sex! Whether you’re just stroking it solo or inserting something into an orifice, wetter is always better. You can lube up your hand or apply it directly to the orifice you’re going to be inserting your penis or toy into! If you’re using a condom, try squeezing a little lube into the tip of the condom for added pleasure – just ensure that the lube you’re using is condom safe, first, to avoid breakage.

No matter how you’re using lube, it has great potential to enhance your sex life. It’s not just for people who have vaginal dryness, but can be used for anything your heart desires. Try adding it to your masturbation routine or using some warming lube on your nipples. As long as you’re using the right type for the activity that you’re engaging in and checking your ingredients, you can’t go wrong with a good lube!


  1. I’ve used my jack off cream while having sex with my girl and sometimes she complains later that she is uncomfortable. I had no idea that it could be from using the wrong kind of lube!

  2. It never occurred to me to use lube for oral sex. I use my hands a lot and slobber a lot. I guess flavored lube could help to make it easier to swallow too. LOL.


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