Cobra Libre 2

Cobra Libre 2 Introduction

Do you have a penis and are you looking for a unique, discreet, sporty looking sex toy? The Cobra Libre 2 by Fun Factory is a waterproof, rechargeable half sleeve created to stimulate just the head of your cock. Fun Factory did not design this toy for thrusting or stroking, but instead, made it for those with a dick who enjoy vibrations. It is perfect for solo masturbation, teasing, edging, and forced orgasms. It is easy to hold, easy to use, and easy to clean.

With dual motors and powerful vibrations, this toy is ideal for sensitive and thick skinned users alike! Fun Factory has a great team of designers who create toys that fit most people’s needs and anatomy. They market it as ‘one size fits all,’ but keep in mind that men who are on the larger or smaller end of the penis spectrum, you may have some problems adjusting to this device.

What is the Cobra Libre?

The Cobra Libre 2 is a sex toy designed to stimulate the head of the penis. The external body is ABS plastic and metal, while the sleeve is velvety soft, body safe silicone. It has two motors, one near where the head of the cock rests and the other along where the top part of your shaft would be.

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It has 11 powerful, rumbling vibrations. You cycle through those vibrations with the plus and minus buttons. It is 3.15 inches deep and a total of 5.79 inches in length, with a diameter of 2 inches. The canal does taper off inside the toy, creating a snug area for the head of the cock.

cobra libre 2

Like all Fun Factory’s newer toys, it comes with a click-n-charge magnetic charger. It also is ergonomic and has a quick switch off feature. Furthermore, it has a locking feature, so you do not have to worry about it going off in your suitcase!

Cobra Libre 2 Features

As I mentioned before, the Cobra Libre features 11 vibration patterns. These include five vibration speeds and six patterns. To start, you turn the toy on by holding down the ‘Fun’ button for 0.5 seconds. Once the toy is on you, use the plus and minus buttons to cycle through the features.

The toy starts at the medium vibration speed, press minus twice to enter what the manual refers to as ‘training mode,’ or the lowest vibration speed. Push the plus button twice to be at the highest speed, which the user manual refers to as ‘constant mode.’

The patterns feature three different speeds of ‘waves,’ or as the user manual refers to ‘slalom mode,’ and three patterns that are named ‘rock’n roll mode.’ The first pattern in rock’n roll mode is similar to roller coaster vibrations, then we have escalating vibrations, and the final pattern is steady pulsations.

What comes in the box?

The Cobra Libre 2 is unique and sporty. All the way around. Even the packaging is sleek and attractive. Inside you find the toy itself, the click-n-charge cable, and the instruction manual. The cable is USB and about 8 inches long. You can plug it up to your computer or like I do, your phone’s fast charger. Just do not use it while you charge it!

The toy does not come with sample lube, like other toys I have reviewed, or a storage bag. This is not a big deal but should be noted if you use the storage bags that toys sometimes come with toys. I just store mine with the charger and manual in the box. Just something that should be noted if you look forward to lube/toy cleaner samples or the storage bags that some companies have used to spoil us.

Cobra Libre 2 Demo Videos

How to Use the Cobra Libre 2

The design of this toy makes it incredibly easy for me to edge with it. It stimulates the most sensitive parts of my penis and provides a buildup that I haven’t found with other toys. The orgasms I get after a while of edging with the Cobra Libre 2 are intense and longer lasting than orgasms without the device.

I have also used this toy for forced orgasms with my partner. To do this, you place the device on the tip of your cock and do not touch your shaft or the toy. These also lead to powerful orgasms and gives my partner a power rush.

As I mentioned before, the canal of the toy has a bump that leads to a snugger part of the toy for the head of your penis. Due to this design, it hugs the head of your cock and pushes most of the vibrations into the underside of your cock. Or you can flip it over and direct the vibrations into the top part of the head of your penis.

Another cool feature about the Cobra Libre 2 is that with the open mouth you can angle the toy to fit your needs. Want more stimulation on the right side of your head? Move the toy! Want the vibrating lip to tickle your shaft a little more? Angle the toy down more!

Did I forget to mention the vibrating lip? The Cobra Libre 2’s ‘sleeve’ is made of soft, squishy silicone. Since the silicone tapers off on the outside lip of the toy, it vibrates with the motors. This causes the toy to tickle your shaft as you use it.

No matter how you use the Cobra Libre 2, though, be sure to keep a towel handy. The toy isn’t equipped to handle your load once you blow it cleanly. It can get messy if you use the toy until completion.

What Do I Like About The Cobra Libre 2

Waterproof – Getting off in the shower is in of my favorite pastimes. Being able to do that with a powerful, unique toy, like the Cobra Libre 2 is amazing! Since the buttons and everything else is sealed, and it’s magnetically charged, you can use it in the shower or tub without worry of it messing up.

Rechargeable/long life span – Not having to worry about batteries is another excellent quality of this device. I have used mine for up to two hours, and it was still going strong when I finished. This is also a con, but we will come back to that later.

Quiet – Discreetly getting off can be tricky with other toys on the market. They’re loud; they rattle, they buzz. Not the Cobra Libre 2. This toy is whisper quiet and you cannot hear it from across the room. If you are put off by noises that other vibrating toys make, this is a great option!

Variety – As I mentioned earlier, the Cobra Libre 2 has 11 vibration options. With five speeds and six patterns, it’s hard to get bored with this thing.

Angles – The wide-open mouth on the toy, it is easy to adjust it to your specific needs. I found myself twisting the toy to hit different parts of my cock with the vibrating lip.

What I Didn’t Like About the Cobra Libre 2

Messy – This must be the worst thing about this toy. While it’s easy to clean, once you blow your load in the toy it leaks out, and the amount of clean up ruins the mood. Keep a towel close by when using the Cobra Libre 2 or just don’t finish with it.

Long charge time – I told you that we would come back to this. To fully charge this toy it takes 12-16 hours. So, if you go extended periods of times between using the toy (like six months) or use the toy until it is completely dead, remember to charge it, so you won’t be disappointed when you go to use it the next time.

One size fits all – This never works.

Short – Sometimes I feel like this toy does not stimulate enough of my cock to get me off. There are times when using the Cobra Libre 2 that I wish it were longer to stimulate more of my shaft.

Not good for thrusting – It has been an adventure learning to use a toy that you don’t have to thrust into or use to stroke. The Cobra Libre 2 is not designed for and therefore not suitable for thrusting.

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My Final Verdict

The Cobra Libre 2 is a unique toy that provides the user with an enjoyable experience. Being rechargeable, waterproof, and providing a variety of options makes it a great wanking option. The charge time can be irritating, and I’m not a fan of the mess that comes along with using this toy, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

If you’re looking for a toy that provides a one of a kind experience, enjoy vibrations, and like to get off in the shower, I cannot suggest the Cobra Libre 2 enough. Fun Factory truly outdid themselves on this one!

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  1. This shit is the truth. I take boner pills and watch porn til I cum 4 times. This is strong, quiet, and lasts for hours. It doesn’t thrust, but I can put this on and bust nuts hands free. If it didn’t cost so much, I would give these as gifts. I give the boner pills though.

    • Give boner pills AND this to people you really like! I’ve gifted a couple of these to some close guy friends in the past few months. They all have loved it. I love how sleek and discreet it looks, but I don’t have the equipment to use it myself.

      • I hope you get the chance to use this on a guy. Their reactions are priceless. I’ve never seen my guy make an o-face likethe one he makes when I use the Cobra on him.

  2. I was able to try this out and it was so wild, I dropped the money and got it. $150. The review doesn’t say it but this shit isn’t cheap. This thing is the future. It’s like a perfect vibe for my dick. Rechargable too! It’s small and no one would ever guess what it is so I don’t have to even hide it at my place. I love everything about this. DO NOT use this in the shower. Holy shit, you might fall over. Not safe.

  3. This is one of those expensive toys that’s actually worth it. This is a mini hummer. Stick the head of your cock in this and it’s on. Not great to clean, but amazing to use. There are different settings and it’s so fucking strong. I basically cum so hard I pass out with this. I don’t really think toys for guys are worth anything, but this is great if you have the cash.

    • This sounds like it would get you off TOO fast. Like, maybe if you wanted a super quickie, but otherwise it just sounds like it’d be too much. I like to take my time when I get off. This thing sounds INSANE. Maybe if I was into forced orgasms…

  4. Knobjob toy. You can’t fuck it. I never got a knob rocking blowjob before. And now I don’t know if it’ll be worth it after this thing. This just is like a wand on a clit. Takes a while to charge and recharge, but it’s strong for hours. I can’t handle it on the maximum setting. It’s supposed to be waterproof, but there’s no way I’m using this in the shower so I can fall and die after getting off. Maybe a jacuzzi though, that could be fun if I ever get around to getting in one. I’ll have to save up after buying this toy but priorities guys and my priorities are with the cumming not the where.

    • Be careful completely submerging waterproof toys. This article doesn’t mention anything about a warranty, so, personally, I wouldn’t. But if you do, let the company know exactly what happened and they might replace it for you.

  5. The thing about a mouth is that when you cum in it, you don’t have to worry about cleaning that shit up. You do with this thing and it will make you cum as hard as possible if you like cumming without thrusting. There are a bunch of settings with this and it can be moved for a few different options and feels. I like it and it’s quiet. If it cleaned up better, it would be kind of perfect. Too bad there’s no way to make it magically swallow and maybe moan a little too.

  6. I’ve been thinking about getting this for my anniversary for a while now, but haven’t completely decided yet. My husband and I practice BDSM and I love giving him forced orgasms via head stimulation. I feel like this would be a great addition to our toy box, but I’m worried about the level of vibrations it offers.

    • You can achieve something similar with a hitachi wand, but this is designed for stimulating the head of a penis and does so from different angles. It will provide your sub with a complete different orgasm than they would get from a toy designed for a clit/vag.

      I highly recommend this for anyone starting out with teasing their subs. I’ve had mine for a while now and my subs have a love/hate relationship with them. If I let them finish while they’re using it, they either ruin it or eat it. But it gives them really strong orgasms. So.. win/win!

  7. I bought this cause it doesn’t look like a sex toy. I put it on the self with all my other collectables and my folks haven’t said a thing about it. They have no idea. It is super stealth.

  8. Fun Factory is such a great company. And this lives up to their standards. It’s fun, flexible, and gives a whole new meaning to a knobjob. When I was in a relationship my girl would rub my head until I came and it was great. Now I’m not in a relationship and doing that myself is just tedious. With the Cobra Libre I can just hold it on my head or set it against a wall/on a table and push myself into it. It’s even better than what my chick did. And clean up is so easy. Especially if I use it horizontally. I could write my own review on the Cobra Libre, but I feel like FapGuy did an awesome job. So I will just leave ya’ll with “it’s great!”

  9. I wish there was a way to control each motor independently. I would love to have one of the buzzier vibration settings on my head and a lower, growling vibration on my shaft. I’ve played with some of my wife’s toys and I know what I want and where. But none of her toys encompass my head and it seems that if I want two different sensations I’ll have to hold two different toys. I wonder if Fun Factory will come out with a Cobra Libre 2 and have it where you can control both motors. I sure hope so. Otherwise I’ll be stuck with using two different women’s toys just to be able to get what I want and where I want it.

  10. Why would they give you such a long charging cable if you aren’t supposed to use the toy while it is charging? And on that note, how long does it need to charge for? How long of play time will the full charge give you? The click-n-charge option is great, but can be finiky.

  11. In the past when I would play with my wife’s clit she would tell me to move more to the left or more to the right, move up a hair, etc. I thought she was crazy. The clit is so small and my fingers are so big. Moving slightly could not make that big of a difference, could it?

    Then we go this toy. Slight movements make all of the difference. I finally understand what my wife was going on about. I move the Cobra Libre the tinest bit and I can feel a huge shift of pleasure on my penis. And the snugness in the tip changes with small movements. The lip that vibrates along my shaft changes. This toy really helped me to understand my wife better!

  12. I guess I’m on the smaller end of the spectrum. I got this toy and it feels much bigger on my dick than this review makes it seem. Still feels good but I agree that one size fits all never works.

  13. I’ve gotten a ton of Fun Factory Toys for my lady and she LOVES them. I’ve been looking at their male selection of toys and this seems like the best bet. I really like that it focuses on one part of you instead of overloading you with a ton of different sensations.

  14. this thing is amazing blows my mind every single time i use it. i read a lot of reviews on it before i bought it but i was not prepared for the mind blowing experience of actually using it. i use a thicker lube than what comes with it cause the stuff that comes with it is way too runny.

  15. Sure it looks great but it doesn’t do much for me. It’s too small, the buttons are in a bad place, and the battery life doesnt’ last nearly long enough.

  16. I must offer my opinion on the Cobra Libre 2: I think it’s lame. From the first to the last setting it’s just meh. I’ve gotten better sensations and results from my hand and a wand. The handful of times I’ve used this toy, I managed to cum after a LONG time of trying. It just sucks. Everything about it is just too weak.

  17. The Cobra is meant for more edging than anything else. I have hardest time getting over the ledge with this toy. I can make it to the edge just fine. But getting over it doesn’t happen with this toy.


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