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Fleshlight Launch Introduction

Fleshlight is always stepping up their game; they have everything from pocket pussies to life-sized masturbators. You can buy masturbators in the shape of your favorite porn star, toys that create a one of a kind blowjob feel, and even an interactive device that allows you to fuck your favorite porn star (with the right software of course). Dedicated to providing top-notch sex toys, Fleshlight has yet to let down their penis having consumers!

With the reputation, they currently hold, it is important that they continually move forward in the world of male sex toys. Fleshlight is currently the number one in the world of male masturbators, and maintaining that in an ever-evolving market can be tough. While they still offer their extensive collection of manual masturbators, they are moving more towards technologically enhanced toys.

Que the Fleshlight Launch – a hands-free, technologically enhanced Fleshlight accomplice.

What is the Fleshlight Launch?

The Fleshlight Launch is another scientifically advanced toy to pair with your favorite Fleshlight and select porn. It couples up with the porn of your choice and moves the Fleshlight in tandem with the movements in your VR goggles. All you have to do is lock in your favorite Fleshlight, lube up your junk, and “lift off.”

Fleshlight Launch

The Launch is made to pair up with VR goggles and create a hands-free, completely immersed experience. The Launch reproduces every stroke and movement you see through your headset, and it can go up to 180 strokes per minute. All you have to do is enjoy it; there is no stroking or thrusting required on your part.

The Launch is rechargeable, able to be paired with most Fleshlights, and designed to be set in your lap for a truly hands-free experience. It controls everything from stroking to speed, and all you need to do is pick your porn and sit back and enjoy yourself.

Fleshlight Launch Features

You can use the Launch with any Fleshlight or the Kiiroo Pearl and Onyx toys. Use your favorite Fleshlight and pair it with porn or use the Pearl and Onyx to use it hands-free with a partner. Either way, you choose to use the Launch, you just set it on your penis and let it do all the work.

You do not even have to have an internet connection to use the Launch. You can use porn that you have downloaded or use the touch panel on the side to control the length and speed of the strokes. You do not want to try to stroke yourself while using the Launch because it is 12.75 in length and bulky as hell.

The Launch has many features; I will not try to list them all here. An important one that should be noted is that you have to use the exclusive content for it. There are a handful of subscription websites you can sign up for, but as of now there is no free content, and the paid content is limited.

What comes in the box?

Fleshlight is not known for their luxurious boxes. Actually, quite the opposite, they are known for using simple packaging and having fantastic toys! There is not any toy cleaner or lube in the box, so if you do not have either of these you may want to buy some while you are purchasing your toy! In the box you will find:

• The Fleshlight Launch (Duh!)
• USB charging cable (It is fully rechargeable and does not require any batteries.)
• Authenticity card used to activate your 1-year warranty (While I hope you never have to file a claim, you should register your toy upon receiving it in case anything ever does happen to it!)
• Setup instructions (This can be a bit confusing, so be sure to keep track of this for the first time you set up the Launch.)
• User manual (Again, using the Launch can be a bit overwhelmed at first, so keep this on hand to help you get the most out of the toy.)

Fleshlight Launch Demo Videos

How to Use the Fleshlight Launch

When you first get your Launch, you are going to want to put it on the charger. Make sure you have a full charge before starting any playing time with it! Once you have it fully charged (should take about 6-9 hours) you need to connect it to your other devices. Follow the instruction in the setup manual to do this.

Once you are connected, you can load up your favorite Fleshlight, turn on a porn of your choice, and let the device work its magic. The Launch is hands-free, fully automatic toy. Once you have it setup, you can connect to exclusive porn, join a cam girl website, or pair it with the Kiiroo toys. The possibilities with the Launch are endless.
You can use the Launch with or without an internet connection. If you choose to go without a connection, you can control it by the panel on the side of the toy or watch porn you have downloaded from the compatible websites. The versatility of the Launch amazes me!

No matter how you choose to consume your content (cam girl, porn, VR, etc.), the start up is the same. Lock your Fleshlight into place, pick your poison, lube up, place the device in your lap (with your penis inside- of course!), and let it do all the work. The Fleshlight will move in tandem with whatever content you have chosen to use with the toy.

What Do I Like About The Fleshlight Launch

Quiet – While it is not discreet and you probably will not be able to use this unnoticed in a dorm room, it is quiet, and you can use it in the same room as a sleeping lover and not wake them up.

Compatibility – The Launch can be used with almost any Fleshlight, as well as the Kiiroo Onyx and Pearl. The toys do have to be a full-sized version, but it is compatible with all of the full sized Fleshlights!

Lightweight – It is 12.75 inches in length and bulky as hell, but it is light weight and is not uncomfortable on your lap for long periods of time.

Rechargeable – The battery is completely rechargeable. It does take a while to charge up the first time, at 6-9 hours for a full charge. But after the first charge, it does not take nearly as long.

Warranty – If anything were to happen to your Launch you can get a new one through the one year warranty. Not saying that anything would happen to your toy, but if it did, Fleshlight has you covered!

What I Did Not Like About the Fleshlight Launch

Bulky – As I mentioned before, the Fleshlight Launch is bulky. It is large enough to fit a full sized Fleshlight and has all the internal workings necessary for the motors and connectivity equipment.

Finicky – It is a new technology and connectivity issues do occur. Sometimes there is a lag between the motions on screen and the toy. Other times I have found that the connection can be a little sensitive.

Price – Due to its size, technologically advanced workings, and the quality of the Launch, it is not cheap! It is currently going for roughly $200!

Water – Any water in the internal workings of the toy can ruin the mechanics of it. Keep lube, water, and bodily fluids out of the Launch.

Videos – The Fleshlight Launch is one of the first of its kind, meaning there is not a lot of content out there for it just yet. Furthermore, the content that is available are all on subscription and paid porn sights.

My Final Verdict

The Fleshlight Launch is one of the first of its kind. It is high tech and delivers all the bells and whistles you would expect from a Fleshlight product. It can be connected to videos or used with a cam girl, the possibilities for pleasure are endless. If you can wait the 6-9 hours for the initial charge and get through the setup process without pulling out all your hair, it makes up for all the hassle with a completely hands-free, automated experience, unique to the Launch!

The Fleshlight Launch is the way to treat yourself to a truly no-effort-required masturbation session. Paired with your favorite Fleshlight and a porn of your choice, it works in time with the porn star on the screen (or on your VR headset) and creates the feeling as if you are honestly fucking your favorite porn star! Couple a porn starring your favorite star and use her matching Fleshlight for an experience similar to fucking your favorite star.

Ease of cleaning
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  1. I’m torn between this one and the one that’s a cap that you put on your Fleshlight. Which one is a better value for the cost? Don’t they both really do the same thing just in different ways?

  2. Not a lot of toys charge up so even if it takes a while I like that I’m not going to blow money on batteries even if I’m blowing it on other things.

    • I only buy toys that charge. While that limits my pool to choose from, I learned a long time ago that batteries will kill your income.

      • If you buy rechargeable batteries it isn’t so bad. I invested in a couple packs of rechargeable batteries and it is almost as good as having rechargeable toys.

    • If you do come across toys that take batteries, you should invest in rechargeable batteries. I don’t know why more people don’t consider this.

  3. The sex toy industry is constantly upping their game for women as if women are going to buy toys and men aren’t. If they start throwing more technology in on this maybe we’d actually buy more! This is seriously going to make way for some cool new stuff for men to be able to do with sex toys. More realism is always going to be amazing.

    • The market for female sex toys is outrageous! Especially when you consider that men are far more sexual creatures than women are! When I saw FL came out with this I got really excited about the future. I just hope that I’m around to see something more than a simple stroking motion toy that costs too much.

      Women get toys that suck, vibrate, rotate, etc. But we just get stroking for the most part. I’m dying for a toy that actually SUCKS me to finish. This is a great start, but the industry really needs to step up their game for their male consumers.

  4. I’m researching toys for my husband so he stops bothering me so much and I literally just bought this because of this article. It better do the trick.

    • I bought it for my husband, too, because we have vastly different sex drives. He loves it! It has even helped with our marital problems because instead of bugging me for sex four or five times a day, he can just disappear into his home office and get off when ever he wants! It’s great for both of us.

  5. Sometimes there are some glitches with mine and I contacted the company about it. They offered to replace it but it’s not enough of a problem for me to want to go without it until I get a new one. Just because it doesn’t match up sometimes doesn’t mean it doesn’t still feel great and I’m not worried about losing myself into the fantasy of the VR. I’m too involved in how it feels to really notice if its on point with the video.
    I don’t like cleaning it but it’s not really any different than cleaning my Fleshlight which I was doing anyway so I guess what I really want is a Fleshlight that’s easier to clean but I’m really happy with my Launch. It’s not very often I buy something that has a couple issues that I still really love and I still really love this.

    • I am easily lost in a book but a misspelled word can pull me out of it. Would you say that the glitches are similar to that? I dont want to invest in something that still needs work.

  6. If I didn’t already have a Fleshlight I wouldnt put money into this cause it’s expensive and videos are expensive and I wouldn’t want to buy something else but since I had one I did and it was totally worth it. I use it almost everyday.

      • I think you should! The Fleshlight Launch is AMAZING and worth every penny. If you have a FleshLight already you need the FleshLight Launch.

    • I feel that FL is a good enough company that even if I didn’t have a FL I would invest in one. Especially for this. It does cost extra, but with this and its competitors hitting the market, there is bound to be free porn available for this soon enough. While I wait for my free porn, I’m going to enjoy myself. I use mine daily as well. And I love that I can use it with most of my FL collection.

      This would also make a great gift, btw. Just get the reciever a subscription to a porn site so that they dont’ have to pay for it. Or just get the toy then ALL they have to pay for is the subscription.

  7. Who cares if it’s bulky and takes a lot of set-up? Women are bulky and need way more work. Videos cost money? So do women and I haven’t had one that works as hard or complains as little as the Launch. I’m not saying that a toy is better than having the real thing but there’s no excuse not to get the Launch.

    I love using it. The videos out so far are great and I can’t wait to see what else they come out with. Using it without the VR or the syncing up to porn is still amazing because there are so many other settings that I can have a different and easy experience every time. If for some insane reason I ever get bored with ALL OF THESE OPTIONS I can spice things up even more by buying a different Fleshlight. I’ve only used one so far!! This review should be a 10 star review, FapGuy check yourself.

  8. This is a great example of not being afraid to try new things. I was torn between the Launch and a new sex doll with the vagina modeled after my favorite porn star because they’re both an investment and I’ve never had either type of thing before but I picked this. I really liked the idea of not having to put a lot of physical work into it myself and its true the hands free aspect of it has got to be the most amazing thing ever. I probably put like $500 into this total with the Fleshlights cause how can I have just one and videos and the toy itself. I use it so much and it is such a satisfying experience and orgasm or two every time that I can’t really complain and I haven’t had any problems. This is great for anyone who has urges a lot and wants something more than a stagnant toy or hand.

    • I believe that fleshlight offers a large variety of masturbators that are modeled after porn stars. You may be able to find your favorite on their website or request that they make one off of your fav.

      I have this and the fleshlight modeled after Abella Danger. It is an amazing combo when you use it with the video by her on feelme.com.

  9. Man I have not been using my Launch right or something. I can’t get it to link right with anything and I’ve been trying to manually match it with porn I’ve watched a lot and know well but it’s not really working for me. I still like it a lot and it feels really good, not too bad to clean and never boring but I wish I could get it to do all of the features it says it can do. It would make it like 1,000 times better.

    • I’ve read that there has been a lot of problems with connectivity with these toys. Some people have had luck with contacting Fleshlight customer service, but I don’t want to be in the middle of getting off, my toy glitch out, and have to call some random dude to help me fix it!

  10. Best toy of all time! I had the best orgasm I’ve ever had and not just from masturbating. Best orgasm ever! From anything! I’ve never had anyone or anything get me off like the Fleshlight Launch does and I love that there’s VR to it. VR has got to be the coolest thing yet and if you ever want to feel like you’re in the future man this is definitely the way. The setup takes work and you do have to be really careful to follow instructions. I had a hard time figuring it out at first but after I used it a few times it feels like riding a bike but better. Buy some new videos, set it to some videos you have, even doing it manually man it feels so good and I get so into that I don’t even notice when I’m adjusting the controls so it always feels like I’m a part of the porn I’m watching. Did you know they even make realistic Fleshlights so it can really feel like you’re slipping into a real girl. I can’t even write about it without getting excited.

  11. I wish there was more porn to watch with this. I don’t mind paying for the subscriptions to watch while I use this, but there isn’t nearly enough diversity in them. The toy itself is great, but I am running out of things to watch!

    • If you can find a cam girl who does custom videos and owns a kiiroo, I think you can have her make you a video that you can watch and FEEL. I haven’t done it myself, but check out reddit.com/r/sexsells and see if any of those ladies can help you. Custom porn is expensive, but I had my girl friend make me some (not with an interactive toy) when we were apart for 5 months and having someone moan your name in porn is not like anything else!

  12. I wrk 60-70 hrs a wk AND have a hi sex drive. Somedays whn I come home I dnt wanna put any effort in2 getting off. I baught the launch and it has been a life saver. I use it on days when I just feel dead and dnt wanna do anything after wrk but know that getting off will help me sleep better. It is great! Everyone should have 1.

    • This sounds great. I work a lot, too, and getting off helps me sleep – but sometimes it is just too much work. I haven’t taken the leap and bought the Launch yet, but I really want it for this reason alone.

    • This is the comment that convinced me to get one! I’m either working or sleeping. I hardly have time for myself. And I have missed getting off. But by the time I get off of work I’m so exhausted that I don’t wanna get off sexually. This seems like it would take all of the work out of it.

      That means I’ll have to buy a fleshlight though. Any recommendations on some of the best ones? I haven’t bought a pocket pussy in a very long time and I’m out of the loop on what’s good and what isn’t.

  13. When I got my Fleshlight Launch it had a problem with the hardware. I filed a warranty claim and the company replaced it in no time. My new one doesn’t have any problems and I didn’t even have the (apparently common) issue of connecting it.

    I have always been loyal to Fleshlight but the experience I had when I first got my Launch (although it was frustrating) has cemented my faithfulness to the company and brand.

    • I haven’t had to file any warranty claims with them yet, but it is good to know that they are quick to help! I’ve had to file warranty claims with other toy companies and usually it is a pain in the ass!

  14. I used to try to see if I could match my strokes to what was going on in some of my favorite porn but even if its a video you’ve seen a million times it is hard to enjoy yourself AND match the porn. I got the Launch cause it does what I have been trying to do for years without all the hassle of not being able to enjoy jerking off. EVERYONE needs a Launch. It changed how I jerk, how I watch porn, and everything. I’ll never go back.

  15. The Launch is great if you’re a lazy cummer. I hate having to jerk off or be on top when I cum. The Launch does all the work for you and it matches up with whatever porn you’re watching.

  16. I don’t have a Launch, but I do have a Fleshlight and that second picture makes the Launch look like a beast! I don’t think I could use that!!

  17. I have loved this attachment every since I first got it. Just be sure to use enough lube cause it can cause some unwanted friction, if you know what I mean. I have a hard time getting off with normal masturbation, so this thing was heaven sent.

  18. I’m not sure that I could get into porn using a VR headset. They’re so bulky and heavy. Even trying to play games with one is a pain in the ass, I can only imagine how cumbersome it would be when trying to masturbate.

  19. What would be the point in using the kiiroo onyx/pearl with this. I can get using it with the pearl if it syncs up with her movements. Otherwise it just seems like overkill.

  20. Idk if I would go as far as saying “Fleshlight has yet to let down their penis having consumers.” They did help make the Kiiroo and that thing is just terrible.

  21. It’s been a bit since the Launch came out and I feel like I’ve gotten $200 worth of fun. At first it sucked cause the expense of content, but since then PornHub has really upped their free content for it. The syncing isn’t perfect, always a little off for me. But for me the appeal is the unique experience and exciting feeling I get from using it. It’s having something done to you rather than you doing it. It’s being able to relax and just enjoy it. The first time I used it, I had this strange and vague feeling like I had cheated on my GF because it really felt like I had just been given a hand job by someone else. I see the price of the Launch like paying for the experience, which is totally worth it, rather than paying for a product.

  22. The Launch works really well once you have it set up right. It takes less than a minute once you find a setting that you like.

  23. If you’re always horny, like me, and take good care of the toy some of the interactive experiences you can find will pull loads of cum out of you like you’ve never had.

  24. The Fleshlight Launch is a must buy for anyone with a penis. The $200 price point is a little intimidating if you have never purchased a sex toy before, but it’s worth taking the jump and buying it. Your arms, wrists, and dick will be forever grateful. Of course, there could always be improvements like a removable battery, longer battery life, internal storage for using it on the go, and easier controls. But really, compared to the amazing orgasms you’ll have with the Launch, these are minor annoyances rather than actual downsides.

  25. My notes on the Launch for anyone on the fence:

    It sounds like a damn inkjet printer. Maybe not as loud, but the same noises.

    When it’s all put together it is heavy enough to stay in place without you having to hold it, just prop it up with a cushion, relax and enjoy.

    It only strokes about 3 inches.

    Original Fleshlight cases do not fit, only the newer models.

  26. What I can’t wait for is a second generation. It would be nice to have some randomizer features to change things up every bit.

  27. I want a comparison of how a fleshlight feels with and with out the launch. As someone who has never used a fleshlight I’d like to know if it’s worth it, what the difference is, etc

  28. I have a couple of questions that weren’t addressed in the review.

    1. If you’re taking a while to get off can you run the device with the charger connected? I vape and I know that some vapes have a pass-through so that you can draw electricity directly from the power outlet instead of going through the batteries, making it safer to use while plugged up. Is that a feature that the Launch has?

    2. Is there an option to control the depth of strokes? Like if I want short/fast strokes or long/slow strokes or long/fast strokes? Can I control this or is it a “one size fits all” sort of deal?


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