Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight S.T.U Introduction

Not lasting long enough in bed is a common worry among us men. Some of us suffer from premature ejaculation, others just do not feel like we last long enough. Thankfully, Fleshlight has considered this and created a device to help us train. The S.T.U, or the Stamina Training Unit, is their solution to this problem.

Even if you do not struggle with stamina issues, and just want to improve your going time, this is a great option. The S.T.U helps men who struggle with premature ejaculation, men who want to last longer in bed, and even porn stars to prep for a scene!

If you have tried pills, lotions, creams, lubes, and a plethora of other products to help you last longer, but have found that they have let you down, maybe it is time to try training yourself. Just like with anything else, lasting longer in bed is all about practice. After all, practice makes perfect, right?

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What is the Fleshlight S.T.U?

The S.T.U is Fleshlight’s answer to men who wish to last longer in bed. The website promises to help improve stamina in bed, teach advanced technique and rhythm, provide more intense orgasms, and an enormous improvement in controlling your ejaculate.

The website boasts “If you can last 10 minutes in the Stamina Training Unit, you can last 20 minutes in bed with anyone.” While it may take some practice to be able to last 10 minutes with this toy, it can be done! And don’t stop at 10 minutes. I trained until I could use the toy for 20 minutes without coming and now, to my partner’s delight, I can last nearly an hour in bed.

fleshlight stamina training unit

The S.T.U does exactly what it is designed to do while providing fun, enjoyment, and a good time. It’s a great option for any man who wants to improve his lasting time in the bedroom.

Fleshlight S.T.U Features

The S.T.U features large raised bumps in a stacked pattern. Along with the bumps you can adjust the suction to your liking with the cap on the bottom of the Fleshlight casing. This is great for men who have used the S.T.U enough to become accustomed to the sensations it provides.

The bumps or “speedbumps” do not start until about a half an inch into the canal and provide an intense sensation that may have an inexperienced man coming within merely a couple of strokes. The size of the bumps creates an unrealistic tightness.

You can experiment with the suction, as mentioned above, and the feeling by warming it or cooling it under water. It’s best to experiment with what makes you edge and start there. You will want to practice edging with the S.T.U until you build up your stamina and it takes you longer to reach that edge.

What comes in the box?

The product page on the Fleshlight website says that the following come in the box:

• Patented SuperSkin™ Fleshlight® Sleeve
• Exclusive Gold Fleshlight Case
• Shower Mount
• Shower Mount Adapter for Flight Case
• Fleshlube Water (8 oz.)
• FREE e-guide for increasing your stamina

The SuperSkin is body safe, phthalate and latex free, and should only be used with water based lubricants.

The case only comes in one color: gold. But you can put the sleeve into any full sized Fleshlight casing you have. Personally, I enjoy the clear cases the most.

The e-guide is to help you learn how many strokes per minute is appropriate while training. It also includes what to do once you are comfortable with the basic training. It is not the best manual, but it does help if you are not sure where to start and want to be serious about training with the S.T.U.

Fleshlight S.T.U Demo Videos

How to Use the Fleshlight S.T.U

You can use the S.T.U with the user manual I mentioned above or just go at it without guidance. When I first got the S.T.U I knew that I would be reviewing it and I wanted to follow the suggested guidelines.

I followed the manual for about a week. I found that I quickly progressed through each suggested step and onto the next. It can be slow and tedious to use the manual. I found that I enjoyed the S.T.U more when I took it on alone.

Counting strokes was too distracting and I found that I couldn’t fully enjoy the experience that way. Instead I set a timer for however long I want to practice and see if I can make it that long.

You will have to use it for a few days, if not a couple of weeks, before you start to notice a huge difference. It is “training,” after all! But if you can make the S.T.U part of your daily routine or use it whenever you jerk off, those days/weeks will fly by and be fun.

Considering that the kit comes with shower attachments, I have used it in the shower a couple of times. This makes it easy to add to your morning routine: shave, shower, get off, get out.

Training with the S.T.U isn’t just about getting off, though. It’s about mentally wanting to last longer. You have to push yourself to train harder and longer. You have to want the results. You have to stop yourself before you come and try to regain control over yourself before continuing.

Some tips that have helped me with training are:

• Learn what breathing techniques help you
• Stop BEFORE you reach the point of no return
• Learn to edge
• Experiment with what suction level, angles, and speeds work best for you
• If you’re serious about this: don’t masturbate without the S.T.U until you’ve reached the amount of time you want

What Do I Like About The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Life-like – The S.T.U comes in two different designs: vagina and pure hole. While the pure hole looks like just a plain ol’ boring hole, the vagina is nicely designed and looks realistic. It is complete with labia and clit.

Easy to Use – While it does take a little time to find the right stroking speed and suction for you, the S.T.U is very simple to use. Whether you decide to count strokes or set a timer, it doesn’t take much work to get going. The only things you need to worry about is controlling your breathing and not getting off too soon!

Aides with Many Things – The best thing about this unit is that it helps with so many different ailments. While it is marketed for premature ejaculation or lasting longer in bed, it also helps you to achieve stronger orgasms, cum harder, and teach you different techniques and rhythms to use in bed.

User Manual – While the user manual is simple and can be overly dumbed down for some users, it is great for users who aren’t sure where to start! As I mentioned above, if you don’t know where to start and are serious about upping your stamina, this is a great place to begin!

Strong Erections –I know I said this in the pro “aides with many things,” but I feel like this one needs its own bullet point. The S.T.U can help you to achieve stronger and harder erections.

What I Didn’t Like About the Fleshlight S.T.U

Messy – As with all Fleshlight toys, the end of this one opens into the cap on the end. That means if you cum a lot and have that cap open more than usual, it can seep out and create a mess.

Too Tight – Some users have noted that this is too tight. It isn’t a great option for users with a lot of girth. It is unrealistically tight, while some may consider this a pro, I feel like it hinders the girthy community and it would benefit Fleshlight to make a bigger model.

One Design – While the realistic look is great, it only comes in one design. You won’t find variations for different Fleshlight Ladies. So, if you enjoy having different outer shapes and designs to choose from, this would be a con.

Doesn’t Feel Realistic – The bumps on the inside of the toy do not feel realistic, at all! This contributes to help you last twice as long in bed than with the toy. But if you are looking for something that feels realistic, this is not it.

Need to Be Warmed Up – If you are like me and don’t like sticking your dick into cold SuperSkin, you need to warm this toy up with warm water first. You can do this by just running warm water through it or use it in the shower.

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My Final Verdict

The Fleshlight S.T.U is a great option for men who are wanting to last longer in bed. Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation or just want to last longer, this toy can help. It comes with a great manual to help you get started and you can find many tips online for help with using it. The Fleshlight S.T.U gets an 8/10 from me!

Ease of cleaning
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  1. I hate that you can’t try it before you buy it!
    I got this one and it’s not made for big dick dudes.
    Having to count the the strokes is annoying and distracting as fuck. I’m sure it’s perfect for the 14-22 crowd who has enternal boners, but this is halfway annoying. Basically, I just use this with porn with the goal of not cumming. It’s butthole tight. So this is so tight that fucking a girl is easier to do even without the training.

  2. Besides training this is the worst fleshlight.
    It doesn’t feel good and is cold and absolutely sucks to clean up for a cum monster like me. It being such a bitch to clean up makes me not wanna cum and I guess that helps me last with it. But it’s cold and feels so weird. This doesn’t feel like pussy like other ones do.
    But using this in the shower with the mount is kind of fun.
    And for whatever reason using it for training is actually working better than when I tried to use a regular Fleshlight to train, so if you do really want to train yourself this might be worth it for you.

    • I don’t have advice for your other problems, but to warm it up run some warm water through it fist. I hated using cold toys and eventually googled how to make them warmer. It’ll fuck with your lube if you’re using water based, but it’s so worth it. Running warm or hot water through it will completely change your jerk off game, dude.

  3. How can you use this and not call yourself Goldmember? This is so great with the sucktion and that it mounts. I get sucked off in the shower all the time now. And it’s easy to clean in there since it’s already a shower. I don’t exactly count strokes, I just work it slow medium or fast. I had to buy aquasocks so I could use this as much as I want. This doesn’t feel the best, but it sucks perfectly every time and what more do I really need.

  4. This is not the gold standard even though it only comes in gold. It sucks great but feels like anal or something. I use it in the shower because that makes it hot and I like doggystyle. It’s ok. I’m not counting the strokes, but it takes about 25 minutes for the hot water to go out. I haven’t had a girl since I got this, but I feel ready. You know how it’s been a while and you kinda worry that you won’t last long enough? I think this will fix that for me.

    • I love it because it DOES feel like anal sex. My girl doesn’t like anal and usually I’ll start with her and finish with this. It may not be the gold standard for you, but I certainly give it a gold star. Haha. I’ll have to give it a shot in the shower, that sounds hot af.

  5. This is amazing. The training is so perfect. I went from 7-10 minutes to 30-40 minutes after 2 months. Put it on max mode and learn how to make it work. It’s better than pussy. After this, pussy is so easy. It doesn’t help with your abs, so you still need to work out. Now I understand how people get bored with sex – this is that good.
    But I don’t want to end up one of those guys who doesn’t sleep with his girl because beating off is better. After getting good, I put this down and went to my normal fleshlight. I still sneak this in once in a while though as an extra special treat for myself. And when my girl has been too boring.

    • Do you find that the Fleshlight is not intense enough to get you off after using this? I have read a lot of reviews on this and want to give it a try, but I’m afraid of nothing else being comparable and me getting bored of my wife.

  6. I’ve never had sex before and I’m scared that I cum too quickly when I play by myself, so I got myself the STU. At first I got off even quicker with it cause it felt so much better than my hand. But I followed the suggested schedule in the included book and I’m up to 20 minutes whenever I get off. The texture is very intense and I don’t think a normal vagina is that textured, so I think I can last even longer with the real thing!

    • I’m a virgin, too man, and I have been lookin for something like this for a while. I’m glad you commented on it. I think you have me sold on it if it can help you.

  7. I can go a pretty long time, but my girl wanted to have sex for 6 hours straight (w/brakes for snacks and shit) so I got this to train w/ & it seems like their is a stopping point. If that makes any sense. Like I can only get so far with it. Maybe I need something harder? Someething more challenging?

  8. This is a nice “device” if you will, The ribs inside are absolutely amazing. It is great to use if the lady of the house is away, not “in the mood” or even as an extra play thing in the romance.

    • I love the way it looks. I’ve never dated a woman that looks as sexy as that blue one. And you can’t watch your dick slide through a woman like you can with that.

  9. The FL STU does EXACTLY what it says it does! I used to cum SO FAST! And I got this, I was SKEPTICAL. But it really WORKS. I can last 20 minutes now! It’s AMAZING. If you are worried about how long you last in bed, you gotta get this thing.

  10. I enjoy that this comes with shower attachments. I use a lot of my toys mainly in the shower. Having something to mount this to in the shower helps me to use it handsfree.

  11. Even on the lightest suction setting the STU can be super intense to someone new to stamina training. I have to start out with a different fleshlight when I first got mine. The raised bumps don’t seem like much cause it’s just one texture, but they are SO TIGHT and the suction can make them even tighter.

  12. A friend of mine and I got this together and he doesn’t fit in his. He says it is too tight and causes him discomfort. I feel like the stamina training industry for dudes is very limited when it comes to other shapes of penis. Almost everything I have come across for training is too small for my friend and designed for just average guys. It’s kind of bullshit tbh.

    Even with an average sized dick, I can’t set this on the tightest setting cause it starts to hurt. There is no way that setting is training you for anything realistic. Maybe that’s how they accommodate smaller dudes. Idk. It just seems very biased against guys who aren’t “average.”

  13. that texture looks like it would be crazy to clean. can you turn the sleeve inside out??? it looks like you would have to. or be stuck with jizz in your toy for forever. i wouldnt use anything but waterbased lube with this thing cause youd have to manually dig out anything that built up while you were using it.

    the review doesnt even mention cleaning it. which is odd for this website. does anyone else have tips for cleaning it? i wanna get one cause id love to last longer in bed but i dont wanna spend hours cleaning it after every time i use it. espec since this review says you might wanna use it every day.

    that just seems like too much work. you gotta work to get results. you gotta work to clean it. it really doesnt seem worth the price or time if there is that much going into it. anyway i look forward to reading others tips for cleaning it. i might get one. but idk.

  14. Once you complete the training, are there other suggested workouts? I’m a gym rat, so I am always working out. I can’t imagine starting a work out like this and then just quitting when you reach the end of the work out that comes with it. What did you do after finishing the work out that comes with it, fapguy?

  15. I tried using it the way it is supposed to be used but couldnt count my strokes and just gave up. I like the method mentioned here of setting a timer. I’m going to have to use that!

  16. I hate that the cap on the end is used to set suction AND has to be taken off to be cleaned. I like finding that one setting and leaving it on that so I don’t have to fuck with it the next time I use it. But it seems that with all fleshlights you gotta take off the cap to clean it which means you gotta fuck up your settings.

  17. I am a premature ejaculator and that scares the shit out of me. I am so worried about a woman finding out and laughing at me. I’ve tried all sorts of things to help myself, but nothing has worked so far. Does anyone have any experience with premature ejaculation and using the STU? I’d love to give it a shot, but I’m getting pretty down on actually finding something that works. It just doesn’t seem like it is going to happen for me.

  18. This damn thing is intense! If you’re used to other masturbators and think you can take this one on, no problem, do not be fooled! It is crazy intense. I came so fast. I haven’t went back to it cause I’m not interested in training. I just wanted a change of pace from the run of the mill toys.

  19. I have mine set up in the shower permanently. It’s perfect for training in the morning. Almost like going to the gym but way more fun!

  20. I fucking love my Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. It’s WAAAAY better than sex. I don’t like the clean up, but I’d rather deal with that than child support, drama, diseases, and being used or cheated on!

  21. IMHO, this is no way looks like a flashlight. At all. Your grandparents might not know what it is, but I promise EVERYONE else will. Fleshlight is too big of a brand to not know what it is. This one, in particular, is a bitch when it comes to maintenance.

  22. I don’t see how “needs warming up” is a con. Fleshlight included a shower kit. That’s all the warming up you need. Turn on the hot water and let it do it’s thing.

  23. I’d like to see a comparative review of this and the blewit. I’m torn between the toy and can’t decide which one would be best for me. I figure I’ll eventually get both of them, but I wanna know which one is best for a beginner.


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