Fleshlight Turbo

Fleshlight Turbo Introduction

Are you a guy who enjoys fast cars and blowjobs? The Fleshlight Turbo looks like a cross between a heavy-duty flashlight and a race car part. It appealed to me not only because it is said to mimic a blowjob, but also because it looks sporty and like something a man would have.

While it can be cumbersome to use, as are all full-size Fleshlights, it is great if you enjoy watching yourself pump away into a toy, it has three points of entry, and comes in 4 different options! Do not let the weight of the toy turn you away from it, though, Fleshlight thought this through, and it is well balanced.

Despite its unique, automobile look – it is the most realistic feeling blowjob sleeve I have found yet! Whether you enjoy bj’s of a shallow nature or that one of a kind deep throat feeling, this toy can provide it all! With its unique texture patterns, I would almost venture to say it is better than a real blowjob!

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What is the Fleshlight Turbo?

The Fleshlight Turbo is a Fleshlight designed to simulate a blow job. The casing is clear plastic, while Fleshlight sleeves are made with their latex and phthalate free, non-toxic patented material. These sleeves come in two different colors: blue ice and copper, and two different designs: Ignition and Thrust. With so many varieties, you have four options to choose.

It has an insertable length of 8.5 inches and a total length of 9.75 inches. While it is balanced, and does not wear the user out too quickly, it can become awkward to use, but it is easy to let a partner take over!

fleshlight turbo

Each type of sleeve has its own special textures that stimulate different sections of the penis. Furthermore, each sleeve type has a unique suction effect when in use. Deciding on a favorite between the two was nearly impossible!

The Sleeves

Both sleeves have unique patterns and features. They both feature a non-anatomical orifice, the regular Fleshlight features (screw off cap, patented material, etc.), and 3 points of stimulation. The three points of stimulation are designed to feel like lips, tongue, and throat and are suspended so that you can feel each point separately as you enter them.

The top of each sleeve looks like slightly different fans and are set in a dome above the second insertion point. This dome creates the feeling of going from just at the lips to pushing past a tongue. This first section can be a tight fit, but once you get past the first part, or the ‘lips’ you then enter the area that is designed to feel like a tongue. The tongue is the second section of the toy that has another hole for you to enter.

Once past the second point of entry, you enter a tight canal, made to simulate the feeling of a throat. It starts out wide but tapers down to a close-fitting part of the sleeve. This design is unique to the Turbo Duo. These sleeves are tighter than other options found on Fleshlight and should be used with lube if you find that you have trouble getting into them.


This sleeve has a stronger suction than its counterpart. As far as the texture goes, it features an orifice that feels like lips wrapping around your cock, short cross ribs that feel like a tongue, and the ‘throat’ portion of the toy has complex textures. The throat features staircases, big and small bumps, divots, crosses, and various other textures that will tempt and tease you to orgasm.


This Ignition sleeve has the same outer casing and openings as the thrust, but it is a tighter fit. While it still has a relatively strong suction, it is not as strong as the Thrust. It also has the same textures, but they are arranged differently to provide a different sensation.

What comes in the box?

Fleshlight is one of the few quality companies that packages their toys in low-cost boxes. This is to help bring us great toys at a low price. So, the box is not anything to gawk over. In the box, you’ll get the toy in the color and design of your choice, a small sample of lube, and the user manual.

Fleshlight Turbo Demo Videos

How to Use the Fleshlight Turbo

In the user manual, it suggests that you warm up the sleeve with warm water before using it. While it is not necessary, you will not have a too great experience if you skip this. Lubing up should be your second step with these two sleeves. The insertion points are a bit tight, and it is easy to get chaffed on the sticky, very textured material if you do not.

Then it is just a matter of finding what you enjoy! When you get head, if you enjoy just having the tip of your cock teased, do not go past the first couple of layers. Let the lips and tongue of the sleeve titillate you. If you prefer the tighter feeling of being deep throated, go to town and thoroughly fuck the sleeve in its entire length.

A problem I had with the Turbo series is that the texture can be a bit much and cause me to cum sooner than I’d like. On the upside, this makes these sleeves great for stamina training!

What Do I Like About The Fleshlight Turbo Lineup

3 points of insertion – The Turbo line-up is unique in its suspended points of insertion. The first section honestly feels like a set of lips gently wrapping around my member, while the second part feels like a tongue teasing my cock, and the third section is a rollercoaster of texture that seems like someone deep throating me.

Weighted – As with all Fleshlights, this one was constructed with the idea that it would be used for long masturbation sessions. The designers weighted it for balance so that the user will not tire out too soon.

Watch – Since the only case option for these sleeves is clear, you can get the Ice Blue color and watch yourself pump away into the toy. I enjoy watching myself slip past each section of penetration and the way the toy stretches and molds around my cock as I fuck it.

Blowjob – This toy truly simulates a blowjob, unlike any other toy I have come across. Like I said before, I’d even go as far as saying there are times I’d rather play with the Turbo than actually get head. It is that good.

Variety – The variety of texture in the sleeves are unlike others on the market. They are intense designed in such a way to stimulate different parts of the penis for maximum pleasure.

What I Didn’t Like About the Fleshlight Turbo Lineup

Prep time – If you do not warm up the Turbo sleeves with warm water before you use them, or use a lot of lube, you will have a cold chaffed penis. The Turbo takes some prep time, so you cannot just pick it up and go to town, but it is worth it!

Sticky – The material does not smell, but it is tacky and has drag to it if you do not use lube. It attracts lint, dust, hair, and other particles that should be cleaned off before each use.

Cleaning – Speaking of cleaning. Due to the suspended orifices and screw off the end, this thing is a pain in the ass to clean! It requires more time that standard Fleshlights because you need to get all the lube out of the crevices on the top, and the lube and cum out of the texture and end cap.

Heavy – After a while of using the Turbo sleeves, they can get heavy and cause cramps. I have found that using one of Fleshlights aid assistances can help with this. Or just have a partner help out!

Tangled up – There have been a couple of times when I was using the toy and slipped out of the third insertion point. In the heat of the moment, I would try to quickly get back into the toy to continue and get tangled up in the top of the toy. This problem is easy to fix, but irritating when jerking off.

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My Final Verdict

The Turbo series is a fantastic option for those who enjoy oral sex. It simulates a blowjob, unlike any other toy I have used in the past. That paired with the intense texture makes for great orgasms. Despite its weight and the mess, it is the most unique blowjob option on the market and provides that 3-point insertion that you cannot find anywhere else.

Ease of cleaning
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  1. I don’t like fast cars or whatever but I like the Fleshlight Turbo. I don’t see why I have to like fast things to like it but I like the way this Fleshlight feels. I don’t own any others but I still like this. The colors they come in seem a little weird but I got the copper one because it looked kinda cool and I like the way they described the texture. I take it nice and slow with a lot of lube but I usually get excited pretty fast and have to go full force. It does feel like a blowjob and a girl who really knows what she’s doing feels better than this Turbo but this feels like a better blowjob than a girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing. I don’t know how other guys feel about masturbating toys but I’d recommend this one for sure.

    • I like the copper colored one cause it reminds me of a car. And I work on cars a lot.

      But I got the see through one cause I like watching myself go in and out of it. It’s really hot. If only women were like that. Haha.

  2. I had to have both options, they’re amazing. You wouldn’t think that just the different sleeves would make such a big difference! I enjoy both of them and switching it up. A transparent case is pretty cool but for me it all about how it feels and they both feel like the best blowjobs ever. Sometimes I don’t like to see myself so that’s why I got the copper one and with the clear one it turns out it is actually fun to watch myself. The Fleshlight Turbo is totally worth it no matter which one who use.

    • I feel like you’d have to add a lot of lube to this and it would take away from the experience to have to pump your arms. I rly want something that’s gonna give me a real blow job experience. It’s to much work to go out and find it myself.

    • I have the AutoBlow and have been thinking about getting this one. If you think it’s better, I might not waste my money on this one. The AutoBlow is amazing and I have a hard time believing anything can compete with it.

    • I can’t afford a nice car to work on day and night, but I can afford a fleshlight that reminds me of a car to jerk off with. Ha.

      The top looks kinda like something you’d find on a racecar.

  3. That Ice Blue sleeve is the coolest thing I’ve ever owned. I like watching myself masturbate and seeing my dick slide in and out of well anything so getting to use a see through fleshlight and watching myself rub against all the inside parts is so hot. The first time I used it it felt so good and looked so sexy I came almost immediately. And seriously the feeling is unlike anything else. My favorite fleshlight by far. I hope they come out with more clear ones.

    • That’s why I got the Ice Blue one, too! The gold looks really cool, but I wanted to see myself inside of it. It adds a whole new level to the experience. I have a lot of Fleshlights, and I have to agree with you that this once easily makes the top of the list. I wish more toys had this feature.

  4. I bought the Turbo as soon as it came out and it is amazing! I love the extra entry hole. It kinda makes it feel like anal for me. My girl doesn’t like anal, so I really only get it on special occasions, but with the Turbo I can have a nice substitute any time I want it!

      • I feel that it feels different depending on what you’re expecting. Sometimes I just wanna get off and it feels like a toy. Other times it feels like anal if I’m recalling the memory of having anal sex. Sometimes I really want oral and it feels like a mouth on me. It just depends on your imagination and what you want.

  5. This thing is amazing, I have 2. I got both because I love cars so the normal idiot can’t tell the copper one is a pleasure toy, & when I need some alone bro time. without actually working on my car. the clear one is great bc I can watch myself work lol. somehow its very erotic to watch urself work from the inside.

  6. So I have a few Question? do I have to buy the different sleeves & textures separately? or when u order does it come with the interchangeable options? secondly does it require a lot of lube? the friction of a quickly drying toy is very uncomfortable.

  7. I feel that the weight in it causes me to tire out sooner. They should just focus on making toys that are light. Instead of trying to find the right “weight.”

  8. I read that a lot of ppl rly like the clear one cause you can see yourself in it. So I got it and that shit is creepy, man. Mayb I am in the minority but I dont like seeing myself pump into a cold toy. Nothing about that is hot to me.

  9. my fav part of these toys is that part that the article describes as “just pushing past the lips and into the tongue.” i stay on that for a bit before going to town. its so tight and feels so good.

  10. I got both designs in both colors and I have a hard time deciding which one to use. I really like watching my cock slide in and out of the clear one, but the tightness of the copper one I got makes my knees weak. You can tell the difference in the texture placement between the two as well. It’s really unique. One time I sat down and just switched back and forth between the two to see which one felt best and I really couldn’t tell. They’re both amazing. No matter which one you choose it’s going to feel great.

  11. I wish there was a blowjob machine out there that felt like this. This is great just needs to be automated cause I’m lazy as fuuuuuck

  12. I have the clear one. Its fucking great! I never thought I’d like seeing myself fuck something from the inside. I’ll never go back to normal pocket pussies.

  13. If you close your eyes and try not to think about it too much, it feels like anal. Cause when you have anal sex there are two sphincters that you have to pass through and this kinda has those two sphincters.

  14. I can’t reach the last bit of texture on mine and this review really makes me feel like I’m missing out. I guess I should get the other one since it’s basically the same thing with the pattern in different places.

  15. The Turbo’s are WAY too tight and I consider myself to be of average penis size. I have a girth of about 5 inches and found that this line by fleshlight couldn’t accomodate me.

  16. My favorite thing about the gold one is the pour. No two are alike. My boyfriend and I both have one and the shimmer of the gold are different. It is really beautiful to look at.

  17. I like the copper one. It’s a great addition to the fleshlight huge collection of options. It has a weird but discreet appearance. It’s really good if you’re looking to get off in under 20-30 minutes. The texture is intense. I would highly recommend this toy anyone. People who have fleshlights, people looking to get a fleshlight, all of them. It’s a really good toy.

  18. I use the Turbo Thrust to warm up for a vaginal sleeve from the Fleshlight collection. It’s like getting oral before having sex. The Turbo Thrust is my most used sleeve at this time. It’s incredibly tight, but not tight enought that you’ll cum too soon, it really feels like the lip-tongue-throat BJ.


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