Fleshlight VStroker Review

Fleshlight VStroker Introduction

Do you already have a favorite Fleshlight but wish it had more bang for your buck? While Fleshlight makes kick ass masturbators, it is hard to imagine you are fucking anything other than a fake pussy. Sure, you can watch videos and try to pretend, but it is too much work to try to keep up with the pace of the actors.

Thankfully, Fleshlight has considered this problem and produced a solution. With the Fleshlight VStroker, you can experience the closest thing to sex with your favorite porn stars! “But how?” you may be asking yourself. And the answer is simple: Magic.

Kidding! The real magic behind the action: The Fleshlight VStroker works on both Mac and Windows as long as your computer has Adobe AIR (similar to Flash). I will go over this in more detail later, but basically, you install the software, download compatible videos of your choice, and get off!

What is the Fleshlight VStroker?

The Fleshlight VStroker is an incredibly advanced piece of technology that you screw on to the end of (almost) any Fleshlight you already own. The piece on the end of your Fleshlight connects to your computer through a USB dongle (included) and transmit your motions to your PC or Mac.

This device is intended to make masturbating to porn more interactive, and it does an excellent job if you ask me. The onscreen actions reflect your movements and create a one of a kind experience unique to your masturbatory habits. You can use it for masturbation, stamina training, or as a fun game (but more on this later).

Fleshlight VStoker

The device tracks the speed and motion of your strokes and after a few moments of using it will know your style better than you do! This tracking feature helps with creating a personalized experience when you use the compatible videos. After experiencing the VStroker, you will never use a Fleshlight alongside regular porn again.

Fleshlight VStroker Features

The VStroker has many features, but I am just going to focus on a couple for the sake of this review. Fleshlight paired with some of the hottest porn stars in the industry to create a variety of interactive videos. These videos are shot in POV (point of view) and give you the option to choose the position of your chosen porn star. The porn star then moves and makes sounds (moans, groans, screams, etc.) in response to how you stroke with the VStroker.

Another feature of the Fleshlight VStroker is the ability to play stamina training games. These games remind me of Guitar Hero, but for adults! You download these games the way you would the videos and follow the on-screen directions. You should keep your stroke within the blue section of the meter in the top portion of the screen. If you cannot keep up or shoot your load before you are supposed to, the model will kick you out – upset that you did not pleasure her the way she wanted. If you can keep up with the video and make it to the end of the game, and you are rewarded with an interactive cum scene.

What comes in the box?

There is not much in the box, you get:

The VStroker Cap – You attach this to the end of almost any Fleshlight.
A USB Dongle – This has a Bluetooth receptor in it that connects to your cap and transmits information between the two devices.
A pair of AAA batteries – Yes, the VStroker is powered by triple A batteries.
A user manual – Use this to help you get connected and started with the VStroker.
A mini-CD for Windows installation – The mini CD is for Windows only and installs the necessary software on your Windows computer.

While these things are not in the box, you also get a seven-day free membership to the VStroker website and four full-length interactive videos. Membership to the site is usually $30 a month.

Fleshlight VStroker Demo Videos

How to Use the Fleshlight VStroker

The very first thing you need to do when you get your VStroker is to install Adobe AIR (if you do not already have it). After, or while, the software is downloading, remove and replace the cap of (almost) any Fleshlight with the VStroker. Next, you are going to put the USB dongle into a USB port. Finally, you will connect the Fleshlight and USB dongle. They are linked when the there is a blinking light on the cap and a solid light on the dongle.

Once you have all the hardware set up and connected, you are going to browse the videos in the membership area or the free four videos included with your purchase. Once you pick out one you like, you will download it. The download includes an application that allows you to navigate and interact with the video.
Once you have your video just pick the position, you want your porn star to be in and go for it. The speed on-screen and the noises the actress makes depends on how quickly or slowly you stroke with the VStroker enhanced Fleshlight. You can even set the sensitivity of the motion detector.

You can also use the VStroker to play games (as I mentioned above) or join a “Red Light District” website and interact with other users. The mini-CD included in the box allows you to sign up for StrokerSex.com and earn tokens for “interactive shows” with cam girls!

The way that they produced the content gives the experience a realistic feel. Since Fleshlight paired up with the hottest porn stars in the industry to create the videos, you can match your favorite Fleshlight girl with her corresponding video.

What Do I Like About The Fleshlight VStroker

Price – Compared to other high-tech, VR-style toys on the market, the VStroker is very affordable. At only $50, and only $100 with a Fleshlight package, it is a great purchase.

Compatibility – The VStroker is compatible with full sized Fleshlight masturbators. While this may be an issue for users who prefer the compact Fleshlights, it is not that big of a deal to me because it fits on all the Fleshlights I own.

Free Content – As I mentioned above, with the purchase you get four full-length interactive videos to keep and a free seven-day membership to the member’s section of the VStroker website.

Cleaning – I have not mentioned this yet, but the inside of the VStroker cap has an inner compartment. This extra compartment means that while using the toy, you do not have to worry about any fluids getting into the battery compartment.

Wireless – While you cannot go too far from the Bluetooth receiver, you also are not tied to a wall or your laptop. The VStroker is completely wireless! This is fantastic if you want to play the content on your compatible TV and stroke it to a bigger screen!

What I Didn’t Like About the Fleshlight VStroker

Diversity – The porn options, as of right now, mainly feature cis-gendered white women. There is not much variety of the porn options available at this time.

Batteries – The VStroker uses two AAA batteries. If you use it a lot, you will break the bank on battery purchases. I would recommend investing in rechargeable batteries and keeping a charged set on hand at all times.

Computer – This toy requires equipment requirements to operate to its full potential and allow the user to enjoy the experience thoroughly. It is compatible with Mac and Windows, but be sure to check that your computer has the necessary requirements.

Membership – The membership for the website is $30 a month. If you do not use the VStroker that often, this is a steep reoccurring price.

Setup – If you are not computer literate, the installation can take a good bit of time. The setup process was not a problem for me, but it can be a hassle for people who just want to connect and go.

My Final Verdict

The VStroker has many uses, including regular masturbation, stamina training, and fun games. How you use it is entirely up to you. I enjoy that it learns your masturbatory habits and creates a one of a kind experience unique to each user. Making each video, you watch a personalized experience.

Whether you are just looking for a way to spice up your Fleshlight collection or want to train with your favorite porn star, the VStroker is a great option! The price is on point and cleaning is a breeze. While connectivity can be a hassle for some, the interactivity you get with this device is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Ease of cleaning
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  1. $30 a month is NOT a lot for a porn subscription. People pay more than that for shitty cam sites and other crappy sites and they don’t stroke with you. Vstroker is awesome and the website has more than enough girls and videos to make the subscription worth it.
    Can’t tell you how incredible it is to sync up and have a hot porn star pretty much do whatever you want to your dick and you don’t even have to worry about catching anything

  2. VR features for masturbating seem really cool but I just haven’t been able to get behind the idea of putting in so much money for something that might still need fine tuning. I do have a couple Fleshlights though and the price isn’t actually all that bad so I think I’m going to give this a try after reading this review. I also wish there was variety but if it really does make things seem like I’m really with a girl I’m good with that.

    • I know what you mean! I want to see more diversity in my porn! I hate the early phases of stuff like this because the subscriptions usually only consist of white women. While some of them are great, I wanna see all different types of skin tones!

    • This connects to any normal fleshlight. Fleshlight has a variety of options, including their freak stuff – which is super freaky and different colors.

      I think you might need to reread the review, dudes.

      • I think they mean in the porn. Since the porn website and concept is kind of new – there isn’t that much variety in the ethnicities. It’s mostly white dudes fucking white women. Personally, I need some more variety in the pairings. This full on straight shit isn’t doing it for me. Companies should really consider developing a lot of different porn in different varieties BEFORE releasing their new product. They will broaden their entire range of customers if they’re prepared for us BEFORE they release something that can only be used with white m/f porn.

  3. I was reading about the Fleshlight Launch too and I wonder which one is really better. Seems the vstroker also needs you to own a Fleshlight and as someone who doesn’t have one this is sort of hindering me. I like that the Vstroker has the option to get a Fleshlight with it and it is a bit cheaper. I don’t see anything about weight and its just a cap so it probably doesn’t make it much heavier right?
    I wish I could preview the videos it includes since I don’t want to get it and not like the videos at all and have to get the membership because that will definitely add up.

    • The Launch syncs with the porn and moves the Fleshlight of your choice in tune with what’s happening on the screen. You also have to wear a VR headset with the Launch to get the full experience. You don’t have to stroke with this and it’s rechargeable.

      With the Vstroker you just watch porn on your computer and the porn syncs up with what you’re doing! It doesn’t add any weight to the Fleshlight of your choice and what you do with the fleshlight shows up on your screen with the porn star. It is NOT rechargeable though.

  4. I hated setting this dumb thing up. Ok I can’t say dumb thing because once it was set up I gave it a try on one of the videos I was hooked. Now that I’ve set it up once and installed everything it’s been easier to get using. Considering how much I like it now I can’t wait until I actually set up my free trial membership and see what other hotties and can get into!

    • I’ve read that a lot of people have issues setting it up. But everyone I have talked to about it has said it’s totally worth the hassle. If anyone else is looking into setting one up, I recommend reading up on common issues and how others have solved them BEFORE trying it on your own. It’ll save you a lot of wasted time.

  5. I got this for my husband for when he goes on long trips out of state and he swaps it between his three favorite Fleshlights. He says it is great and the subscription porn is high quality. He loves being able to get off to his fantasy women while he’s on the road and I’m trying to figure out if (and how) I can make porn for him to use with it!

  6. I wish this were rechargeable. I really want one cause it looks and sounds amazing. But I hate keeping batteries on hand.

    I wonder if FL will ever make a 2.0 version. I need this in my life. But I think it’s dumb to have it connect to a computer AND take batteries.

    • You can buy rechargeable batteries and that will cut down on how much you spend on batteries to keep it running. It’s not as great as hooking it up to one cord and just letting it go, there’s more work to it then that, but rechargeable batteries completely changed my outlook on sex toys.

  7. Let me tell y’all a story.

    I have had the VStroker for a while now. I take it with me on trips. I use it at home. I hate that it isn’t waterproof – but that’s a complaint for another time. Anyway, I use the fuck out of mine. One day I was cleaning and had to take it apart. My wife found the dongle and thought it was a USB drive. Not a dongle and tried to put pics and stuff on it.

    She kept it for a month while the entire time I was frantically searching for it, thinking I had left it in a hotel room or something. When I finally found it I was so mad and she laughed her ass off. She thought it was great. Said “no wonder it wouldn’t hold my pics!”

  8. It took me 3 hours to get this damn thing hooked up. It’s worth it. But damn.

    When it came in the mail the first thing i wanted to do was use it, and I had to wait til I had it connected.

    • If you’re not already horny when you’re trying to hook it up, there is no shame in calling customer service so that you can get to it quicker. I did!

  9. I have one of the smaller fleshlights and thought this was for ANY fleshlight. It’s not. I had to buy a second fleshight. But that’s ok. I love this thing and I’m looking at buying more fleshlights to use it with.

  10. My wife falls on the asexual spectrum and this has caused a lot of marital turmoil. Our therapist suggested getting something like this so that it doesn’t feel like I’m alone when those long stretches come where she just doesn’t wanna have sex. It’s okay, but it’s nothing like the real thing I get with my wife.

  11. I’d like to know more about the durablity of the item. If my cock hits the end of the fleshlight when i use it, is it going to mess up the vstroker?

  12. i had to come back and let you know that after reading this review i immediately bought a vstroker. i’ve been a user of fleshlights for YEARS. but i had no idea about this. another one of your reviews mentioned a wamer rod by fleshlight and i bought that too. you’ve enhanced my life in ways i never thought possible. thanks fapguy.

  13. How come this has an 8 for noise if it’s just an attachement? I feel like the noise level would depend on the toy you’re using, not the vstroker itself.

  14. I assume you have to hook up your VR headset to your computer while having the dongle plugged in? Ugh. I guess I need to get a USB extension thing.

  15. I found the minor inconsistencies from video to stroker and having to use the keyboard or mouse to take away from the immersion experience of using a device like the Vstroker. Furthermore, the illusion is furhter ruined by the lack of quality sensors and calibration to help determine when the user is “pushing in” or “pulling out.”

  16. More of an interactive device, than it is a stimulating one. The vstroker allows you to basically play “Cock Hero.” It detects the relative position of your fleshlight and relays it back to the onscreen porn. Sadly, the detection mechanisms is sloppy, so it is like a knock of version of “Cock Hero” with lag.

  17. While it’s a little more money, I highly prefer the Launch over the VStroker. Fleshlight is a quality company, but like everyone else, they’re bound to have their downfalls and fails. This was definitely a fail.

  18. I can’t wait for a VStroker 2.0. The idea behind this was amazing but it was executed very poorly. They should invest in better sensors and calibration stuff. It has the potential to be a kick ass device. Just fell short this go round. Come on Fleshlight! Let’s go for a round two!

  19. Anyone else worried that this might turn out like the We-Vibe scandal? You know, how they were collecting user data without user permission? This seems too close to that to ignore!


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