Kiiro Onyx

Kiiro Onyx Introduction

Originally designed as a device for people in a long-distance relationship, the Kiiroo Onyx has since evolved to be used as it was originally intended or with VR porn, cam girls, and even on its own! The Onyx was once meant to be used in conjunction with the Kiiroo Pearl, a vibrator that when used, touched, or otherwise stimulated caused the Onyx to contract or expand.

Since I only have the Onyx, this review will focus on its use with VR videos, solo, or cam girls. It is not designed to be moved up and down but instead is meant to be connected to a PC and used with videos, the pearl, or on its own. It is controlled with a touch pad and button and is meant to feel more like a blowjob rather than actual sex.

The Kiiroo is compatible with both Windows and Mac and comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 receptor. It is protected with a password and can connect to any compatible video or device. You can use it with the Pearl with your partner, a stranger, a cam girl, videos or you can use it alone.

What is the Kiiroo Onyx

The Kiiroo Onyx is a blow job simulator that is designed with Fleshlight. There are three modes that you can choose from when going solo (but more on this later). Also, there are rings inside the device that squeeze, rather than stroke, and move in pairs of two. This creates a feeling of going in and out of something without the movement on your part.

When you first get the Onyx, it will need to charge, and a three-hour charge will give you approximately an hour of play time. It has a sleek design, and most people won’t even recognize it as a sex toy if it left out. Mine looks like an alarm clock whose batteries have died. Even more, the sleeve can be flipped inside out to create a different sensation.

kiiroo onyx

The Onyx comes apart into four different sections: the device, the sleeve, the grid clip, and the cap. This makes it incredibly easy to clean. The sleeve itself has many raised bumps to create a realistic feel, and paired with the contractions, feels like a real vagina!

Kiiroo Onyx Features

The Onyx has three modes to choose from when using it solo: manual, fast automatic, and slow motion mode. You change these modes with the button located near the insertion point of the toy. You can also alter the speed in manual mode (the first setting) by sliding your fingers along the shiny, touch portion of the toy.

Fast automatic is also described as “fist pump mode,” and feels like a mix between jerking off and a blow job. As I mentioned before, the design seems more like blowjob action, but with a vagina texture. There are also channels running up both sides of the toy to help with suction and keep air from building up while stimulating you.

What comes in the box?

It seems that Kiiroo has taken note from Fleshlight on their packaging. While the product itself is considered a luxury, and is well made, they decided to stick with simple packaging. There is a sleeve the holds a smaller box that clasps closed with a magnet.

Inside you find a foam insert holding the Onyx and a USB charger along with warranty and user information. You will also find an authentication card so you can get the VR content that comes with the toy and a lube sample.

The toy itself is made from ABS plastic and a material like that of Fleshlights SuperSkin. It’s 9.5 inches tall with a circumference of 11.5 inches. It’s about 2 lbs, which is akin to a Fleshlight, so it can become cumbersome if used for extended periods of time.

Kiiroo Onyx Demo Videos

How to Use the Kiiroo Onyx

Before you can use your Kiiroo Onyx, you need to set it up. After the 3 hour charge you will turn it on, and it will automatically go into Bluetooth pairing mode. You just need to open the Bluetooth options on your computer and pair the two devices. If you don’t plan on using the toy with a partner via the internet or with videos, you can skip this step.

As I mentioned before, there are various ways to use the Kiiroo Onyx. You can use it with its sister toy, the Pearl and another person (long distance partner, cam girl, stranger, etc.). Or you can use it while watching VR compatible videos. And finally, you can use it solo with the three modes mentioned above.

If you are going to use it with a partner, you will both need a PC, an internet connection, and the code. When connected to the web and paired with a partner the Kiiroo produces a unique 6-character password that both parties must use to play together.

If you are going to use the Kiiroo Onyx with videos, you will need access to videos that are compatible with it. Most of the websites (FeelXVideos and YouMeCams, just to name a couple) that cater to this type of device are subscription only, but you shouldn’t have an issue with finding content once you find a website you like. Once you choose a video you have the options to watch or feel, of course, if you’re using the Kiiroo Onyx, you want to feel. The Onyx moves in time with the actions on the screen. It’s great during blowjob scenes, but not as realistic during other penetration scenes. Still, it was a fun experience.

If you are going to use the toy solo you merely need to turn it on, lube up, and slip inside. Then you choose an automatic mode you enjoy and let the toy do all the work, or you can select the manual mode and control the speed and sensations through the touch pad. You are not intended to thrust in and out of the Kiiroo but instead, let it contract and expand around you until you reach orgasm. I have trouble with this at times as the stimulation isn’t always enough for me.

What Do I Like About The Kiiroo Onyx

Easy to Clean – You can take the sleeve out of the case and clean it, and you can wipe the case down with a wipe. Use an unscented soap and warm water on the sleeve.

Options – There are three ways you can use the Onyx and various options within each use. Use it with a long distance partner, a cam girl, a stranger from Tinder. You can use it with compatible videos. Or even go solo and use the control panel and button on the side.

Interactive Video Content – While there isn’t a lot of options out there at the moment, you can get the full VR experience with the Kiiroo Onyx paired with a video.

Easy to Control – The single button and slide panel are easy to use and can help you to create a unique feeling.

Realistic Feel – The internal design (the dots lining the sleeve) and the material that the sleeve is made out of imitates the inside of a vagina. While the squeezing imitates a blow job. While you won’t find a real vagina that gives a blow job, these two separate design features create different realistic feels.

What I Didn’t Like About the Kiiroo Onyx

Subscription Websites – You will be hard pressed to find free content for the Onyx. Most of the content you are going to find that is compatible with the Onyx will be on subscription websites.

Can’t Always Get Me Off – Sometimes the squeezing isn’t enough to get me off. Even if I am watching an interactive video and it’s moving frantically, it isn’t always enough for me.

Loud – It isn’t loud enough to be heard from outside of a room, but if you share a dorm with someone or don’t want your partner to hear you using the Onyx, I wouldn’t suggest using it with them in the room!

Set Up Can Be Difficult – When you first get the toy you must charge it and hook it up to your computer. All of the manuals are online, and it can be difficult to find your code. Take your time when setting up the Onyx so that you don’t get frustrated when you can’t find the right code!

Bulky – The Onyx has a circumference of 11.25 inches! It isn’t designed to thrust into or stroke up and down with, but it can be a pain to hold for more than half an hour or more.

My Final Verdict

Kiiroo has a very good idea with the Onyx. You can tell that they wanted to provide a quality product by teaming up with Fleshlight. I feel that they could work on the noise and internal design (were they going for a vagina or a blowjob?!). This is a great place to start and is a one of a kind toy, but I look forward to future models.

Ease of cleaning
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  1. This is my first VR toy. First time I came too fast. Once I got used to it this was fun, but kind of a lot of setup. The lube, the computer, the bluetooth, I have to really be ready for it. But the options are fun and this is a good time. As I used it more and set it up more often it got faster and easier and not it isn’t too bad. This isn’t a pain to clean either and I clean this a lot. The charge isn’t forever, so I like that too. This isn’t everything, but man is it wonderful.

    • I keep mine plugged up and ready to go at all times. It’s just easier to clean it when I’m done and THEN take the time to set it up. That way I’m not fumbling with it when I’m horny and ready to blow my load.

  2. See, I have a wife that hates sucking my dick. This is so clutch. Easy start, easy clean, and feels great. I don’t use it with her, but I will see if she will be ok with that later. It’s big, but it’s not that big a deal that you shouldn’t get it if you have a need for a bj. I just use it solo, but I’ll use the videos if I get bored.

    • I don’t have this one, but from what I’ve heard, the AutoBlow is so much better for fake blowjobs. I do have the AutoBlow and I almost prefer it over real head. It isn’t as heavy as I have heard this one is either!

  3. I don’t know how this compares to any other long distance toy, but this is pretty cool to use. She likes how we’re linked with this and we’re on the phone with headsets. Hearing her gets me all the way off and this really makes me bust with how it squeezes. This really helps my girl and I stay connected and that is good for so many reasons, obviously. I like both modes of auto or interactive. We use this twice a week on the weeks we don’t see each other. Gotta keep her trained and in the mood, am I right??? This isn’t hard to clean up either.

      • Me and my fiance use skype when he is away. We have used the phone a couple of times when we use the toys, but it’s not nearly as interesting and as sexy as watching him use it while I use mine. He tells me all the time that he loves watching me get off while we skype, too. The kiiroo changed our long distance relationship.

  4. This is a fuck box. A heavy fuck box. Can I say fuck box? There are better things than this, but this does squeeze the dick nicely. It feels good too. I mean, it’s not all bad, but I wouldn’t buy it again if it broke. I guess I don’t know what to say. If you have money to spend and you’re looking for something fun to use, why not?

    • I’ve been looking at getting one of these to use with my long distance girlfriend. I like that it would squeeze me “nicely” but I’m curious as to why you wouldn’t replace it if it broke. I want something we can use while she is away at college (4 years!!) but I don’t want something that’s going to tire me out and break!

  5. Nope.
    This is too heavy, not good enough to get off, and the website thing is just more money. So fuck all this. Nothing good about this is worth the trouble even if it was free.

  6. I got this to use with cam girls and it isn’t really worth the hassle of setting up and the heaviness of it. Cam girls have said that they love the chick end of things, but I don’t want to do heavy lifting when I’m just wanting to lazily stroke my dick and watch some girls play with theirselves.

  7. I have a client who bought this set for us to use when he comes to me. I’m a cam girl and this thing is truly amazing. I have even sent other clients to buy the male bit to link up with my toy. And encouraged other cam girls to look into it.

    It really changes the cam girl industry.

    • I have cammed with a couple of girls who have this set up since I got mine. It really changed the way I look at that industry. I used to feel guilty for spending money on it. But I only spent money on it cause I don’t have a lot of time to get out and meet new people. If I’m not working – I’m sleeping or getting ready to sleep by having a quick O with some stranger on the internet.

      Anyway, since getting the Kiiroo, I don’t feel as bad because it feels like I can really feel whichever girl I’m playing with that night. Instead of PAYING to use my hand, I’m actually paying for an immersive experience and it is awesome.

  8. This shit takes way too much set up. When I wanna get off I just wanna get off. I don’t wanna fuck with this thing. It was a waste of money.

    • Seriously, if you were using it for anyting besides solo play, you might be singing a different tune. It is great when you pair it with the lady toy.

  9. I found that the squeezing and shit doesn’t do it for me either. I usually stroke with mine for added stimulation. But it’s too much work for something that is supposed to be automated

  10. I find it off putting that it is designed to feel like a vag but doesn’t work like one. It is designed to feel like a vag and give you a blowjob. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get into that.

  11. i’m trying to understand the buttons and such before i commit to buying it. but this review doesn’t help me understand. is it a touch pad? are there actual clicky buttons? how do you operate it? can we get more details on this? i wanna know if it is easy to operate when you’re using it or if it is like some other toys where you have to stop using it to see wtf you’re doing. i don’t want something i have to stop using just to change the setting. does anyone know the answers to this? i really need to know before i go buying one for myself.

  12. The hole on the male end of the toy looks like crap. They could have put in a little more effort to at least make it look appealing. There is no way that I want to stick my cock in that!

  13. I have a Kiiroo and my favorite part of it is that it’s so simple to control. I like that you just slide your finger along the panel to make it go faster or slower.

  14. I read that they recently came out with an Onyx 2. I wonder if they made any improvement in the battery. I have had the first one for a while and it takes 3 hours to charge and only lasts about 20-30min. It SUCKS.

  15. I feel like this wouldn’t provide nearly enough friction to get me off. It seems as if the basics of it is to squeeze rather than stroke.

  16. 11.25 circ sounds like a huge pain in the ass to deal with. why would any company or designer think that’s an ok size for a sex toy?


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