Lelo Hugo

Lelo Hugo Introduction

Lelo was founded in 2003 by three designers with one simple question “What if our most intimate items were made as beautiful as the ones we displayed with the most pride?” They pride themselves on quality, unique designs, and beauty. They make everything from vibrators to lubricants, from butt toys to condoms.

All their products are made with body safe materials and with the consumer in mind. Their design team creates all their products with your needs in mind. Would the user enjoy this? Would this feel great? Is this safe? Does this look good? Is this unique to our line?

With these questions and more in mind, they created the Lelo Hugo, a prostate massager. It may not look like much; this little remote controlled device has more bells and whistles than I thought it would! Even at $219, it is worth every orgasm you will achieve with it.

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What is the Lelo Hugo?

Simply put, Lelo Hugo is a remote controlled, powerful prostate massager. It is Lelo’s first male-specific toy. It has two motors, one in the base to stimulate the perineum and the other in the tip for intense prostate stimulation. And a SenseMotion remote control, but more on this later. Due to the design of the Hugo, it is meant to sit in place and stimulate through vibrations; there is no thrusting involved.

It is intended in an “L” shape; the external arm is more flexible than the rigid internal arm for better stimulation of the perineum. It is made from certified body safe material and is 100% waterproof. I am always a little skeptical when a toy claims it can be completely submerged in water without any adverse side-effects, but the Hugo comes with a one-year full coverage warranty. So, if by some freak chance, water does get into the inner workings of the toy, Lelo will replace it.

Lelo Hugo

Lelo Hugo Features

The first thing I noticed while using the Lelo Hugo is that it can be confusing to use for those first few times. I found myself referring to the manual for my first week or so of using the toy. While it is a bit of nuisance to have to have the manual in hand while trying to get off, it was not that big of a deal.

When you first get the Lelo Hugo, it will need to be plugged up and charged. About one hour of charge time will get two hours of play. The toy itself is charged with the included cord while the remote takes two AA batteries (also included).

The toy and the SenseMotion remote pair up quickly, and it is controlled with flicks and tilts of the remote, which also vibrates as a form of feedback as to what the wearer is feeling. The vibration patterns increase or decrease based on how you tilt or flick the remote.

If the SenseMotion control is not your thing, you can also control the toy through the three buttons on the remote. There is one that increases, one that decreases, and one that changes the patterns. You press down the increase button on the remote and the button on the base of the Hugo to turn the toy on.

It has 12 vibration intensities and a handful of patterns. The patterns include a wave, a fast pulsating, a slow pulsating, and a random mode. You can adjust the intensity of the patterns through the use of the remote.

Furthermore, the Lelo Hugo features 100% body safe, medical grade silicone, and ABS plastic. It has a 3.5-inch insertable portion, with a girth just over 4 inches. The size, paired with the design of the toy makes this toy ideal for almost any level of experience user.

What comes in the box?

Lelo does not skimp out on the packaging of their boxes. This one is not discreet, but it reflects the luxury of the toy. In the box, you will find:

• The Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager
• A USB charging cable
• The wireless, SenseMotion remote control (The 2 AA batteries you will need for this are also included)
• An instruction manual (you will use this a lot!)
• A small packet of water-based Lelo brand anal lube (Only use water based lube with your toy. If you do want to use silicone, or another type of lube, test a small amount on the base of the toy to see how it reacts with the material.)
• A satin storage pouch (If the box is not discreet enough for your liking, you can use the pouch to store your toy in. Personally, I store it in the box.)
• A one-year warranty registration card (Be sure to register your toy!)

Lelo Hugo Demo Videos

How to Use the Lelo Hugo

As I said before when you first get the Lelo Hugo, you will want to go ahead and throw it on the charger. One hour on the charger will give you about two hours of play time. After charging the toy, pair it with the remote.

You will want to use the lube sample that is included in the box if you do not have any anal safe lube. It is important that you use proper lube with anal toys, and if you only have generic water-based lubes, you will want to buy some thicker stuff.

Once you have the device paired and lubed up, it is time to insert it. It fits in place nicely, and due to the rigid shape, it provides direct and amazing stimulation! It is meant to be used handsfree. I have found that if I lay down with this in, it will not stay in place. But I can sit on it and rock, and this creates an incredible sensation.

What Do I Like About The Lelo Hugo

Medium-sized fit – The size and shape of the Lelo Hugo makes it perfect for most users. While size queens/kings may not find it big enough, brand new beginners may find the size to be too much.

Waterproof – It is completely waterproof, meaning you can use it in the shower. This also means that cleaning is a breeze because you do not have to worry about damaging the toy while cleaning it.

SenseMotion – I love that the person in control of the remote can feel what the wearer is feeling. This makes the experience more personalized and helps the controller to please and tease the wearer.

Safe Material – Any time you are going to stick something in your body, it is important to know the safety of it. Thankfully, with Lelo, you know that you are always getting top notch, 100% body safe material.

Rechargeable with a wireless remote and 2 x AAA batteries included – This is a pro and a con. I love that it is rechargeable because that means you get strong vibration without the worry of breaking the bank on batteries.

What I Didn’t Like About the Lelo Hugo

Batteries – I told you this was a pro and a con. Because the remote takes batteries, this means you always need to have AA’s on hand otherwise, once the batteries die in the remote you are limited to what you can do with the Hugo.

Size – This one is another pro/con. This toy is not good for experienced users who want a lot of girth. While the power is amazing and the variations in intensity and patterns are great, too, users who want something bigger will not like this.
On the other hand, complete newbies to the world of anal play may find the toy too large. At a 4 inch girth, I would not suggest the Lelo Hugo for the first thing you ever stick in your butt. People new to butt play should start with something smaller.

Cleaning spray recommended – The website and user manual both recommend that you buy their $15 cleaning spray to preserve the quality of the material. I have not run across this with any other company that uses 100% body safe, medical grade silicone, so it does make me question the reasoning behind this.

Vibrations wane when the battery starts to die – When the battery in the toy itself starts to die, the vibrations take a huge hit. The intensity dies down a good bit. This can be disappointing if you are mid-play and suddenly your power stops.

Price – The price of the Lelo Hugo is a whopping $219! While the quality is amazing and the vibrations are powerful, this is still a pretty penny to spend on a toy. If you have the money to blow, I highly recommend giving the Lelo Hugo a try.

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My Final Verdict

The Lelo Hugo is a high quality, luxury toy for your butt. The vibrations range from beginner to experienced, while the size is more fit for those who are accustomed to things in their rear, but do not need huge toys to get off. If you are looking for a fantastic toy for your prostate and want something that gives you a bang for your buck, the Lelo Hugo is the perfect toy for you!

Ease of cleaning
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  1. Spending $200 on a toy for my ass seemed crazy but I did it anyway since my boyfriend encouraged me. Typically I prefer to do the penetrating but he wanted me to try it since it’s not like sex and it was something we can both use with good cleaning. I have to say I really liked it a lot and even though I’m not experienced with anal play I found it comfortable to use and my boyfriend even though he is very experienced with anal play and my larger size he still finds it good to use because the vibrations and the angle that it hits. I think it’s the kind of toy a straight man interested in prostate stimulated orgasms would enjoy because like I said I don’t usually enjoy anal play and this is really good and giving me great orgasms.

    • I’m a chick who loves to use a strap-on on my guy and my dude wanted me to get him this. I did and I don’t like it as much as I like using my strap-on on him, but he loves it. And I love playing with him while he wears it. I’ve never seen a man cum so much or so hard in my life. And I’ve given my dude some pretty hard O’s.

      My dude is bi, though, so I can’t say anything about this being marketed for straight guys. Neither one of us would know. I washed it one time and tried it on myself. I’m a straight chick who doesn’t like anal play at all on myself and I didn’t like it. But like ii said. He loves it!

  2. I’m putting this on my birthday wishlist for my wife to get me. I’ll promise her she can control the remote sometimes. The price is crazy high for a prostate toy but I’ve gotten her a rabbit or something that was a couple hundred bucks so its only fair. If it’s good quality and covered under a warranty and really different from other ones on the market it seems like a good value. Holding out it might also go down in price if they ever make a sequel to it.

    • Quality prostate toys are so worth the cash! I have had a lot of cheaper ones and most of them you can’t feel in your ass once they get in there. Or it feels like putting a can of beez up your ass and the buzzing is just irritating.

  3. The size is fine don’t be a pansy. Practice with a few fingers or something first, lube up, and go. If you don’t like this freaking toy you don’t want things in your butt period.

    • Use lots of lube! And if you aren’t used to something this size, you really should warm up with something smaller first. But it’s worth putting the time into. This toy gives me the hardest and best orgasms. It is really amazing.

      • There’s this waterbased lube called Maximus and you can use a little and it lasts a long time. It’s like silicone based without all the concerns. I recommend it for all anal toys.

  4. Lelo Hugo was a great toy to bring into the sex of my marriage. I enjoy prostate stimulation but I really want it during sex and many prostate massagers make that hard to do. There are of course other good ones out there but this is the best one I’ve found yet.
    The price is intimidating but I bought it the moment I found it because the quality is actually worth it. It comes with little perks and the Lelo itself is not only high quality material but well made for the man in mind. Size, vibration varities, and flexibility aren’t things you can always find with vibrating prostate massagers.
    It being waterproof is a huge plus because it makes it really easy and quick to clean and lets me use it pretty much anywhere so wherever I or my wife want to have sex and use it we can.
    The remote is probably my wife’s favorite part. I don’t think she’s ever let me have it when I have the Lelo in during sex. Sometimes we use a remote vibrator on her too and compete to see who can force who to orgasm first while trying not to. It is a lot of fun and we’re both very glad we have the Lelo Hugo.

  5. I stopped reading after waterproof and warranty. I use butt plugs and prostate massagers in the shower, haven’t had a vibrating one that can go in the shower with me. This is awesome and exciting!

    • I bought the Lelo Hugo for my husbands birthday and he loves it! He uses it in the shower and when we have alone time. My favorite use so far has been on our anniversary. We went out to eat and he wore it. I used the remote to mess with him all night. He loved it and stayed hard for hours. When we were finally alone (in the car, in the parking lot) he couldn’t keep his hands off of me. It was amazing.

  6. I gotta get me one of these. I love big toys and toys I can play with in the shower. But what has me sold is that it comes with a warrenty and a remote. This will make commute so much more entertaining.

    • I hope you aren’t using the remote on yourself while you’re driving! I feel like that would be combining road head and texting. It just doesn’t sound like a good match. Maybe try using it on road trips when you’re the passenger or on the bus instead of while driving.

  7. I’m a single guy who hasn’t had sex in a few years. I started exploring ass play a couple of months back and thought I was ready for this. I was not. It is much bgger than I thought it would be. I have to work up to it which takes a lot of effort. So, I can’t use it out in public yet, but that’s why i bought it. I can’t wait to use it that way.

    • That’s something that a lot of toy companies leave out or don’t think to add. We have gone through so many vibrating panties cause we want a pair that does this with the remote. I wish more companies thought to add this.

  8. I ran out of the cleaning spray and had to buy more cause I’m not about to fuck up a $200 toy. Has anyone else used Dr Bronners or something else to clean this toy with? I can’t be spending $15 on spray just to clean one toy.

  9. it’s about time! chicks get all the good shit. iv’ve been demanding high qualty ass toys for forever. i cant wait to getmy hands on this bad boy.

    • There are a ton of great “ass toys” on the market if you’re willing to go through a couple of bad eggs. This is just the tip of the iceberg my man.

  10. I spent about a week playing with this thing daily just to get used to all of the settings. It has a LOT of settings.You’ll prolly find one or two that you really like and stick wtih those. But it’s so worth trying them all out.

  11. I’m a smaller dude. About 5’9″ and 162lbs, I thought that the Hugo would be small enough to reach my prostate for me. Turns out that I need about 4-6 more inches to “hit my spot”.

  12. With 12 settings and varying intensities, you’re going to want to keep your user manual on you. Lelo makes amazing toys, but most of the cost is for all those extra settings that you probably won’t use or explore. Keeping your user manual on you will help you to go through them, get used to the controls, and whatnot.

  13. The Hugo is one of my favorite lelo toys. My wife and I are trying to collect everything Lelo puts out. This and the Tango are so far at the very very tippy top of our favorite list.

  14. I work from home and got the Hugo to spice up boring days. I sit at my computer for hours with this buzzing inside me while I work. It causes me to feel anywhere from slightly aroused to insanely horny – this is also depending on what setting I set it at.

    The Hugo offers everything from “sigh this feels nice” to “OMG I’M GOING TO CUM BUCKETS!” I’m not a fan of the patterns, but the shape paired with the steady vibrations is sensational. It has definitely lived up to it’s purpose and made work so much more fun!

  15. I found the taper to be too smooth and the bulge to be too big for me to properly hold this in place for a true hands free experience. Any advice?

  16. I feel like everyone looking to buy this toy needs to know that it is STRONG. Even the lowest setting is overpowering. It’s very strong. I feel like I can’t stress this enough. It is a powerful toy. You need to go to a brick and mortar store and feel it before you decide if you really want it or not.

  17. Make sure you keep track of your warranty info for any Lelo toy you buy! Their quality has gone downhill over the years. I’ve owned many, many Lelo toys and have to file warranty claims on almost all of them. Their batteries completely die without warning, they aren’t as waterproof as they claim, just lots of problems. Keep track of your warranty info if you’re dead set on any lelo toys. kay?


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