Lovense Max Review

Lovense Max Introduction

Oh, what have we here? Another blowjob simulating, long distance toy for couples, you say? The Lovense Max can be paired with the Lovense Nora or be played with solo. The Max shares a lot of features with the Kiiroo Onyx, so I will use it as a comparison throughout this review.

Like the Onyx, the Max was originally designed for long distance couples to help close that intimacy gap that comes with being in that type of a relationship. But it has since evolved also to be used by men who want to play with cam girls or go at it solo with their music.

Also, like the Onyx it is paired to your computer through Bluetooth. But unlike the Onyx it can be controlled with your smartphone, or you can give control to someone else (in the same room with you or far away) with a smartphone.

What is the Lovense Max?

The Lovense Max is another toy for long distance couples that simulates blowjobs. Do not be fooled by that description, though; it can totally be used solo. It connects to your computer or smartphone through the Bluetooth cap and has a variety of options for use.

The sleeve is textured and provides vibrations along with stimulation from the (patent pending) air pump, more on this later. The opening is stretchy, and the website boldly claims that the Lovense Max accommodates up to 95% of penis sizes and shapes. I found it a great fit for myself, but fear that girthier men may not be able to fit into the tight opening comfortably.


lovense max


It is designed to be used with your smartphone or computer for long distance or solo play. You can even sync the toy with its companion, Nora, or another Max. I did not have another toy to sync it with, so I will not go into details on this feature.

Lovense Max Features

Like the Kiiroo Onyx, the Lovense Max has a lot of features. Some are amazing, while others are lacking. From the ways you can connect it to the type of stimulation the toy provides, you will be surprised at all the bells and whistles packed into this compact toy.

There is a patent pending air pump that creates a blowjob feel and an air vent that creates personalized suction. Using the vibrations along with the air pump waver and ripple along the shaft of your penis. This is a unique take on the blowjob simulation.
The sleeve has a series of bumps. Paired with the vibrations, suction, and air pump mentioned before, this can be a bit overwhelming if you are not used to a lot of texture. If you are not into all the technology stuff I am about to go over; you can go at it solo without connecting the toy to anything. But really, why would you buy this toy if you are not going to use it with something!

There are various ways to use the toy, as I mentioned above. Since it is Bluetooth compatible you can connect the toy to your smartphone and use it as a remote control, let someone else take control, pair it with another Lovense toy, or just go at it without all the technology.

A unique feature of the Lovense Max is the ability to pair it with your Bluetooth and jerk off with your music. You just download the software from the Lovense website, pair your toy with your computer, and feel the music through the toy.

Other features to take note of are:

• Rechargeable – you will not break the bank on batteries.
• Splashproof – you cannot completely submerge the toy, but you can take it in the shower.
• Remote controllable – you can control the vibrations and air pump separately through the app on your phone.

What comes in the box?

The box includes:

• The Lovense Max
• The Bluetooth adapter
• The charging cord
• The user manual

If you are looking for free samples of lube or cleaner, you will not find it here. Because of the tightness of the toy, be sure to add water-based lube to your cart if you do not already have any when ordering this toy.

If you do not have unscented, antibacterial soap, you may also want to add some toy cleaner to your cart. As far as I can tell the Lovense Max is made out of ABS plastic and skin like TPE. While TPE is non-toxic, it is still porous, and you should not use any cleaning supplies on the toy that you would not directly put on your skin.

Lovense Max Demo Videos

How to Use the Lovense Max

As I have mentioned various times, there are many ways you can use the Lovense Max. But before you can use it, you must first connect it. The Lovense website features a video that walks you through connecting your Max, but it is pretty simple.

The first step, whether you are pairing with a phone or computer (compatible with both Mac and Windows) is to turn on your device and look for a little green flashing light. The green light means it is ready to pair. Then turn on Bluetooth for the device you are wanting to connect to. Download the app (computer and phone versions are available) and search for your toy. It is much more straight forward than the Kiiroo Onyx.

Once you have your device connected, choose the mode in which you wish to play.


• Bluetooth with music
• Without connecting (use the buttons at the base of the toy
• Smartphone remote

• With another toy
• Have your partner play with the remote
• Long distance love

What Do I Like About The Lovense Max

Options – I like that you have various options on how to use the toy. Remote control, alone, with a partner, paired with another toy, or jerking it to your favorite music.

Rechargeable – Anything rechargeable is automatically going to be a pro in my book. If it has vibrating or moving parts, it should be rechargeable as not to break the bank on batteries. Two hours of charging will give you about two and a half hours of play time.

Splashproof – While you cannot completely submerge the Lovense Max, you can get the outer casing a little damp. This means if you make a mess or your partner is a squirter, you do not have to worry about it completely ruining your toy.

Deep – What it lacks in girth accommodations, it makes up for in length. It has a 6.5 insertable length with an overall length of approximately 7 inches.

Variety – With the nubs, vibrations, and pump you are not left wanting texture with the Lovense Max. The texture paired with the vibrations and unique pump create an experience not found in other toys.

What I Didn’t Like About the Lovense Max

Material – The material is a bit tacky and is not the best. I may just be spoiled on Fleshlights material. After using the toy, you may find that you have a film of slime on your cock.

Can be too tight – The toy is on the tight side. While I had no problem with it, girthier men may find that they cannot get into it. You can contact Lovense, and they will send you a larger sleeve, but the sleeve that comes with it is tight.

Syncing with Music – I love this feature, but unfortunately, it does not pair up with the air pumps, just the vibrations. I would love to see an improvement on this.

Cleaning – One of my pros is that the toy is splashproof. While this is true, you should be careful not to get any water into the inner canal of the plastic part of the toy. If any water gets into this part of the toy, it will be ruined.

Weak Vibrations – Some days this is not a problem, but others the vibrations are not enough to get me off. If you need strong vibrations, this may not be the toy for you. But I would still suggest giving it a try.

My Final Verdict

The Lovense Max costs a pretty penny, and the material is not all that great, but with the variety and options offered in this compact toy, you get what you pay for. You can customize your experience with your phone, pair it with a partner’s toy, or use it with your music. There are a lot of options if you can get over the finicky splashproof ability and if you fit into the opening.

Would I recommend the Max? Absolutely! Be sure to check your size before ordering to ensure you will fit. But it is a unique toy with a one of a kind experience. I hope to see improvements from Lovensense, but until then, I plan to enjoy what they currently have to offer!

Ease of cleaning
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  1. My wife picked this out. She found it by accident once googling our wedding registry because she lost the site and this actually popped up because I’m Max and she is Nora. She was so interested in the idea she got both parts and she definitely likes Nora more than I like Max. The suction feeling is different than what I’m used to and I’m not sure its a good thing and the vibrating isn’t really as strong as other masturbating toys I’m used to. Really the quality overall is not great. But since it is unique in having a complimentary part that my wife enjoys I think I would invest in it again since there’s nothing else that I’ve seen that has the same compatible features.

    • Anyway, I love the suction that it gives. It doesn’t feel like an exact BJ but it is close enough when my girl is all the way across the world. My girl loves hers more than I love mine, like you 2, but I think you aren’t giving the max enough chance.

    • I love that there is a real couple out there named Max and Nora. I don’t have the male counter part to this and don’t know anyone who does. But I was gifted the female part of it and love it! Your woman has good tastes.

  2. Max looks really simple but I like using it with a select couple of cam girls. We’ve built up a “relationship” of trust where I’ll let the girl have my connection info like you would a girlfriend or whatever and we get to have really interactive play. I can’t think of anything else that lets me do that with the cam girls. I’m considering investing in the Nora partner pieces for them to take it a step further but I’m not ready to make that commitment yet.
    I like what I can do with Max when I’m not with the cam girls too so it’s not like a one stop shop sort of deal. I have used the buttons manually once but usually I’ll connect it to music or have the “remote” in my hand.
    I do think the vibrations could be stronger but I just use a vibrating cock ring with it and it solves the problem immediately.

    • I’ve met a couple of girls who already have the Nora portion. It is totally worth the investment if you cam with them often. If you have fun letting them play with your end of things, you will love playing with their end. I love watching a cam girl squirm as I mess with her vibe. It is FANTASTIC for long distance or camming D/s.

    • I just started camming and I have been looking for a way to stand out and bring in better clientele. I love that you detailed how you play with the cam girls you frequent. You have given me so many ideas. I cannot wait to order the Nora and start advertising that.

      I have one guy who already has the Max, but he did not mention that I could play with him with it. He has used it on cam with me before, but I’m going to tell him that I am going to order the Nora and tell him about what the Max does in case he doesn’t know.

  3. hahahaha Im gonna feel bad about myself now. It fits great around my cock and isnt too tight at all. i would like a little more to it like more texture and design but the ways it connects to bluetooth and my music is really cool. I dont know any other toys that do that and music is my life so thats all that matters to me. guess its good i dont have a big dick for once if it wouldnt fit me if i was any bigger.

    • The lack of a lot of texture is a huge turn off for me. If I am spending a lot of money on a toy I want it to have intense texture.

      • That’s how I feel. Maybe not “intense texture,” but I definitely don’t want to spend a ton of money on something that is basically a vibrating/massaging Fifi. I’m looking at other options for interactive, long distance sex toys.

    • That’s a good way to look at it. Haha. I hate coming across articles that are like ‘this was too tight for me, it might be better for smaller guys,’ and I’m just over here like ‘I have this, it works fine, guess I’m “smaller,” thanks.’

  4. It’s a good idea but not executed very well. It’s almost like its not made for the higher side of average men. It has a lot of potential and I’ll be interested in getting the next version but this one isn’t ready for a man of my size yet.

    • This is good to know! I was going to get this for me and my man, but he’s bigger than average. I guess I should keep looking. I really like the idea behind this particular set, though!

  5. I bought Max and Nora for me and my wife (I’ve been travelling a lot lately). My wife loves the Nora but i’m kind of disappointed by the max.The product is very innovative, however it is very small. The aperture is very narrow to the point that, to me, leaves me senseless after a while. So be careful with the diameter.

    • I didn’t read any reviews before I bought my Max and found that I am too big for it. Everyone should follow FapGuy and read his reviews before making any purchase.

  6. This thing does NOT feel like a blow job. It feels good. And my gurl loves playing with me with it, but if I want a blow job I want sum slobber, sum up and down motion with sum suction. This thing just moves up and down on my dick and squeezes it a little bit. Where is the suction? Where is the blow job action?

    • There is suction and you can replicate slobber with lube. I’m not sure about the up and down motion, but it does an okay job for a fake blowie.

    • Haha. There isn’t any detail on the inside either. It’s not any kind of pussy. Just a hole to stick your dick in that squeezes a little bit when your chick squeezes the Nora.

  7. I wish it came in different colors. White gets so dirty so easy. And I hate that 90% of the toys on the market for men are white pussies and white asses. I need some variety in my life.

  8. I bought this to use with a cam girl I watch often and it’s amazing! She can pair her vibrator with my masturbator and it makes it so much more worth what I’m paying her! I can also pair it with porn, but it isn’t as satisfying as using it with her.

      • I would recommend checking out SexSells on reddit. A lot of the girls on MFC don’t care about you. The girls on SS are amazing. And a good bit of them have the nora already. Just make a post asking for someone to do a cam show and connect with your nora.

  9. My girlfriend and I use this because we live on different continents and it is amazing. It’s like I can feel her on me and like she isn’t so far away. She says her end isn’t so great cause it doesn’t feel as real, but she does like the vibrations and such that her toy gives.

    • I’ve heard that the feeling isn’t as “real” as it could be. Do you think it’s “good enough” or do you disagree with it not being as real? I ask cause I wanna get it for my man, but I don’t want to get him something that isn’t as real as it could be. I miss him and I know he misses an intimate conneciton.

      • Nothing will be compareable to the “real” thing. No matter which toy you go with for your man, you’re going to have the same problem. One thing or another isn’t going to be as “real” as the real thing. Your best bet is to just see what sort of “not real” he can manage while trying to get off and get him toys that have that aspect to them.

  10. the opening on this toy is way to tight for anyone even slightly bigger than “average.” i didn’t like it. usually tighter is better, but this dam thing HURT.

  11. It’s weird that the man’s toys name is a man’s name and the woman’s toys name is a woman’s name. Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

  12. I have the Max and you’re not kidding about the slime. I’ve only used it once, but the slime was enough to creep me out and make me not want to use it at all anymore. Makes you question what its really made of.

  13. How can something claim to be splashproof but then go on to say “if water gets on this part of the toy it’s ruined.” It sounds like company just wanted to add another fancy word to their packaging.

  14. Does this look small to you? It looks small in person, too. The Bluetooth connects without a problem and after the first time connecting, I don’t have to reconnect ever again.

    I tested the air pumps, vibrations, and music features without inserting my penis first (mainly cause I was a little worried about getting stuck) Thankfully, everything worked.

    When I told the customer service representative that I was very worried about the size fitting me they gave me these instructions:

    – Use a high quality, water based lube. Use a LOT of it. Lube up your penis, lube up the opening, lube up the inside of the toy.

    – Insert your penis into the device when it is off. You CAN insert yourself while the pumps and vibrations and such are on, but it will make it more difficult to gain entry. If you can figure out an angle that works for you, the pumps CAN pull you into the toy, but it’s difficult to learn how to do that. Just take it slow, start by learning the easy way, and do NOT use quick movements when using the toy.

    – After you partially insert yourself into the toy, take a few seconds to rest or to allow the air pump to deflate before going in further. Once you’re commpletely inside of the toy moving the toy up and down (slowly) during the virtual session will be easier.

    – The toy was designed to be tight during use and the sleeve may pop out as the air is being forced out when you fully penetrate the device or as you stroke with the toy. They said this was completely normal.

    – Stroking at different angles and speeds can help you to fully appreciate all of the texture within the toy.

    Following those instructions, I lubed up with a LOT of lube and slowly inserted myself into the device. It was super tight. I found that even following the directions, I had trouble getting in. The sleeve popping out was a huge distraction and a pain to deal with. I found the Max to be too much prep and too distracting to ever want to use again.

    For the record, I have an average sized penis and had all these problems. Even with directions from the company. It’s really not worth the hassle. Stick with the AutoBlow 2.

  15. If you read anything that Lovesense posts about the Max, they stand firm by their choice to make it overly tight. I don’t understand why they would think a toy that you have to use a 55 gallon drum of lube to use is a good idea.


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