Mangasm DSRV Review

Mangasm DSRV Introduction

Sometimes the stroking of a Fleshlight or the mechanical sounds of an AutoBlow is more of a turn off than something you want to get off to. Working most masturbators takes a lot of effort, and those that are hands-free and automated make too much noise to ignore if you are craving the real thing properly. Do not get me wrong, I love a good masturbator, but sometimes getting there with one takes out some of the intimacy you get with the real thing.

Mangasm is dedicated to providing top-notch male masturbation toys. On their website, they offer everything from pocket pussies to prostate massagers. You can find a plethora of life-sized pussies in their shop, including their own line of Mangasm toys. Their website does not provide much insight into the company, so without further ado, I bring you the Mangasm DSRV.

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What is the Mangasm DSRV?

The Mangasm DSRV is 6 pounds of realistic Cyberskin. While the website claims it is life-size, I have to disagree. It is large, heavy, and much bigger than a sleeve, but in size, it in no way compares to an actual woman. Basically, this is an oversized pocket pussy that you can set on a table, bed, or other surface and fuck doggy style.

Mangasm DSRV Review

DSRV stands for Doggy Style Realistic Vagina. It is designed after an anonymous model who works with Mangasm. The website claims it is made out of 100% body safe material, but be aware that Cyberskin is porous, so if not cleaned properly it can get gross, fast. When you clean the Mangasm DSRV, you should use a non-scented, dye-free soap and make sure to get every nook and cranny. Furthermore, you will want to use a restoration powder to help keep the elasticity of the toy and ensure a longer lifespan of the toy. The two holes are connected with a third hole leading out the back of the toy to help with the cleaning process.

Mangasm DSRV Features

As I mentioned before, the Mangasm DSRV is 6 lbs of Cyberskin. It has two realistic orifices that are presented to you as if in doggy style. The holes are tight and provide a stimulating internal texture. The ass is tighter than the pussy, as you would find in a real person. Unlike a real person, the two holes are connected. The holes are separated by several inches of Cyberskin and connect many inches deep into the toy, so they do still feel like different holes.

Due to the size and weight of the toy, it is easy to place it and go to town. I find that putting it in a corner on the bed and using the “hips” for stability and force creates an amazing feeling. Just remember to place a towel or something under the front portion of the toy to catch your semen after you blow your load.

What comes in the box?

While Mangasm put a lot of thought into the production of the DSRV, they did not put the same effort into the packaging. It comes in a discreet box, and you do not have to worry about it showing up on your credit card under some shady name, you get exactly what you pay for. In the box, you will find:

• Mangasm DSRV
• User guide

And that is it! So, while you are purchasing your toy, be sure to grab some water based lube, Cyberskin friendly cleaner, and maybe some restoration powder.

How to Use the Mangasm DSRV

Using the Mangasm DSRV is simple. Find a position you like, lube up, and go to town! There are no mechanics to the toy; there are not any internal workings to worry about, there is no technology to fuss with and set up. Seriously, you just lube up and start playing.

The user manual is almost as simple as that last paragraph. They do not include any position examples or suggestions. Although I highly recommend bracing the DSRV against a wall and using a towel.

What Do I Like About The Mangasm DSRV

Realistic – It was molded after a real woman, in the doggy style position. The lips are even engorged as if she were excited.

Size – While it is not life-sized, it is 6 lbs of realistic feeling material.

Options – You can choose between the ass or pussy. Both meet up in the middle but have different feelings, textures, and tightness before that.

Clean up – The holes meet up in the middle and come out the other side. Clean up is a breeze. Just make sure that you are using a cleaner that will not deteriorate or damage the material.

Price – It is only $80! Of course, this means you do not get any extras in the box and do not expect it to last for forever, but it is a great price for such a great piece of ass.

What I Did Not Like About the Mangasm

Material – Mangasm does not come out and say exactly what the DSRV is made with. Cyberskin is a broad term used for many different types of material, and this can lead to a guessing game when it comes down to lubes and cleaners.

Meet up – The two holes do meet in the middle. This is great for cleaning purposes, but if you are long enough to get there, your options really just become one at your head.

Finishing – Due to the hole in the toy, when you get off it will come out the other side. This means you need to have a towel on hand or another way to catch the semen coming out of the toy when you do get off.

“Life-sized” – It is not nice to advertise something at life sized when really it is about half the size of a real woman. I am not saying the size is a negative, just the wording for this could have been chosen better.

Warmth – The size and feel are great! But when it comes down to comparing this to a real human, it requires some warm up. No, not foreplay, but you may want to run some hot water through it before slipping your dick into this cold hunk of Cyberskin.

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My Final Verdict

The Mangasm DSRV is a great alternative to the real thing. It is better than your hand, feels realistic, and molded after a gorgeous (but anonymous) model! At only $80 it is worth giving a shot if you are tired of the same old same old.

I must note that the material is iffy, and the lack of lube was disappointing, but cleanup is a breeze and using it is fun! The biggest issue I found with the DSRV is finding a good position to fuck it in. I suggest playing around with positions until you find a couple that if your style!

Ease of cleaning
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  1. I don’t agree with the hole out the other side as being a bad thing. I hate when I use a pocket pussy or something and when I finish my cum is just sitting inside of it and I have to clean it out along with the lube. Cum is way harder to clean than lube and even cleaned out sometimes leaves a smell after. Putting a towel down under a toy isn’t a big deal and I like how easy it sounds to finish and clean up. The material sounds like its a pretty common one too that’s used for sex toys so it’s not like it’s any different than cleaning other toys or using the same lube for all of them. And complaining about it being cold is ridiculous too since any pocket pussy is cold if you don’t warm it up. For 80 bucks I’m definitely interested in getting one because it sounds like a serious upgrade.

    • I like that the hole makes it easy to clean up afterwards. I had problems with cum sitting in a toy after finishing too. When I got my DSRV I got rid of most of my other bigger toys just cause this one was easiest to clean and has enough versatility for me.

  2. Anyone who gets one better be extra careful about where they keep it! It might not be lifesize but man if someone sees it sitting in your closet you are going to be really embarassed! Other than that it’s really good. The price isn’t bad when high end masturbators can get expensive too and it’s not uncomfortable to use at all. I like that it has two holes and the ass is the perfect size for holding onto. Use your bed! Use a table! It’s heavy enough to hold in place but light enough to carry around and easy to clean and keep wherever I’m going to town clean too. It is really realistic looking too so one of my favorite things to do with it is lube up, put on some good p.o.v. porn and really get into it.

    • I hadn’t thought to use mine on a table. I just got it and it basically lives in the corner of my bed. Unless I am cleaning/drying it. Do you have any tips for drying it? It takes SO LONG!

  3. I actually like the Autoblow and don’t find it too noisy at all. When I’m in the mood to get off I don’t need some perfect set-up to get into it and it’s all about how it feels for me. The Autoblow is more like a blowjob and I think it’s better than having to put work into something like the Mangasm toys for masturbating. I do like the look of the Mangasm DSRV and it’s probably one of the more realistic looking ones. It looks like it goes on sale sometimes too so I might get one next time I see it on sale. I’ve never used a regular sleeve or pocket pussy before so this might end up being better than I think.

    • I have been on the fence about getting the Autoblow. I have a lot of pocket pussies and my next big purchase is either going to be this or the Autoblow. I like the idea of the Autoblow bc it seems like it would take a lot of the extra work out of my “alone time.”

  4. As soon as I got my Mangasm DSRV and used it for the first time I threw out all of my old masturbators. It might not be automatic but I love it more that I loved my automatic Autoblow and that was my favorite thing for the longest time. I found that using a vibrating cock ring while pumping into my Mangasm DSRV really adds to it and it’s not that much more work than an Autoblow when it’s at the right height cause I just use one hand to hold it and then it’s all in the hips just like a real woman. A small vibrating butt plug fits nicely into the anal hole too so I can get that extra tightness and sensation all around me without added mess! All my toys came from Mangasm because their quality and price has always been top notch so as soon as I saw this came out I was all over it. I was all over it when it was delivered to me too! I can use the same lube that I used for my other toys and cleaning it is actually a lot easier than my pocket pussies and masturbators and everything else because of the extra hole in it. I don’t think I can say enough good things about Mangasm in general but definitely can’t say enough about the Mangasm DSRV. It’s sooooo good!

    • It’s better than the AutoBlow?! I have a hard time believing that. I’m going to have to check out Mangasm. I have never heard of them until today.

  5. Yo where my other colors at? Im not always gonna want to be going at a white girl we gotta mix it up. I mean this skin is creamy looking and it looks so good and tight but variety is the spice of life especially if you talking about trying to get some real fantasies up here. This thing looks good but I have different tastes and I want somethin more appealing to me.

    • Dude, I feel ya. The toy industry needs more diversity in their colors! I hate that most of my toys are one color. I wanna mix up my fantasies and have the color of toy to match! Can’t wait to see the DSRV in different colors. Maybe even different pussy styles.

  6. I travel a lot for business and the nature of my job often leads me to places where it’d be too easy to cheat on my wife with very attractive and petite women. The Mangasm DSRV helps keep my marriage safe because it’s not that hard to take with me on my business trips and with the realistic but small size I can fantasize about the girls I could be spending my time with without cheating on my wife. I’m sure it’s not as good as the real thing but it is really good and the ass on it is very tight and feels like I’m slipping into a virgin booty. It makes me feel a little dirty in a good way too when I’m setting it and using it all around the hotel room like I’m bending a girl over and being naughty. It’s so simple to keep from making a mess so I can use it over and over without worry about having to clean the room up after. With some work I can even get a small sexy thong on it and really get myself going. I don’t think I’d be able to keep my penis in my pants if I didn’t have the Mangasm DSRV to play with so thanks Mangasm!

  7. I had too much trouble keeping it clean. I don’t like any toy made of that material and have never had luck keeping them clean which sucks because it was a lot of fun to use. I did everything I was supposed to and used the right soap so I don’t know what I did wrong and I ruined my DSRV and every pocket pussy I’ve ever bought. I think it’s easier to just use lube and my hand but apparently that’s just me.

  8. My wife has a fetish of me being with other women but between our work and kids we don’t really have the time to go finding me a “girlfriend”. Plus sometimes a fetish is only good in theory but if we tried it in real life it could cause problems. She’s actually the one who bought me the Mangasm DSRV and managed to surprise me with it since the box was so discreet and it’s not like it showed up on our account as something I could pinpoint as from a sex toy site. At first we were using it where I would masturbate with it right in front of her but even with the realism it wasn’t giving her the effect she really wanted. So I got creative! Now I use it when it’s just me in the house and try it on different places while recording me using it at an angle where you can’t see there’s no back. Then I add in sounds of women from porn videos and she watches it later like she “found” it on my computer. It makes it really seem like I’m with another woman and later she jumps me like you can’t believe. It just shows that just because a toy is made for men doesn’t mean a woman can enjoy it with them.

    • My wife wants me to be with other women, too. I think it’s kinda like a reverse hotwife thing. Idk. It’s really hot but I don’t want our sex life getting out if we do play with someone and things go south. I could see that ending badly. This doesn’t sound like a bad idea tho. We don’t live with anyone so we wouldn’t have to sneak around to clean it or anything. This really does sound like a good ide.a

  9. The size of this really throws me off and if I’m going to spend that much money on a realistic toy for masturbating I might as well invest a little more and get something that really is life size. I do like how realistic it is and they did a good job getting the look from a real model. I haven’t seen the pussy lips look so good and real on other realistic toys and even though this article implies that the skin between the two holes isn’t much it actually sounds about as real as other women impersonator toys get. I really just don’t like the idea of the size because I like a larger butt and a little more waist to really grip onto. I guess it’s good for people who can’t afford something nicer.

    • I think the idea behind the size is for people with limited storage space. I bought mine when I was still living with my parents and had to hide all my toys in my closet. Or under my bed. Now that I live on my own, I have biggeer toys but I still like my mangasm dsrv.

      Dont let the size make you think it isnt a great toy either. Like I said I love mine.

  10. I never owned any kind of sex toy before I got this one but I really liked the look of it and the price seemed good for the type of toy it is when I was shopping around to decide what my first ever sex toy would be. I have roommates so I’m glad the box didn’t give it away and actually the weight helped hide what it was since it’s not the usual weight of what most toys I guess are. I don’t get out much so the two different textures and the possible ways to use it like positioning or warming it and other things I experimented with really keeps me from getting bored. It’s sorta hard to hide though and cleaning it I have to sneak cleaning supplies into my room from the bathroom but other than that I’d say this was a really good pick for my first toy and I’d recommend it to others too.

  11. Don’t let the price scare you! You can get it for even cheaper if you wait for a sale! This article just doesn’t want you holding out until it gets cheaper! Trust me!

    • I always wait for sales. And if you wait like a year or two the price will drop anyway. I google what I wanna buy a couple of times a week until I find a cheaper price. Ebates works for that too.

  12. It looks a little funny as far as details but the proportions even if a smaller size than regular sex dolls are really good. There’s a nice size for holding and the textures inside and the tightness inside is absolutely perfect. The ass being tighter is nice and good for switching right when you’re ready to finish and it’s cool that whichever hole you use you still squirt out the other end. I’m a bit bigger than average so it can feel a little weird if I try going deep into it but I’ve never come out the other side so it still feels really good overall.

    • The details on it are the only thing holding me back from buying it. It does look a little weird.

      But the sound of that ass almost has me sold.

  13. Dont use this. Its stupid and it doesnt look real in person and my girlfriend found it and got really pissed off. This isnt anything this article says it is its lying.

    • Did you get a knock off one? I have this and it’s amazing. Also, you should probably talk to your GF. Sex toys and self pleasure are completely natural. Sounds like you guys have problems and you’re just taking them out on the Mangasm. 😂

  14. These pros and cons are off. While it was modeled after a real life woman, I wouldn’t say it looks like a real pussy or ass. And the article says it is realistic but it is much smaller than any woman I have ever been with! I do like that it has two options to fuck – a lot of the handheld toys I have only have one hole and that’s just boring. I had a field day trying to get mine clean. You gotta clean it in the shower. It’s too big to clean in the sink and I found that it was easier to clean after I installed a removeable shower head. The price is great considering I usually pay about $100 for a decent handheld pocket pussy.

    I’m not too picky about material and the only problem I had with the Mangasms material was remembering the powder stuff so that it didnt’ get tacky. And I’ve heard other guys complain about the holes meeting up and their dicks sticking through, but I’m average sized and that really isn’t a problem for me. I have a love hate relationship with the hole on the other side of the toy, though. It makes it great for cleaning, but like the article said – it makes it a pain in the ass when you get off. Cause your cum just runs out that side. I forgot a towel a few times and had to wash my bedsheets.

    • I love petite women, so I think this would be perfect for me! I haven’t seen it IRL but I feel like it would give me the illussion of being with a petite woman.

  15. I have this and it is so much fun to play with. I got it after my wife left me a couple of months ago and it lets me do things she was never into. I love that it has two holes and I can swap between them without griping about spreading bacteria.

    I love that I can fuck it in doggy style. Or flip it over and go at it in missionary. Although I do miss girl on top. I think my favorite part is that while I am balls deep in one hole, I can stick my fingers in the other and massage myself through the skin.

  16. 6 lbs sounds like alot of weight to carry around after getting my rox off. lmao. i dont want no toy that i have to lug to the btrm after i get off to clean. just gimme something that i can run water thru and be done with.

  17. This sounds like it would be a pain in the ass to travel with, but I think it’d be great once I get settled down. I’m looking for something realistic, and this sounds amazing. I love that you can change between ass and pussy and cleaning sounds incredibly simple.

    • Just don’t forget a towel! If you are going to travel with it, I would hide the used hotel towels until you leave so that you don’t embarrass yourself. LOL.

    • If you’re looking for something to travel with, you should look into smaller toys. This was definitely not designed to be a travelling toy. I think you should keep the toys like this at home and get a fleshlight for when you travel.

  18. Why don’t they make all toys like this? Design them all after a mold of a real woman? That sure as hell would make me more interested in buying more life sized toys. I want toys that look real, not that weird shit you see elsewhere. This one looks awesome!

  19. I fuckin love this thang cause you can hump it. Not like other toys where you gotta pump your arm with it. You actually get behind this one like a real person and just go to work with your hips. It isnt like anything else Ive ever used!

  20. I have the Pussy Paradise, which is also by Mangasm, it is top notch. If I didn’t already have a large mastabatory aid I would get this one. The Pussy Paradise has a butthole, too, and if they’re similar, when I wear out my Pussy Paradise, I might go after this one…

  21. The website has a money back guarantee. I mean, why wouldn’t you just take the jump and buy one. If you dont like it just send it back and get your money back.

  22. If you get this package when you folks or roommates are home, don’t open it. Wait til everyone is gone and you can discreetly sneak the box into the garbage can outside! Even then, take out the trash after you throw out the box. It isnt’ discreet at all and you’ll catch hell for ordering something so big.

  23. I wish the asshole closed up a bit more. I hate the gaping thing and this looks like it is gaping. Is it possible to get a toy that has an anal opening with out the gaping effect?

  24. Is that really what I look like from behind when I bend over? I never thought about it. I think I’m going to ask my boyfriend if he can take a pic for me so that I can compare. It would be cool if I could get him a toy like this modeled after me. I don’t want him having sex with anyone but me, even if she is fake!!

  25. the cheapest i’ve seen fake vaginas this size is about $200. i was shocked to see this one was so low!! plus you get two super tight holes and easy clean up.

  26. It’s gone down in price since this review was written. Still worth $80, but you can get it for around $60 now. It’s great! I got mine on sale and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in 2018.

  27. I wonder what sort of texture the orifices have? I wouldn’t want to get something this big that could harbor bacteria in random, hidden nooks and cranies.

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