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Nexus Revo Stealth Introduction

Once taboo and hidden in shame, enjoying prostate massage is now a thing to be celebrated. The prostate is a walnut-sized organ just inside a male’s anus. It is easy to find and stimulate with your fingers, and many men only discover this when getting a checkup.

Thankfully, you do not have to wait until your next prostate exam to enjoy the pleasures of a prostate massage. With the help of online guides, a handful of books, or a little self-exploration, you can find it yourself! After a while, though, you may find yourself getting bored with just fingers.

I am here to introduce you to the wonderful world of prostate toys. Some toys rotate, vibrate, massage, and more! If you find that you like one type of stimulation or another, I am positive you can get a toy for that. Toys like the Nexus Revo Stealth provide multiple types of stimulation so that you do not have to settle for one type of stimulation or the other!

What is the Nexus Revo Stealth?

The Nexus Revo Stealth is a remote control prostate massage by Nexus. It is six inches long with an insertable length of four inches, and it has a four-inch girth. It is rechargeable and made with 100% body-safe, medical grade silicone and ABS plastic. This toy has an inner arm that stimulates the prostate while the outer arm massages the perineum.

The inner shaft has two rotation speeds, and the perineum massager has six vibration speeds. It does take 3.5 hours to charge, but this gives you five hours of play time. While this is impressive, it is not as impressive as the remote. The remote can be used up to almost fifty feet!

Lelo Loki Wave Review

Shaped like a standard prostate toy, Nexus Revo Stealth has a curve in the internal shaft and nubs on the perineum portion of the toy. The rotations in the head go from twenty-five rotations per minute to thirty-five, and the vibrations in the outer arm are rumbly with six different speeds.

Nexus Revo Stealth Features

As I mentioned above, the toy features rotations and vibrations. The rotations go from twenty-five rpm to thirty-five rpm and provide some pretty intense (yet gentle) stimulation! The vibrations, on the other hand, are delivered to the motor in the perineum portion of the toy. On high, under the covers, it cannot be heard. So, if you have roommates, or want to use the toy for public play, rest assured it will not easily be heard.

The toy is charged via a metal cap that attaches to the bottom of the toy like Fun Factories click ‘n’ charge. While the charge time can be cumbersome if you find it dead and want to play soon, but the charge lasts a while! Unlike Fun Factories click ‘n’ charge the Nexus Revo Stealth is only splash-proof, do not completely submerge it in water, or it will die! Furthermore, you should only use water-based anal lubricant with the Nexus Revo Stealth.

What comes in the box?

The box that the Nexus Revo Stealth comes in is stylish, sturdy, and masculine. It reminds me of the type of box that car parts would come in. There is a matte black slip that covers an inner box, and merely states the name of the toy in a white and orange font. Sliding off the sleeve you will find the box that holds the toy, and it has the same words in a shiny font.

Inside the box you will find:

Nexus Revo Stealth
The user manual
The charger
Warranty card

Nexus did not include anything extra, no lube, cleaner, or storage pouch. So, if you are against throwing your toys in a drawer together, you are going to want to keep the box as a storage system until you find something else.

Nexus Revo Stealth Demo Videos

How to Use the Nexus Revo Stealth

Operating the Stealth is simple. Turn it on by holding down the button until the red light on the remote flashes, then press it down for a second and the Nexus Revo Stealth will be on to the lowest vibrating setting. There is also a button to control the rotations and one to control the vibrations. To turn it off you just hold down the power button for a couple of seconds. There are rumors that this does not shut down the toy and instead just puts it on “pause,” I have yet to confirm or deny this.

What Do I Like About The Nexus Revo Stealth

Remote – The remote can be used for up to fifty feet away. The buttons are labeled to ensure it is easy to understand and use. While it does take batteries, it makes using the Nexus Revo Stealth a truly hands-free experience.

Splash proof – The Revo Stealth being splash proof mean that you do not have to be extra careful while washing it. Do not completely submerge the toy, but you do not have to worry about water getting on certain bits of the toy while cleaning it.

Rechargeable – The plug portion of the Nexus Revo Stealth is completely rechargeable. Three hours of charging will get you five hours of play time. I enjoy not having to keep a bunch of batteries on hand, but the charge time is a bit extensive.

Dual Motors – Not considering the remote, the dual motors is what really makes the Revo Stealth stand out. There is one in the outer arm to stimulate the perineum with vibrations and one in the inner arm that rotates and stimulates the prostate.

Firm – In my time I have come across toys too soft to insert, too firm to feel good, or just not made from a good material. The Nexus Revo Stealth is none of these things. It is just firm enough to provide an intense stimulation.

What I Did Not Like About the Nexus Revo Stealth

Battery life – While I love that it is rechargeable, the charge vs. play time is a bit ridiculous. You have to charge the toy for three hours to get a full charge, and then that will only get you five hours of play time!

Splashproof – This is a pro and a con. I enjoy toys that can be fully submersed. While this feature makes the toy easier to clean, it also means you cannot take it in the shower or bathtub with you.

Size – The Nexus Revo Stealth is much smaller than I had anticipated. While it is ideal for those who enjoy smaller toys or people who are new to butt play, I found it a little lacking in the girth department.

Does not always stay in place – Due to the size of the toy, it does not always stay in place. It tends to slip out if I am laying on my back and walking around with it can be a chore. I find that it works best if I sit on it and rock back and forth.

Price – At $150 you would expect to get a lot more than a small, splash-proof toy, with a poor charge/battery life. I wouldd recommend getting it on sale because it is worth trying out, but I do not feel like the price is fair.

My Final Verdict

The Nexus Revo Stealth is a small, firm prostate massager that is rechargeable and splash proof. It fits comfortable in your anus and is controlled via a remote that has a fifty-foot range. One arm rotates while the other vibrates, creating a one of a kind sensation that everyone should experience at least once.

Ease of cleaning
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  1. I’m a sucker for the way something looks and the Nexus Revo Stealth is sexy from the very beginning. The box is smooth and sleek and the description of it looking like something car parts could come in is probably accurate (but I never order car parts). I don’t know how they make a box look masculine but I couldn’t wait to open it. Then the design of the stealth itself is really appealing and enticing to want to use right away. Even the remote looks like modern sleek. Of course I enjoy the way it works and feels too but I’m a man of looks and visual things turn me on and this definitely turns me on.

    • I’m a mechanic and my wife did think it was a car part when it came in. Ha! It does have a masculine look to it, tho, huh? I enjoy how not only does it look like a dude thing but it also has curves, like a woman. It’s good to even just look at!

  2. I’d say Nexus Revo Stealth could be the perfect prostate massager if it was waterproof. Otherwise it is really good and I enjoy it, and I got it at full price I think.

      • Considering that it can be controlled by a remote that is not attached via a cord I think it has enough going on to be more than appealing to the general population. I mean, the range alone is enough to convince me that it’s a well made toy deserving of at least a chance. Most women’s toys don’t even have a 55 foot range! The real question is, does inserting the toy dampen the effect of the remote? We have that problem with a lot of my wife’s remote controlled toys.

  3. Remotes are a key part of playing with my life partner.

    She has the benefit of being a woman where toys are designed for men to dominate over their partner including controlling things like vibrators with remotes and forcing orgasms on them from a distance. There are not many toys that allow women to do that to their partners. The ones that do have remotes usually don’t have a lot of range and can be noisy and distracting.

    The Revo Stealth has been quiet enough and easy enough to use that twice now when we have gone out to loud places I can insert the massager in a bathroom towards the time we’re leaving and hand my life partner the remote. She knows it’s time to go and torment me along the way. We have had much fun with it so far.

    • I also insert mine in the bathroom when I go out with my girl. She gets this wicked sexy look in her eyes when I had her the remote and wink. It’s so hot! We used to have a remote control bullet for her and I loved fucking with her when we went on dates. It kept her ready for when the date was over. Hers died, but we use mine now and it’s just as great.

  4. When the biggest con of a good sex toy is the price that never makes me less interested in it. They go on sale or you can get discounts from sex shops online sometimes. Price is never constant.
    Knowing a toy is good and long lasting or has the stimulation it says it does is important. It seems like this one is meant to hit the prostate while also adding sensations to the area just outside the anus so its giving pleasure everywhere. That is what I want in a toy and I’ve been looking lately. I’m sold now.
    If I happen to find any sales I will try to post them here so other people can get it too.

    • Please do! I love buying things on sale. I can see why reviewers would mention the price, but if it’s THIS GOOD, I don’t mind paying a little extra money.

  5. If you want the luxury of a toy that’s going to actually massage your prostate and you don’t have to move it yourself or massage it with your own damn hand then can’t complain when it doesn’t stay in one place. These aren’t custom made per each person’s anus so why should it stay in place? I can handle repositioning for the pleasure of the vibrations a good vibrating prostate massager thats getting even more than one sensitive area. I like nevo rexus stelth. It’s a good sex toy even if it costs a little money.

    • Do you find that there is one position in which your Nexus Stealth says in position better? I don’t wanna be tryna get off and having to readjust every few minutes. That just sounds frustrating. I get that they aren’t custom made, but if it’s falling out every time I clench, I don’t think it’d be worth the money.

      • I find that sitting on the Nexus helps keep it in place. I can rock back and forth to give it a come hither motion and I don’t have to readjust it every few mins.

        This toy isn’t custom made, but it is made with average anatomy in mind. Which helps.

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    • Yeah, FapGuy, where are the new posts?! I need moar info on sex toys for men. There just aren’t enough out there and you always give the best reviews and advice.

  7. This spikes on this toy look scary. I have a sensitive taint. Are the nubbies hard? Do they chaff you? I have so many unanswered questions!

    • The ridges along the bottom portion of the toy aren’t hard. Do you remember the soft spikey earrings that were popular in the 90’s? They kind of have a texture like that. It might chaff you, if you’re THAT sensitive, but you can just use lube and get around that. This toy is amazing and you should try it if it interests you. I have had mine for a while now and recommend it to anyone looking for something that feels as good as it looks!

  8. I use the Nexus to build up to bigger toys. I really like big toys when I play with my ass, so I was a little disappointed when this one came in the mail and it was so tiny. The battery doesn’t stay charged nearly long enough for my to enjoy it, either. I can’t just use this toy to get off. So I put it in my box of “build up toys” or toys that I use to help me build up to the bigger n better toys. For $150, I really expected more of it.

  9. My wife and I have playful date nights where she puts on a pair of vibrating panties and we hit the town. We try to stay out until she cums.

    Lately she has been complaining because it feels one sided. I want to order this but I’m worried that my pants/butt/etc might interfere with the range.

    I want her to have some fun on this side of things as well. And it might be fun to do this and see who goes first!

    • I’ve heard that cumming when soft is possible. Can it be achieved alone or is it better with a partner?
      as i am very introvert i prefer self pleasure, but can also achieve satisfaction with a partner.

    • I love toys that don’t neglect the taint and the second motor on the Nexus is fantastic at massaging mine. I recommend it any time someone mentions that they want something that provides MORE. The Nexus actually GIVES MORE.

    • I’ve heard of guys doing that, but I’ve never been able to do it myself. Is it kinda like all girls can squirt, some just have a mental block?

  10. This toy is HUGE and INTENSE. I was a naive beginner when I ordered it. I found that with some work I could take it, but you gotta wrap your mind around the fact that I’m not kidding when I say it’s huge and intense.

    When you get started, especially, if you’re a newbie, use a lot of lube, get a towel, and take your time. If it’s too much, try laying on your side at first. Don’t rush yourself. And if you need to take some other toys or fingers to build up to it!

  11. Magnetic chargers can be such a pain! I get that they help the toy to be more waterproof but they can be so finicky. I have a couple of toys that charge via a magnetic connection and I won’t be getting any more. At least not until they make the connection stronger.

  12. i gotta say this seems like the best battery life vs charging time i’ve seen on a toy before. 3.5 hours of charge for 5-6 hours of play is great! most toys i have seen take more time to charge than they give you to play with them.

  13. That base looks like it would be a pain in the ass. Ha! Puns. Seriously, though. That base looks super bulky and like it wouldn’t fit between your cheeks well. I bet trying to wear it for long periods of time would be uncomfortable and take away from the experience of actually playing with it.

  14. I got mine today and everything seems to work fine, but I can’t get the battery compartment out of the remote. It would be a shame if the batteries died and I couldn’t use it anymore. Am I missing something? Is there a secret to opening it?

  15. I had some trouble finding my prostate and such when I first got mine, so I figured I’d leave some tips here for everyone.

    When I use mine, I’m sitting up in bed, and I can lean forward or lean back to apply extra pressure –
    I try to find my prostate when inserting it. Then turn it on once it’s situated.

  16. This mother fucking is a fucking beast! And it’s easily the best purchase I have ever made. You can either sit back and let it go to town while you just enjoy the twirling. Or you can angle your body so that it pushes against your prostate. If you like external perineum vibrations, you can have that too. I think that’s my favorite part.

    But the biggest pro of this toy is in the shape. It doesn’t return to a default state, so you can stop the movement of the insertable portion when it’s bent forward the most, and then fuck yourself silly with it. It’s crazy how even without the vibrations it’s insanely good.


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