Penis Pumps

The most common belief, and most common misconception, about penis pumps is that they are only used for enlargement of the penis. When in reality, they are used for a plethora of different reasons, including, yes, enlargement, and can actually intensify your sexual experience and overall sex life. As far as misconceptions and people not realizing their full potential, I would group penis pumps with lube. Lube is another sexual item that many people don’t realize it’s full potential. Both are thought to only help people with intimacy issues, while the truth is that they are both capable of greatly enhancing your sex life.

 What Does a Penis Pump Do?

Now, you’re probably asking yourself “what exactly does a penis pump do?” There are many answers to this question. The most common answer being enlargement. With proper and frequent use you can increase the length and girth of your penis. Simply create a schedule in which you routinely use the pump to increase blood flow to your penis, trap the blood in the shaft with the help of a properly fitting cock ring, and track your results. The timeline of results varies from person to person, but the outcome is undeniable.

Another common reason to use penis pumps is to help create and maintain an erection. Erections created through the use of a penis pump are harder and more sensitive than an erection created through traditional means. With a pump you can create a rock hard erection within minutes, keep it hard with a cock ring, and have fun even when your body isn’t up for it. Penis pumps can help combat ED, nervousness, stress related penile issues, and so much more!

Even if you don’t have problems with getting hard, or you are happy with your size, a penis pump can still enhance your sex life. Drawing more blood into the shaft of the penis will make it more sensitive, helping you to get off quicker or helping you enjoy your sexual time more. If you’re still on the fence about penis pumps, I should point out that it can be a great alternative to buying a strap on or wearable sleeve if you and your partner are looking for a new and different feel.

How do Penis Pumps Work?

Penis Pumps work by sucking the air out of the tube and creating a strong suction. This draws more blood into the penis. Since penises are made of a spongy material, you are able to draw a lot of blood into the shaft, expanding the size and shape of your penis. Most penis pumps come with a gauge and when you first start pumping you may be tempted to pump until you’re purple and aching, but experienced “pumpers” say that in the beginning you should aim to get the gauge around 2-3 PSI. Once you get more experienced with using a penis pump, you should aim between 2 and 5 PSI. Pumping until you’re purple or aching could cause bruising, blisters, and swelling.

Aiming for these levels while pumping will help you to reach your goals (whether that be a bigger size, more sensitivity, or just obtaining and maintaining an erection) more comfortably and quicker. If you’re pumping for growth, you should pump to your desired PSI level and let your penis rest in the tube for 20-30 minutes. If you’re pumping for pleasure, it’s fine to pump, put a ring on it, and play.

Different Types of Penis Pumps

There are many different types of pumps, but only two that we are going to touch on. Be sure to get one with a gauge on it to measure your PSI, but otherwise I’d recommend a air or water style pump. Both consist of a cylinder, a valve, tubing, and pump. Both create a seal around the base of your penis and create a vacuum to increase the blood flow to your shaft. After you have finished your pumping session with your pump of choice, release the valve and decrease the pressure before removing the pump.

Air based penis pumps are more simple because they require less set up. You just lube up your penis, hold the cylinder against your body to create a seal, and pump for your desired length of time for as long as you’re comfortable. The problem with air based penis pumps is that the vacuum it creates is unstable and if you go too long or too hard, you risk busting a blood vessel, bruising, swelling, or blistering.

Water based penis pumps require a bit more set up because you must fill the cylinder with warm water. Be sure to use water that isn’t so hot that it will burn you, but not so cold that it is uncomfortable. After filling the cylinder with like warm water, press it against your pelvic area, without spilling too much water, and pump as normal. This type is safer because it provides a more stable environment for the vacuum and is less likely to cause bruising, swelling, blistering or a busted blood vessel.


The time frame and benefits of using a penis pump vary from person to person. Some people will show the results of using a penis pump sooner than others. Some benefits that you may see include a lower hanging or more girthy flaccid penis, erections may last longer and be thicker. In short, penis pumps aren’t just for individuals who have issues getting an erection. They can used for a plethora of reasons, but the outcome will be sure to enhance your sex life!


  1. Yeah ok, it seems like a lot of people have confusion here. The basics are there are lots of pumps, size matters with the penis pump so you don’t hurt yourself, pressure matters, and time matters. The article really does get into a lot but don’t forget it says there’s a lot of different types of penis pumps and not just the two it mentions. That means there are different prices, different sizes, and there’s pretty much just bound to be something for everyone.

    • I’ve used a couple of different brands and have found that they’re all different. It really takes some playing around with different brands and styles before you find one that works for you. And I found that it is so important to follow the measurement suggestions.

      • It is also important to follow the instructions. I feel like that is a given – but I know way too many people who toss out the instructions without even looking at them!

        I know one dude who got a penis pump cause he thought it would make him bigger really fast. And he blew some blood vessels in his dick. It was so bad. I think he had to wind up going to the doctor.

    • This comment is very helpful. I skimmed the article at first and then had to go back over it cause of this comment. I was hoping to order my first penis pump today, but apparently, I need to do more research first.

      Are there any imparticular that you would recommend for someone buying their first one? I really like the sound of the waterbased ones. But would love to hear your opinion on it.

  2. I’ve used a penis pump since I was a teenager. I found my dads and used his so gross. lol And man they’ve gotten way better with the tech. Add on them sexy lips and keep a nice pressure and I am more then ready to take on my woman and more! She’s gone and hid it on me before cause of how riled it gets me lol

    • I found a ass attachment 1 time and I will never go back! I love how tight it is around me. U almost don’t even need a cock ring. I haven’t tried the lips, but I think I’ll just stick with the ass.

  3. Don’t use a penis pump! It is dangerous and can damage your penis and then what are you supposed to do with a hurt penis? I was “out of commission” for a couple weeks because I used a pump and I will never make that mistake again! Save the pumps for the little guys who need it.

    • Ok first off not everyone will have the same experience. Second are you sure it wasn’t your fault you got hurt? Did you size it? Did you overdo it? There are a lot of things that can make it a bad experience and if you don’t want to fine but it’s not fair to say penis pumps are just for little guys. I hope you try again eventually and get it right because I bet you’ll like it.

    • It sounds like a) didn’t read the instructions or b) didn’t get one that fit your measurements. That’s like spilling hot coffee on yourself and then whining and telling everyone not to drink coffee cause it burns.

  4. I knew about penis pumps but I didn’t know how much they could help with like sensitivity and better erections. I think I might look into getting one and I’m glad theres so much info on how to use it but I wish it talked about good prices cause I don’t want to get ripped off from a sex shop or something.

    • Most brick and mortar sex shops are overpriced. Shop around online and compare prices. Read reviews. Find a website that allows users to write their own reviews on the pumps. That way you can compare prices and find one in your budget AND find a pump that a lot of people recommend.

      It’s amazing what alternative uses sex toys have that aren’t exactly advertised. For example, tons of people thought that penis pumps were only for growth. It isn’t widely known that they help with longer and harder erections, sensitivity, and training.

  5. I LOVE the water pumps! I can’t believe more guys don’t know about them and think pumps are dumb. I don’t even need to use it to get hard or bigger or any of that it just feels really good to do. It probably would help with other stuff but I don’t need help with that but I’m sure other guys do.

  6. Had to use a pump when I started having issues getting hard. I tried meds and my wife thought she could fluff me but the pump was the first thing that worked. I really like that it’s natural too and means I don’t have to put stuff in my body just to have a good time. The article’s right though that having the right pump and size is really important!

  7. I just got a penis pump for the first time and it’s so true that size is important. I thought it was a one size fits all kind of thing which is stupid I know now but I didn’t think to read up on it before. Anyway the one I got was definitely too small but not so small I didn’t fit it was just really tight while I was using it and completely uncomfortable. My girlfriend panicked when she saw my penis after because it looked like it was injured or something. It’s good to know that it was just that I got the wrong thing because I still really want one and hope this advice helps it to work.

  8. I don’t know why this article was sitting on my husband’s computer but now I need to get him one of these so maybe he can treat me better in bed. Thanks FapGuy

    • You should read through the rest of the website when you have a chance! You’ll be buying all sorts of things for your husband! I use FapGuy for ideas any time I want to get my husband a sexy gift! It’s a great website!

  9. Let me tell you a story. A story of a man and his small penis. The first time I got with a girl she was a virgin too and hadn’t ever seen a penis in person and still she laughed at how small I was. It was really embarassing since she didn’t even have anything to compare it to. At first I thought maybe it’s just because she hadn’t seen any penis before and even I’ll admit they look weird and we were young. But every girl I dated even the really nice ones obviously were disappointed by my size. I thought a penis pump was a dumb idea, I mean how can something like that even work? I got thinking though that its like a corset for women because you’re training your body just bigger instead of smaller. I couldn’t take the humiliation anymore anyway and even though I was embarassed just ordering a penis pump at that point it couldn’t get worse. But the thing really works! I’m not like massive now or anything but at least my penis is more average and not a joke to women anymore. Plus I feel like I’m even better at using my penis better! It’s pretty freaking great. I hope my story helps more people get the balls to use a penis pump especially if they’re ashamed of the size of their penis.

  10. WHAT is with that picture?? Wow that is not something I expected to see but I guess it’s kind’ve cool to see the way a dick works when it’s hard. I use my pump every day before bed. It’s like a ritual so I don’t forget to use it and with a nice warmed up lube it’s like I’m massaging my dick while making it bigger and then I spank it after. It’s the best way to go to bed every night completely relaxed. I’ve definitely seen a change in my dick’s size too and since I was average to start with it’s awesome to see women’s reaction to my now above average dick and my above average stamina. Women would not love hooking up with me as much without my pump use and I wouldn’t enjoy sex as much either.

    • I take a great interest in my husband’s pleasure and seeing this picture really helped to put into perspective what is going on when I get him off/hard. We don’t use a pump, yet, but I have been researching them for a while and I think I’m ready to bring it up to him!

      I am glad you mentioned warm lube, I would not had thought to warm up lube that is going INSIDE something! I really like that you mention that it increased your stamina, too. That’s another thing I have wanted to bring up to him! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Ive read a lot of articles that talk about penis pumps just being for men with little “members” and this is the first time Ive read or heard anything about how it can be used for things like getting a harder and longer erection for sex. That seems useful for anyone and it might be something I try.
    I didnt know there were different kinds either and figured there were all the same and awkward to use. I didnt think about using lube either with a pump but it makes sense too because I use lube when Im jerking off so putting my own “member” into something would be safer with lube. I didnt know anything about penis pumps apparently so I am interested now and I hope it ends up leading to a good experience for me. This is the kind of thing guys dont talk about with each other so I would not have known anything if I didnt read this. It is a good article.

    • There is a lot of info in this article that I didn’t know, either. I have a buddy that I know uses one, but, like you, we never talk about it. I always thought that penis pumps were used for guys with small dicks, too. I’m definitely looking into it more after reading this! I don’t know if I’m ready to purchase one for myself,but I definitely want to read up on them more now!

  12. You gotta get a cock ring and a penis pump? I’m glad I read this article before purchasing one. I wonder if there are any penis pumps that come with cock rings. I don’t want to make a lot of different purchases – just the one. Preferably.

  13. Wow! I never thought to use one to help me get harder or stay hard longer. Most articles just focus on how it can help you grow in length or girth. I might just have to look into one for myself! I’d love to see more info on the different types available.

    • Me, too! I wish this article went into more detail about the different types. Maybe one-day FapGuy will write about them in more detail. Hint hint.

  14. I haven’t told anyone this, but I have ED and was really nervous about being with a girl for the first time a couple of months ago. I bought a pump and have used it every day for a month before I got up the courage to ask out my crush at work. She said yes, but we haven’t done anything…. sexual yet. It helped with my ED and I think I’m ready to move things along with my date.

  15. I recently started using a pump and I can confirm that it makes you more sensitive. My girlfriend used to complain that I lasted too long. Sometimes it would take me a couple of hours to get off. She would get off within an hour or so and then just get bored and lay there. We looked into a lot of different ways to help me not last so long and this is the only way we have found so far to help!

    I use the pump for like 10 minutes before we have sex and then I only last an hour or so. I think it helps cause it gives me a strong sensation of pleasure before getting it on with my girlfriend and that helps me not to last so long in bed.

  16. You say “trap the blood in the shaft with the help of a properly fitting cock ring.” So, basically, you’re just trapping blood in your cock to stretch the skin over a period of time? That’s wack!

  17. I started using a penis pump shortly after I started having sex. I read in another article that it could help increase pleasure and just had to try it! Having experienced both sides of the spectrum, I have to say that I would not go back to sex without a penis pump.

    I love the analogy that it is similar to lube. I know some people who have never used lube and have a great sex life and I know others who refuse to have sex without lube and swear by it. I swear by my penis pump, but I’m sure that there are plenty of people out there who have sex without ever have used one and have a great sex life!

    • When I first started having sex, the dude I was with insisted we use lube. I have never had sex without it and can imagine it would be less than ideal. Adding lube makes everything so much slipperier and just all around fun. If using a pump gives that sort of pleasure, I don’t see why everyone wouldn’t use it.

  18. I read somewhere that using a penis pump is similar to bodybuilding. Pumping will cause micro-tears in your penis muscles and tissues which allows more blood to enter the shaft. If this is to be believed you should really take your time with pumping and allow for rest days. If you overdo it you could really injure yourself and no longer be able to pump at all!

  19. If you’re buying your first pump – research the company you’re getting it from first. Getting a pump from a bad or cheap company can make your first time using one less than ideal and ruin your idea on pumping.

  20. I use bathmate hydromax. It’s a water based pump that can be used in the shower or tub. I’ve only had it for a few months – but sticking to a schedule – I’ve noticed a huge difference already.

  21. I use a pump with Vigrx Plus. The RX gives you a boost of dopamine which increases blood flow and shit. It sounds crazy, but it really works!

  22. I have tried a handful of penis pumps and my biggest piece of advice to anyone looking into them is always, Always, ALWAYS read the instructions. Every pump has something different about it and you don’t wanna be the dude in the ER with their junk in a situation that could have been avoided if you woulda just read the instructions.

  23. The article mentions tracking your results but doesn’t say how to go about doing that. I know with working out you’re supposed to weigh yourself once a week. When pumping, do you measure yourself once a week?

  24. If you get a pump that has a gauge it is kind of like learning to drive a car. You don’t want to start by revving the engine all the way into the red on the tachometer. Keep the RPMs at a reasonable rate until you know how to drive better and how much your car can handle. Saame idea with the pump.

  25. Do not. I repeat. DO NOT get a pump that doesn’t have a quick pressure release option! If something were to happen, an accident or an unexpected guest, you will want to be able to get out of the pump quickly.

  26. Usually there are temporary results to be had in the beginning of pumping. Which is what a lot of people go for when they buy a pump. Not many people know of these benefits or they learn about them after they have bought their pump for the temporary reasons.

  27. Penis pumps draw too much blood into your shaft, causing the muscles in your penis to tear the tiniest bit. It’s very similar to working out at a gym. So if you other commenters do decide to go this way, be sure to take rest days or your body won’t heal and you’ll wind up smaller than what you started with.

  28. Since you only touched on two different kinds of pumps, would you mind writing an article that goes into more detail on a wider variety? I’m interested in learning about different types to try to find the best one for me.

  29. For godsake buy your penis pump for an actual retailer and not just some joeblow on amazon. Amazon is a terrible place to buy any sex toys.

  30. when i got my first pump i was much younger. i think i was in college. i used it a couple of times, didnt see any results, and quit. when i got older i realized that everything takes patience. so i got another one. i used it for about three months before i decided if i wanted to keep going or not. i saw a lot more improvement in that time than i did with my first one. if you do give it a try, be sure to give it time. it isn’t going to happen overnight. but eventually you will start seeing the results you want.

  31. If you have ED you absolutely have to use a cock ring with the pump to achieve an erection. You don’t have to for other uses, but if you have ED, you NEED TO USE A COCK RING.

  32. If you wanna see real results you need to use the HydroMax X. Any of them from that series will give you anywhere between 2-4 inches. FOUR WHOLE INCHES TO YOUR MEMBER! It’s the best pump I’ve ever come across.

  33. You say “Some people will show the results of using a penis pump sooner than others.” Is it possible that some will show results and others never will?

  34. I realize this is going to sound cliche but pumping changed my life. I used to be afraid to have sex cause I was insecure about how big my penis was. One girl I was with suggested pumping and for a while I was really offended. But a couple of years down the road I was thinking about it and started researching it. I got a cheap one, and I knew that it would take a while to see results, so I set a “work out schedule” for three months. At the end of those three months I noticed a difference. I’m by no means massive at this time, but I do have a couple of inches below the belt that I did not have before. It has given me the confidence to have more sex and enjoy life. I don’t care what people think about my penis anymore. I like it.

  35. my roommates found my pump once and made fun of me for weeks for having a small dick. finally i made him look at some before and after pics — he got a pump too. rotflmfao

  36. I’m an average sized guy and I think with any pump you’re just going for short-term results. With any pump, you’re going to fill it up and look huge. But when you release it, everything goes back to normal. You might feel plumper but it really isn’t all that noticeable with just your eyes. Personally, I didn’t notice any sensitivity change. Idk the effects if you use it on a long term daily basis, but I don’t think it does as much this article would have you to believe.

  37. I haven’t used one. I’ve heard that they can give you temp girth, IDK how much tho.

    On the downside, I think that the stretching done with the pump can you make have some loose saggy skin for a couple of days after everything wears off.

    There’s something called clit pumps and those look really cool but they’re just for pleasure.

  38. I use a cheap one sometimes and it gives me a small but noticeable increase in girth. Nothing in length, actually sometimes I’m noticeably shorter…

  39. They can definitely give you a short term girth increase, when you’re hard and flaccid. It can also make you sensitve and it can be fun to see how much you fill up the pump.

    While it does have an effect and can be fun, you gotta be careful with how quickly you build up duration and pressure. Otherwise you’ll get a burst blood vessel and some nasty bruising. you might even get a lumpy look.

    The positive results may be temproary but you can cause severe permant damage if you over do it. So be super careful!

  40. When I was in college (about 18 or 19) I watched a lot of porn and was super insecure about my dick size. Since I did watch a lot of porn I thought women ONLY wanted huge dicks and mine was only about 6 inches long. One day I saw one of those ads on the porn website, it said something like “grow your dick up to 4 inches in a month!” ad I was like it’s just 4 weeks, that’s cool, I can do that. And ordered it. It was about $100, which was a lot of money and I actually had it in my cart for a few days before I manned up and bought it.

    Anyway, when it came in I learned that it was a water pump and went straight to the shower. I pumped so hard that first time, it hurt like a fucking bitch! Felt like I was using a super vacuum on my cock and it was trying to harvest my organs. But it looked like my dick was getting bigger already so I just kept at it. About 15 minutes in, I release it and find myself with this HUGE DICK! Was just like what all the women went crazy for in porn. It was my dream cock. I had to get off at least 3 times, just watching myself in the mirror play with this massive dick. It was everything I had wanted. Sadly, it went back down after a couple of hours.

    So I kept at it for a month as the ad said. I was surprised to see some results. It was mostly just getting thicker. After a month I noticed that it had started staying bigger and kept going for another 3-4 months. But one day I got really excited with it, wanting better result sooner and over pumped. My dick started hurting so fucking bad. I got really freaked out, didn’t want to go to the ER, and threw out the pump. With all that being said, I did gain about an inch and I have permanent girth going on for me.

  41. The best method I have found for getting a bigger dick is losing weight. I used to be obese but when I was a senior in high school I decided to get in shape. In my sophomore year of college I was in great shape and my cock looked 2 inches bigger. Idk if it actually was, but it looked completely different.

  42. I dated this guy with a smaller than average penis. He wasn’t the first guy I had been with, but he was the first guy I lived with. He must have had some mental issues cause he was OBSESSED with his small dick. He wanted me to get him off and make him feel good but I wasn’t allowed to look at it. I’m not even joking. We lived together for over a year and I never saw it.

    I don’t even care about the size. Like at all. What I did care about was him whining that he would never be able to pleasure me, but he never even fucking tried. He didn’t even try with his hands or mouth. Nothing! I would please him and then he would just roll over and go tf to sleep!

  43. Waterpumps also provide a uniform pressure rather than uneven pressure. They’re recommended over air pumps and are really the better choice.

  44. The best advice EVER if you are unsatisfied with your penis is to just accept your size, and focus on learning more techniques to please your partner. Women don’t care about a big dick if you have no idea how to get her off.

  45. Penis pumps are such a scam. You can permanently damage your penis for something that offers a few hours of girth.
    If it really worked do you think you would see it in sleazy ads instead of via legitimate sources?

  46. Ok so my friend and I were talking the other day and he mentioned that he uses a bathmate pump. Said he’s been using it for about two months, everyday, 20 minutes in the morning and 20 at night. Said he’s gone from 7.5 long/4.5 around – to just under 8 long/4.8 around. So I bit the bullet and ordered one today. I’m 7 long/4.5 around atm and wanna be at 8 long/5.5 around. Wish me luck!

  47. I’m a long time reader of FapGuy, first time commentor. Water/air pumps are great warm-up (most size increasing methods recommend warming before any exercise) but pumps aren’t very efficient in gaining any actual, permanent size. Any changes you’re seeing are temporary. I’ve been using and I’m now at a 5.7″ girth (haven’t done anything for my girth). I’d recommend taking a look at, if you really want to see results. They sum up all exercises that are actually reported to have a long term effect. I have gained some solid results within a year, but it requires time, dedication and privacy.

  48. Water pumps allow for great expansion of the penis. From my experience, this method doesn’t work very well, instead it ends up just treating the skin around the shaft as a sponge, which is pretty much elastic, and just filling up the skin rather than expanding the actual shaft.

    disclaimer: I am not a doctor. Please be careful.

  49. Using an air pump for extended periods of time can make your dick lumpy. Just save up the extra few bucks and spend your money on a water pump.

  50. So, I went out on a limb and got a water-based pump last week. I’ve never used any sort of penis enlargement/enhancement implements/methods before. I guess I’m part of a large number of men who are irrationally insecure about their manhood.

    Anyway to the point: I have had a euphoric experience using the pump. I’ve noticed that I’ve had a significant increase in my girth in a short period of time (<1 hour). For the first time in my life felt like I had a big dick, and it was an amazing feeling.

    For those doubting the science behind it: the high pressure in the pump has a localized effect on the penis, (i.e. fluid is sucked out). Some erectile tissue in the penis is temporarily stretched as well, but the immediate increase in less than half an inch of girth is mostly just a build-up of fluid. Nonetheless, I felt as if my penis were heavier and naturally bigger, instead of just being filled with fluid.

    Its been about an hour now and its largely back to normal. It is a bit lumpy. I'm pretty certain that will flatten out shortly but it is still a bit concerning about the long-term use of this.

    For the record, the first four times I used it, there was no significant or noticeable effect.

    Before this last time using it, and getting the great results, I was considering returning it. Now I'm not sure.

  51. I used to use one on occasion, but eventually, I tossed it. I would always wind up using it for way too long at way too high of a pressure, which usually resulted in my dick being grotesquely lumpy for a couple of days. It was awesome to “pack the cylinder” and watch my dick fill it up like that, but in the end, it was less aesthetically appealing, which made the pumping ineffective.

  52. My husband wants to start pumping, but I’m worried about it. Can anyone here answer a few questions for me?

    1. If YOU pump, have you ever had any discoloration or experiences with it becoming misshapen? What did it look like? Color, shape, bumps?

    2. If your partner didn’t know you pumped, would you tell them? (I suspect he’s pumping behind my back and just brought it up to see how I would react).

    3. Are there any things or topics that I should avoid? Size? Girth? His “routine?”

    4. Do you think his dry foreskin could be from pumping behind my back? I know it’s not an infection.

    Am I missing anything?


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