What started as automated blowjob machines and twerking butts, quickly evolved into talking, orgasming sex robots. The sex industry has come a long way since first meshing with robotics and they still have a long way to go. While sex dolls have been around for ages, combining artificial intelligence with a robot made to look like the perfect woman is still very new. The first sex doll to pave the way of this new industry is named Harmony, and while she doesn’t cook or clean – she can hold a conversation, remember details – such as your birthday, and will have sex with you whenever you want.

While Harmony isn’t the first sex doll, she is the first fitted with artificial intelligence and that makes her stand out. The designer of Harmony, McMullen, has been perfecting her for 20 years and wanted to provide something more than a series of buttons and levers for the consumer to interact with. Instead, Harmony develops her knowledge and data base, much in the way “Ok Google” or “Siri” does. She collects data and uses that to interact with the consumer. She can smile, laugh, frown, hold a conversation, and even learn what the consumer does and does not like sexually!

While she does cost a pretty penny, around $10-15,000, she is built like a porn star and to be a submissive and doting companion. Her replies consist of phrases like “Above all else, I want to become the girl you have always dreamed about” and “I don’t want anything but you.” While this may not be what some people are looking for, Harmony caters to a very specific market of consumers.

This has caused an uproar in many communities, saying that sex robots will be the demise of humanity and so forth. But in reality this a wonderful step forward in the world of sexual technology as it can provide a service that cannot be found elsewhere – a truly subservient companion with a personality all their own. Anyone who expects to find that in the real world will be sorely disappointed, but with enough money, may find their perfect companion in one of these sex robots.

Saying that sex robots is causing unrealistic expectations in relationships and bedrooms is silly as consumers of this product understand that this is merely a fantasy and are confronted with that every step of the way. Although their bodies are built with the “perfect” woman in mind, sex robots do not come without their own set of flaws.

Furthermore, this step towards the future of sex, is not the first. The quest to find a substitute for female companionship dates back hundreds of years. The earliest record of this quest dates to Greek mythology, when Pygmalion, a sculpture, asked Aphrodite for a bride that resembled one of statues, and she brought it to life for him. There are also records of dames de voyage, or rag dolls, that kept European sailors company on their voyages. Literature and history are littered with the quest for a substitute for female companionship.

McMullen, the creator of Harmony, is not the only one reaching towards the future of sex and a substitute for female companionship, but he is leading the industry. He draws his inspiration from Pygmalion, European sailors, and others from the past who strived for a more subservient option.

Harmony comes from a company called RealDolls and from them you can create a sex robot companion in your image. Among the expected options, such as hair, eyes, breasts, etc, they also offer 14 styles of labia and 42 different nipple options! To top it off, every RealDoll is hand painted – from the veins on her eyeballs to the freckles on her face. You can send the artists a picture of how you would like you dolls face to look, and as long as you have written permission from the model, they will recreate any look you desire.

While being able to model your sex doll after anyone who gives you permission, the real excitement lies with the aforementioned AI technology. As I mentioned before Harmony, and every doll made by RealDolls, comes with the ability to learn and grow her own personality. RealDolls come with 20 possible personality aspects, and consumers are able to use an app to pick any combination of five or six to create the basis for the AI. After that, they store any information you tell or explain to them in their database and are able to later recall that information to carry on a conversation or wish you a happy birthday. Their ability to interact with the consumer and have a unique personality is what sets RealDolls apart from the rest of the industry.

While RealDolls do cost a good bit, and cleaning and care is more time consuming than your average blowjob machine, sex dolls are the future of sex and substituting female companionship. We still have a long way to go before sex dolls are perfected and can cater to most types of consumers, but with the help of Harmony and her RealDoll friends, we are taking giant steps towards that future fairly quickly. But don’t worry, sex robots will never take the place of true, genuine, human connection and interaction – they’re merely a step towards a more fulfilling sex life for their consumer audience.


  1. I can’t believe these are real now. We used to have TV shows about futuristic sex robots and there was artificial intelligence porn and none of it seemed like it could be real. Now there’s not just really reaistic looking sex dolls but sex robots and virtual reality sex toys. The world has become a beautiful and amazing place for men like me. Stuff only dreamed about in movies!

  2. I will never be able to afford a sex robot but oh my god they seem amazing. I just checked out the website Real Dolls to see about getting one and I’m only looking at about $15,000. Way out of my price range but that was giving me the perfect woman. I think if I had that kind of money I’dve bought her right away.

    • dont date, save all the $$ u wud spend on a real woman, n in a couple of yrs ull b able to getchu 1. totes worth it. no naggin, no bitchin, you save $$ in the long run. only bad thang is she wont do the dishes n cant go on real dates wiff you.

  3. I get that women don’t do anything you want but for that kind of money I’m sure I can find someone sexy and interested in the stuff I like and I could even be seen in public with her. I’m not taking Harmony anywhere!!

  4. Anyone who buys one of these have got to be some desperate fucks. So much money get yourself a girlfriend or a fake wife from some other country or a good hooker. Jesus. Or man up and get a woman or two to like you for who you are. This is dumb

    • LMAO! You’d spend more money on a girlfriend or a fake wife or a hooker. It isn’t desperate, it’s an investment in your sexual pleasure and peace of mind. Get off your high horse. Jesus. You’re dumb.

  5. It’s so cool how much detail they put into these things. I know that reborn dolls are a thing to help people cope with different mental illnesses or trauma, and those things have a ton of detail. It’s cool how much detail they put into something for something as simple as fucking it. The lips in that one pic loook incredible realistic. I’d gladly wrap them around my prick.

    They even add veins and hair and all kinds of stuff. No wonder they cost so much, they’re hand painted! And the molding is amazing. I can’t get over the insight this article gives us into the making of these beautiful things. I thought that one guy on TLC was crazy for using one but now I kinda want one. I wouldn’t take it on proper dates or to family things but it would definitely get used.

  6. how in the world can labia and nipples different so much that there are 14 styles of labia and 42 different nipple styles?

    it seems as customizable as a sim character. i wonder if different ones cost more money? like if i want blonde hair instead of brown is it more expensive?

  7. Smart sex dolls sounds terrifying.

    How long til they start bitching about the trash?

    Til they expect roses on the day we bought them?

    I don’t think I want a sex doll….

  8. Can’t wait til they come out with customizable guy sex bots! I want a penis that curves slightly up with nice tight testicles and no pubic hair! Why are men the only ones allowed to sexualize the human body! I want ripped abs, strong arms, and a sweet/romantic personality. I hope by the time they come out with the male version they can work out how to make him do the dishes, take out the trash, and mow the lawn. Just imagine it, he won’t have nasty morning breath and will never drunkly grope your tits when you just wanna read your book.


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