Just as not all men are able to dry orgasm, keep in mind that not all women are able to squirt. While these tips are intended to help you to get your partner to squirt – they may not work for everyone. If these tips do not work for you, keep trying, take your time, and remember that your partner may just not physically be able to! The beginning of this guide will hold the most important information and none of the first steps should be skipped. The latter part of the guide will include a variety of tips that different individuals may or may not find pleasurable. Do not skip the first portion, but be sure to play around with the last few tips!

Talk about it

If your partner has never had a squirting orgasm before, it is important to go over what is going to happen, what is expected, and set the tone for open communication. Reassure your partner that you are doing this for two reasons: 1. You want her to feel good and 2. You think it is hot. You should also reassure her that it is okay if she is unable to squirt, because not everyone is able to and because the pressure can make it impossible.

Be prepared

You should prepare a couple of towels, a lot of lube, and a glass of water. You are going to want to place a folded up towel under her so that her focus is directed away from worrying about making a mess. And keep the lube close by because many of the techniques I mention below require time or slipperiness.

Make sure she is relaxed

Start with a massage or a nice night. Make sure that your partner does not have anything worrisome on her mind (dirty dishes, whether you are into it or not, etc). If she is coming over to your place, take a little while to clean up your room before she gets there so she is not distracted. If you have roommates, make sure they are out for the night. Do what you can to make sure your partner is relaxed and comfortable. This will make making her squirt so much easier.

Take your time

After you have talked about squirting, addressed all of her concerns, and prepared the necessary items – it is time to get her excited. Most of the time women have a hard time merely getting off if they are not excited and properly aroused. Take your time with before and during foreplay. If you need some pointers on how to up your foreplay game and ensure that she is really into it, check out this article.

Give her one or two normal ograsms first

Once you have ensured that she is aroused and excited to squirt, give her a couple of orgasms. After a woman orgasms the first time it is easier for her to orgasm the second time. Orgasms also help her to relax and be more open to trying new things, such as squirting.

Technique 1:

The first technique involves locking your fingers in a position against her g-spot and moving your entire arm to massage her g-spot. To find the g-spot, stick your fingers about 2 knuckles deep into her vagina and feel on the upper wall of her vagina, just below her belly button, for a rough patch. Once you find that area, stroke if for a few moments in a come hither motion, and then move your entire arm to pull your fingers into and push them away from the g-spot. This technique may take some time, you will need to use a lot of lube, and you may get tired. This will take practice and patience.

Technique 2:

If your partner has squirted before, but is having trouble doing so again, complete the steps 1-5 and then try using a vibrator. A lot of women squirt from pressing a powerful vibrator, such as the Hitachi, against their clit and holding it there until they reach orgasm. Continuing to hold the vibrator against their clit during and after an orgam will often result in a squirting orgasm.

Technique 3:

This technique uses both clitoral and g-spot stimulation. Most women find blended orgasms are the easiest to squirt with. To give her a blended squirting orgasm, simply combine the five tips and two techniques mentioned above!

Technique 4:

If you’re determined to make her squirt during intercourse, this will take a lot of practice and patience. Most women who are able to squirt this way report that it is most frequently done in doggy style with a penis that is able to comfortably and consistently hit her g-spot. If your penis is too long or short, you can try only going half way in or using an extension. If she is able to reach squirting orgasm this way, be sure to pull out as she’s cumming in order to be able to watch the show.

Remember, do not make this about the show and enjoy the experience. Putting too much pressure on your partner to squirt will have the opposite effect. If you follow these steps and are able to make her squirt, clean up will be as easy as throwing the towels in the wash and jumping in the shower. Be sure to use a lot of quality lube, I recommend silicone or hybrid and have fun!


  1. I’m surprised to find an article that really talks about how to make a squirting orgasm work for a woman. Usually they talk about techniques as things to do but it is so important for us (yes I’m a woman) to really have that peace of mind and focus in order to squirt. I’ve never been able to squirt when I’m stressed out or feeling like I HAVE to do it to make my partner happy. And in general having a clean space and nothing to worry about makes a woman way more interested in pleasing her man too so if you want blowjobs and those things men complain about not getting, follow the first steps you find here. Most women are down for some quid pro quo.

  2. The most important thing is absolutely the mindset of the girl. Especially if she has never squirted before. It’s a really weird feeling at build up, at least that’s what women have told me. Some women get insecure that they haven’t squirted before or maybe they can’t and so that’s why it is important for them to relax about it. A woman shouldn’t feel like she’s not good enough if she can’t squirt because if she’s insecure then even if she could squirt she probably won’t. If you want a woman to try squirting make sure she’s ready and wants to and definitely make sure that she knows it’s ok if she can’t because not every woman can. Following these steps will still give her a really great orgasm and that’s what matters especially if you want a nice wet pussy to slip into.

  3. My wife has always had a lot of trouble orgasming at all. I’ve tried a lot of things like alternating between her g-spot and her clit, using toys, different angles and positions, but we haven’t found anything that works regularly. It sucks because she always makes sure I have the best orgasms ever but I can’t seem to help her get off and she can’t even get herself to orgasm on her own very often but when she does orgasm she of course loves it. Cleaning the house isn’t a bad idea and making sure our room is a relaxing environment for her is a good plan that I’ll try next time. I really want to be able to make her orgasm and I’m willing to try anything to help her. Even housework..

  4. A woman who can squirt is the hottest thing. I love first timers because their reaction after they do it gets me so turned on and they are so ready to go after they cum. I love rolling them around in their juice and sometimes I can get them to squirt again while pounding their pussies too.

    • The first time I squirted I was 20 and had no idea that it was even possible. I cried cause I thought I had peed. It was also the first time I ever had an orgasm. My husband found me cleaning it up and crying. He was in shock. He explained it to me and told me how hot it was. For the longest time I couldn’t cum and not squirt. He loved it.

  5. Wow this is the best guide I’ve read on getting women to squirt. I can’t wait to try this on my girlfriend. I love watching videos of women squirting so I hope I can get her to. I bet she’ll really like it.

  6. yes, yes, yes. that’s what she’ll be screaming if you do the dishes. 😀 seriously though. take some shit off her plate before you go demanding she relax.

  7. The two men I’ve been with who want me to squirt were so impatient and made me feel so bad about not being able to. Taking your time and making sure that she doesn’t feel pressured is so important. It’ll just end in disappointment for everyone and like with my last boyfriend it could end your relationship. Sex stuff is not something to fight about because YOU aren’t getting EVERYTHING YOU want.


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