The search for the perfect sex toy for couples can be frustrating. Many vibrating cock rings are not powerful enough to give her any pleasure, or they do not fit right at all. A lot of vibrators are too bulky to fit comfortably between you and your partner during intercourse. The couples toy market is flooded with cheap attempts to pleasure both partners that fall short in irritating ways. Thankfully, you do not have to face that frustration, as I have put together a list of what I think are the best 10 couples sex toys on the market.

Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.Oh!

This nifty little vibrator is great for public play. Have your partner slip it into the included panties and play around with the remote while waiting on your food or while at the club. It even has a club mode that picks up on the sounds around you and your partner and transmits them into vibrations. The only downside is that the person with the control has no feedback to tell them what the wearer is feeling.

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Liberator Wedge

The wedge is a great toy for position help! If you find that pillows are not firm enough to keep your partners hips up in that one position, the wedge is perfect for that extra support. It is also made of material that reflects moisture and is easy to clean. The liberator wedge is perfect for any couple who changes positions a lot or just needs that little extra support during sex.

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Kiiroo Pearl + Onyx Couple

If you and your partner are long distance, the Kiiroo Pearl and Onyx are fantastic to help close that gap. When connected this pair will translate what is being felt on the Pearl to the Onyx. No matter the distance. The Onyx is even hands free for a truly bonding experience between long distance partners.


The Eva was designed by women, for women. It is meant to sit, handsfree, between the labia and vibrate during intercourse. It fits best on women who have larger labia, but provides direct stimulation that a lot of toys meant to be used during intercourse do not. The Eva is small and portable and fits comfortably between partners during penis in vagina intercourse.

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We Vibe Sync

The We-Vibe Sync is similar to the Eva, but has a bit more to it. The Sync is c-shaped and rests against the clit and g-spot. If you are going to use this device during intercourse, you will need to use a lot of lubricant to avoid friction on the penis. But otherwise it is a great toy! It provides powerful vibrations directly to the clit and g-spot and since it is inside the vaginal canal, he can feel it too! Even better, the Sync can be controlled via a remote and used in the way that one would use the Ohmibod Club Vibe 2.Oh!

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Hello Touch

The Hello Touch is a toy for couples who really enjoy finger play. The finger pads slip over your finger tips and vibrate per the remote attached to it, that goes around your wrist for easy access and control. This device will bring a whole new experience to fingering and touch play. It is a visual improvement over previous attempts to upping your finger blasting game and adds something extra to foreplay.


This is just what it sounds like! The Clone-a-Willy company provides cloning kits for both dildos and labia replicas. While the labia replicas cannot be used, they are fun to make with your partner! The Clone-a-Willy is a great gift if you plan on being away from your partner for a while or would like to explore double penetration with a member identical to your own! The Clone-a-Pussy is a great memento or private keepsake.

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Fetish Fantasy Bondage Tape

If you are looking to explore bondage, but do not want to invest in rope just yet, bondage tape is a fantastic alternative. It breaks or cuts easily for a quick escape, it clings to itself, so there is not any tugging on your fine body hairs. Bondage tape can be used around the head without fear of it ripping out head hair and is great for exploring bondage on the cheap.

Fun Factory Share

The Fun Factory Share is a strapless strap on didlo for pegging. The male partner can wear it anal for double penetration play, but it is designed to be worn by her. While it does not vibrate, it is designed with curves in all the right places to hit his and her erogenous zones and provide intense orgasms!

Hot Octopus Pulse III

The Hot Octopus Pulse III looks like a taco, but it is incredibly versatile. It can be used to stroke him with, it can be used to intensify lip jobs (where he wears the device on his penis and she grinds against the outside of it), and so much more! The options with this is only really limited to use during penetration.

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  1. I have my own opinions on a lot of these toys. I’ve used most of them maybe not a certain brand but something like them.

    The wedge and other sex pillows that are made to get certain positions easier are really helpful and great if your partner has a hard time cuming from sex because sometimes a different angle hitting a spot is just what a girl needs to really get that orgasm.

    Hello Touch is a really good toy for girls and guys. I like it when my girl has it on her hand and holds the base of my cock while she gives me a blowjob, but she loves it when fingering her too, obviously. Something different and nice for her.

    The Ohmigod vibrator and bondage tape are pretty standard and I don’t know anything about that brand but those are fun in general. Using a remote in public is hot and dominating and then bondage can be used to dominate her at home.

    Pretty good review and list.

  2. Top 10 couple sex toys? There is really only a couple good couple toys and I don’t know how they made the list this long. A toy for just on person isn’t some special couple toy, it’s just using a sex toy creatively. I think the top sex toy for a couple is the vibrator that you use a remote control with, the dildos made for pegging, and any type of bondage. Bondage tape is a geat way to start out by the way, and super cheap. And it’s pretty safe to use with a fling because it is really easy to break. But personally I think handcuffs are better.
    Never buy a cheap remote vibrator either because durability is so important. Just saying.

    • I have the omibod and when I go out on a special date with my SO I wear it and discreetly slip him the remote during our date. His expression is the same delighted/shocked/happy look everytime. It’s so hot.

  3. The best thing about couple toys that this article totally skips over is that a lot of the ones on this list can be used together. And most of them you can find versions that aren’t too expensive (or you splurge on the high quality so it doesn’t suck). Tie a girl up, use a vibrator, drive her crazy. Tie a dude up, peg it up, go crazy. Obviously the combinations aren’t limited to tying up either.
    So much fun stuff you can do together it’s amazing there’s any couple can get bored they just gotta explore!

    • Creativity in the bedroom is such a big deal that most couples don’t think of. They wonder why their sex life gets stale and boring. It’s cause they aren’t doing new things in the bedroom! It’s cause they’re using the same toys, the same way they have been for 5+ years! You can’t watch the same movie 10,000 times, everynight and it still be great. You gotta change it up. Same thing with the bedroom.

  4. My wife is going on a trip soon to visit family and who knows how long she’ll be gone. I had no idea there was something like that Kiiro Pearl Onyx Couple thing and I need one immediately before she leaves!!

  5. I always have bondage tape on hand. It’s great and doesn’t pull at your hair. We used to use masking tape but my wife hated it. Said it was too sticky. After the first time we tried bondage tape she loved it. I can wrap it around her eyes and not worry about her hair. I can use it around her hips and not hurt her pubes. We always have a few rolls laying around. We tried to reuse some of it once but it had lost it’s use. Now we just keep a lot of it around all the time.

  6. The Eva seems more for her than for them. Since it just sits on her clit and vibrates for her. I guess it could be the equalvilant of using a cock ring. The guy feels a cock ring at all times and the girl just gets some buzzes here and there. The eva looks like it would do that, just reverse.

  7. Frustrating? It’s damn near impossible. These toys are ok, but I wouldn’t say they’re perfect. I can name a couple of male and female sex toys that are GREAT! But these are meh, compared to toys marketed for one gender. The perfect couples toy doesn’t exist.

  8. We have some liberator position aides and they have changed our sex lives. No more will we spend time trying to adjust a pillow under her hips or use the edge of the bed for fucking. I tell anyone who brings up sex about liberator position aides. They are the best things to happen to sex since lube!

  9. My boyfriend and I use the OhMiBod when we go out on dates. Especially if we are going out of town for the date. It’s great fun! I’ll usually wear a skirt and put the device in my panties before we go into the movie or restaurant. Then I’ll hand him the remote as we walk in, and about half way through placing our order he will turn it on.

    It isn’t strong enough to get me off, but it is strong enough to keep me wet. If I sit forward when using it and it presses into the seat you can definitely hear it, but the din of a restaurant is usually enough to keep the normal noise from it unnoticeable.

    Side note: I wear mine with a different pair of panties than what it came with. Just make sure it can fit in the pocket of which ever pair you choose. I like to wear thongs cause it pulls the vibe closer to my body.

  10. We just bought a liberator wedge and we are both already in love with it! The best purchase we have ever made!

    So far we have only done some of the suggested positions on the box, including the modified missionary, cowgirl, and prone bone positions on it. I want to use it for oral sex on her cause she cums harder if her legs are up.

    I’d love to know what other people have done with theirs. What has worked or hasn’t worked for you? What have you tried with it that isn’t suggested on the box?

  11. Is the liberator wedge really considered a toy? I think I would consider it more of an accessory or aid. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great sexual aide. But Idk if it should be on a “sex toy” list.

  12. The pearl/onyx thing seems like it would kinda suck (ha ha). You know, in a bad way. It just constricts, there is no friction or forward motion. It would be comparable to squeezing your pinky, then your ring finger, then your middle finger, then your index finger, all while keeping your hand stationary. That just doesn’t sound pleasurable to me.

  13. I ordered the Onyx and Pearl for me and my girlfriend 2 months ago and it still hasn’t come in. The company keeps jerking me around saying it isn’t in stock, they’ll send it tomorrow, etc. I’m canceling my order today. While the toys may be good, they aren’t a good company.

  14. I’ve used the Eva! Before trying it, I tried a WeVibe product and it didn’t really work for me. The WeVibe just didn’t feel right for me and takes away from the feeling of the penis. The Eva cost less than the WeVibe so I was already excited about that.

    Sometimes the Eva changes position but usually stays in place. It is used best in missionary position. I usually don’t orgasm from penetration but the Eva helped me get there! .

  15. I got my wife a set for $150 that has the Sync and the Tango. She uses the Tango more than we use the Sync, but the Sync is great for couple play. I get some of the vibrations from it and it stays on her clit. Unlike cock rings, which just kind of bump and grind into her as I work my magic.

  16. The Sync is a great sex toy for couples. Especially since they updated the app, which used to be subpar. Before the update, I had issues with connectivity. Now I don’t – well not as often. The best thing is that it is adjustable to your body. So if you have a wider area between clit and g-spot the arms can be pulled into a position that works for you.

  17. If you’re using lube with the touch the vibrating bits will slip out. They slip out so easy, you’d think they’d go back in easy – but they don’t. Really ruined the mood for me and my lady.

  18. JimmyJane is a terrible sex toy company. Many other reviewers have noted that their silicone sex toys aren’t even real silicone. They lie, they over promise and under deliver, they’re just bad all around.

  19. The Clone-A-Willy kit is GREAT! You do have to use a condom over it because stirring the two mixes together will always put bubbles in it. No matter how careful you are. And bubbles create pores, which trap bacteria. If your dick has a curve or if you’re big, get the XL kit.

  20. My wife and I just made a clone-a-willy and clone-a-pussy. It made a huge mess and a fun time. Before you start research mistakes that other people have made so that you don’t make the same, preventable mistakes. And use a cock ring while you make the clone-a-willy. It will help you stay hard while you make it cause it does take some time.

    The only real problem we had with it was there isn’t really anything to hold onto or stop the dildo from going completely inside her when she uses it. And hers is just a copy of her vulva, it’s not useable at all! Otherwise, it’s fun to make and looks just like our genitals.

  21. I got bondage tape for just the normal bondage stuff and actually had way more fun with it than what I should have. Lol. Did you know that you can use bondage tape the same way you can use rope? You can make clothes out of it and it’s super hot.

  22. Bondage tape is the best. It’s easy to get out of it if you need a quick escape, just cut it off. It doesn’t pull any hairs. It looks hot. We always have a roll or two floating around our bedroom!

  23. I got the XL share as a present for my fiance, so we haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. I’m really excited tho cause I have only ever heard good things about Fun Factory toys! Granted, it’s a bit more expensive than other strap-less strap-ons on the market, but everything I have read say they’re worth it.

  24. I’m glad you mentioned that last one, I’ve been looking at the Hot Octopuss Pulse III for a month or so, debating on getting it. My wife has quiet the collection of sex toys and we are trying to build up a better selection for me and us. I’m mostly intrigued how the Hot Octopuss Pulse III doesn’t look like a regular stroker.

  25. My husband has the Hot Octopuss Pulse III, I never would had thought to use it while I give him a lip job. That sounds really hot.


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