When it comes to sex it is no surprise that the ever ready men are eager to skip foreplay and skip right to penetration. Unfortunately, foreplay is an essential part in sex for women and skipping it could mean the risk of sacrificing her pleasure! If you are looking to better your bedroom game and up your chances of her being just as satisfied afterwards as you are, you cannot skip foreplay! Just like you would not skip stretching before hitting it hard at the gym, you should not skip foreplay if you want to ensure that everyone involved is enjoying themselves.

Tip 1: Start Before the Bedroom

Foreplay should start hours before you even get in the bedroom. Send sexy texts throughout the day, detail what you want to do later that night or remind her of an especially erotic time you have spent together in the past. Women love thinking about past experiences they have had with their partner, and it is guaranteed to get their engines revving if you bring it up!

If sexy texts are not your forte, try whispering something sweet in her ear, gently grabbing her rear, or trailing your fingers up and down her arm. Touch is a fantastic and undervalued tool of early foreplay. Trailing your fingers up and down her arm, tracing the outline of her lips, or even a quick and gentle touch of her face. Explore her body through your fingertips, it does not even have to be sexual to have her aching for more.

Tip 2: Explore Other Erogenous Zones

Speaking of touch, try exploring her other erogenous zones. Breasts and vaginas are not the only areas on a woman’s body that will drive her wild. Try nibbling on or tracing your tongue along the outline of her ear. Explore areas that you find to be sensitive on yourself and watch how she responds. If she sharply inhales, closes her eyes, smiles, or reacts in another positive way, keep going.

As I mentioned before, gentle touching is an undervalued way to turn a partner on. Trace the outline of her lips with your fingertip or lightly run the palm of your hand up her bare arms. Explore how she responds to your touch and which parts of her body cause the most intense reactions. When you come across an area on her body that she enjoys having touched or caressed, move to licking, kissing, nibbling, and maybe even biting that area.

Tip 3: Use Pleasure Implements

Many people are intimidated by sex toys, but the adult market is so vast that you are not limited to just insertable toys. Vibrators make great implements for exploring those aforementioned erogenous zones. Try running a buzzy, bullet vibrator over her nipples or the arches of her feet. Use a stronger vibrator, like the hitachi, for back massages.

If you  are feeling especially adventurous, explore with feather, wartenberg wheels, silk, chains, etc. Different implements will provide different sensations, and there is a lot out there to explore with. If you do not have much on hand you can always find things to run across your partner’s skin or use for texture play around the house! Pearl necklaces and silk scarves can be a great addition to regular touch.

Tip 4: Try Some Roleplay

Roleplaying may seem awkward and new to most couples, but entering into a different role or using it to fulfil a fantasy can be a great way to start the roleplaying early in the day and build anticipation for a risque night. Some popular ideas include an adult twist on cops and robbers, your favorite characters from a TV series or movie, or try pretending you have the wrong number when texting through the day.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure to discuss the details of it with your partner before just slipping into character. Having a general idea of what you and your partner are into will help the roleplay run smoother and give you a better idea on how to play your part to the best of your ability. Let your imagination run wild and use this trick to play on some fantasies you or your partner may have!

Tip 5: Try Something New

Many couples use BDSM to spice things up in the bedroom, but it can also be used outside of the bedroom to build up to a “scene” later on in the day. After discussing how your partner would feel about it, try laying out their clothes and a toy you want them to use during the day. Send them little tasks through the day that would build up the anticipation for your plans that night. Be sure to discuss how they want to feel, what they are comfortable doing, and what they expect from the “scene” later on that night before just jumping into this one! BDSM can be amazing if done right.

Final Notes

Foreplay is an essential part of sex for female partners. They crave that build up and need to be in the right mindset before they are as eager for sex as their male counterparts. While most men tend to think foreplay is a waste of time and want to skip right to penetration, it is important for her pleasure that you take your time and build up to it.

Whether you are bring new toys into the bedroom, exploring new sensations, or just sexting through the day, it will be sure to help your partner anticipate and crave sex with you. For women, anticipation and teasing is half the fun!


  1. NO ONE KNOWS EROGENOUS ZONES! Do you know HOW many women I’ve been with that were amazed at how turned on they got when I just gently ran my hand across their skin like their thigh and wrists. Sitting together watching a movie gently touching their hands and we often don’t finish the movie. It’s so easy to be turning a girl on in public, at home, like anywhere.

    Fellas pay attention to that chart. You’ll want it for the future.

    • not only pay attention to the chart but also watch how your woman reacts when you touch her. if she smiles, shivers, sighs, or shows any other signs of enjoying it, do it again. she likes it. if she likes it, you will have better luck turning her on.

  2. uh, ever think that maybe they’re rushing you because you suck at foreplay? enthusiasm will only get you so far you’ve gotta have skills too. no chick likes a dude who just like slobbers all over her and handles her tits like their stress toys. i dunno man, all i can say is I’ve never had that complaint even after some marathon sessions. might wanna watch some videos or something an dwork on your technique!

  3. It’s crazy to me that any guys wanna skip foreplay. I mean, I get that a proper “quickie” can be fun every now and again, but good sex is like good food — it should be savored. There’s nothing I love more than exploring a woman’s body with my hands and my mouth. I’ve definitely had some women tell me I spend too much time on foreplay and just want to get to the action. Their loss!

  4. Anyone else have trouble getting into the right mindspace for roleplaying? My girlfriend and I have tried out a few scenarios but I always kind of seize up in the moment and can’t think of anything to say, or everything I say just sounds ridiculous instead of My girlfriend has a schoolgirl/professor thing she really wants to do and it sounds super hot to me too but I just can’t seem to get out of my own head about it. Anyone have any extra tips?

  5. So glad I found this article. Now I need to find a way to low-key have my bf “stumble” on it (he gets a little sensitive I try to coach him). Take the advice here guys, even girls like me with a high sex drive still need a little warmup time before we can really get off.

  6. I love exchanging sexy texts with my wife throuout the day while we’re at work. When we finally both get home and get to business it makes the whole thing that much more amazing and I cum like a waterfall. Only downside is that sometimes all that buildup can make me a little sensitive and then it’s over too quick…

  7. Ok this reminded me of an embarassing story. One time I was sexting with my girl while at the office and I got so turned on I just couldn’t wait. I decided to sneak off to the bathroom for a quick jerk so that I could actually try and focus on work the rest of the day (fuck deadlines amirite?)
    So I’m sitting in a stall and scanning through a few nudes she sent from before and trying to *quietly* rub one out. Fortunately no one came in and interrupted me, but when I came I had a bit of a “Something About Mary” situation. I thought I caught all my jizz on a tissue but somehow I ended with a big white smear on the inside of my thigh — and I was wearing black slacks. I didn’t notice til I was already back at my desk. Thank god no one noticed, dunno how I would’ve explained that one. Needless to say, I didn’t get up without a carrying a folder or something for convenient coverage.

    • I have one! I can’t remember what it’s called but it’s a sensory tool. It provides a sensation kinda like when your girl runs her nails down your back. It hurts a little but is more pleasure and excitement than actual pain. And it isn’t meant to break the skin. I guess you could if you’re into that, but really it’s just meant to give the allusion of pain and risk without actually doing anything risky!

  8. If yur gone play with BDSM make sure u have a safe word. U dont wanna fuck up and never be aloud to do kinky stuff in the bedroom again.

  9. Proper foreplay doesn’t have a beginning or end. I keep my wife wet and constantly thinking about sex. A little bit goes a long way: sexy comment here, playful smack to the ass there. As an added bonus she always has this sexy confidence about her because she knows just how much I want her. Because I do this, actual foreplay (in the bedroom) doesn’t take too long.

    Communication is so important. While that chart up there is a good place to start, everyone is different. My wife likes to have the dip in her hips massaged. It really gets her going. Try to get in the head of your lover and figure out what they want. Are they dominate or submissive? Do they like it fast or slow? Do they want to fuck your brains out or spend an evening having a passionate lovemaking session? Learn what they like, what they want and appeal to that. If you’re having a hard time reading their body language, ask them!

    On that note, ask them how long they like to have sex and if foreplay is even important to them! After teasing my wife all day penetration is usually a huge relief to both of us. If you aren’t mature enough to talk to your partner about sex, you probably shouldn’t even be having sex.

  10. Something my ex told me has stuck with me for years. Don’t go straight for the vagina/clit. That’s where the party is gonna end up but enjoy the journey there. I didn’t know this before her, but apparently it can be painful if you make a beeline right for a girls junk.

  11. There have been a handful of times when I had sex with a guy and he just worshipped my body. He kissed every inch of my skin. His hands never left my body. If he wasn’t kissing me there was intense, sexy eye contact. He nibbled on my neck and ears.

    Just thinking about it gives me chill bumps. I still revisit the memories when I am going solo or if sex with my current partner is boring. It was so hot. It’s something I’ll never forget. If you REALLY want to make a woman’s night, make her remember you for the rest of her life, focus on her. Worship her. Make her feel like a fucking goddess.

  12. Best foreplay tip every: put your knee against your girls pussy while you’re still fully clothed and making out. She’ll wind up grinding against it. It’s so hot and helps her out.

  13. My $0.02. Use lube when you’re just fingering your girl. When you’re giving her oral, play with her g-spot too. When she cums, put a finger ON (not in) her asshole for added pleasure.

    These tips drive my girl up the fucking wall!

  14. I found this cause I’m trying to plan an amazing anniversary for my girl. I think the comments really add to the article.

    I guess I should start sending her some sexy texts now to get started, huh? 😉

  15. The other day my boyfriend had me lay down and he spent a little over half hour barely touching my body. Chest, arms, face, lips, legs, butt, feet, inside of my thighs. He wasn’t even massaging me, just gently running his fingers and hands on my skin.

    Every now and then he would graze my vagina lips. He had me lay on my belly and my back so he could just touch everything. When he started actually being sexual I was totally immersed in the pleasure and excitement. It was bliss. He put his fingers in me while he gave me oral. It was the best orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. It’s been a few days and I’m still on cloud nine. Fellas, just touch your lady.

  16. my gf loves it when i spank her. puts her in the mood almost immediately. just push her over a counter and give her a few hard wacks to the ass and she’s ready to go.

  17. None of these articles play up how amazing making out is. My girl loves making out like we are in highschool. Works everytime.

  18. My gf comes so much harder and way faster if I spend 2/3 of the time we have for sex just teasing her and avoiding her clit. I can even go as far as just being gentle and lightly licking around her clit. The suspense and anticipation seem to make all the difference for girls.

  19. Not foreplay, but an oral tip: If you’re licking a hairy pussy and get a pube in your mouth just lick an area of her leg that doesn’t have any hair and the pube will stay there!

  20. My girl and I make a game out of foreplay. Whoever initiates sex is the “loser.” You both know that you’re going to be having sex and you actively try to make the other initiate it. It’s really a win-win cause you both end up really horny and eventually one of you breaks down and you have great sex!

  21. I learned that when giving oral my girl like the letter P. Start with A and work your tongue through the alphabet until you find a letter that makes her back arch and her moan like you’ve never heard before. Then just trace that letter until she cums.

  22. Your woman should be grinding on you and looking at you like she could eat you up before you even think about taking your cock out.

  23. Stroke her skin. I have never met a woman who doesn’t like being stroked all over with light fingertips. The secret is it has to be natural. Don’t force it. Explore her body, look at how she reacts, side boob is great, touch the inside of her thigh, rin your fingers down her spine, lightly touch her scalp and ears.


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