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Sex toys are more available now than they have ever been. You can buy them at your local drug store, find them in Walmart, even download apps to turn your phone into one! While the market seems to be focused more on women’s sex toys, there are a surprisingly large amount of sex toys for men to choose from. From prostate massagers to VR porn, the industry for male sex toys has exploded.

You can find cheap jelly toys to stick up your bum or luxury fucking machines that do all the work for you. If that is not your thing, you can still find amazing, manual, yet simple Fleshlights! Since there are so many sex toys for men to choose from, I took the liberty of putting together a list of the best sex toys currently available for men!

As challenging as it may have been, it is a quest I have proudly taken on, and below I present to you, the top 11 male sex toys! This list includes everything from automated blowjob machines to virtual reality attachments, but you will find only the best. Read on to find out which toys I think are the best on the market!

1. Autoblow 2 Plus – The Autoblow 2 is an automated blowjob machine. It is one of the top rated male sex toys on the market and is owned by over 100,000 men worldwide! It stands at 8.6 inches tall and has a diameter of 3.93 inches, and can accommodate penises up to 6 inches in length and from 3 to 6.5 inches in girth.

The Autoblow 2

You can choose from three different sleeve sizes and three different designs, making the personalization of the Autoblow truly unique. Just plug it in, lube up, place it on your penis, and enjoy it. With the powerful motor and three beaded rings that surround the sleeve, the Autoblow 2 creates a realistic blowjob feel and you do not have to do anything except to enjoy yourself!

2. Tenga Fliphole – Tenga is a leader in the sex toy industry for men. They are well known for their Flipholes, eggs, and disposable masturbators. When it comes to manual masturbation, Tenga is only rivaled by Fleshlight. The Tenga Fliphole comes in four different colors, all having their own textures, tightness’s, and suction strengths.

top male sex toy

All four varieties are easy to clean, simple to use, and completely reusable. Each one opens in a clam style to help with cleaning and drying, has buttons on the side to control the suction and pressure, and a unique texture and feel to the silicone. Each color is unique and has its own suction, texture, and firmness of the material. Knowing which one to buy for your needs and desires is the only issue you will have with a Tenga Fliphole.

3. Fleshlight STU – If you struggle with stamina in the bedroom or just want to last longer than you currently do, you should consider stamina training. Of course, there are many ways you can do this online with just your hand, but what fun is that? Fleshlight considered this and came up with a solution. The STU, or Stamina Training Unit, comes with a guide on how to get started and a short training guide to follow.

top male sex toys

The website claims that if you can last 10 minutes with the STU you can last 20 minutes with anyone in the bedroom! The STU has an intense internal texture, created to provide powerful stimulation that is designed to get you off as quickly as possible. It is easy to use, has a life like look to it, comes with a user manual, and helps with a list of sexual health issues.

4. Fleshlight Launch – The Fleshlight Launch is a scientifically advanced device that pairs up with your favorite Fleshlight and select porn. You pair it with your computer or VR goggles and it syncs up with the porn of your choice, moving the Fleshlight in tandem with the motions on screen! All you need to do is put your favorite Fleshlight into the device, lube up with your favorite waterbased lubricant, and sit back and enjoy!

top male sex toy

The Fleshlight Launch pairs with almost all full sized Fleshlights and the Kiiroo toys. It is completely rechargeable and lightweight. The initial charge takes about 6-9 hours, but it is totally worth the wait! Furthermore, it is quiet and comes with a one year warranty. If that is not enough to get your motor revving, just imagine pairing your favorite Fleshlight girl Fleshlight with a porn of her!

5. Kiiroo – Are you in a long distance relationship? Or do you really have a thing for cam girls? Well now you can get off with your long distance partner or a cam girl of your choice with the Kiiroo Onyx. The Kiiroo Onyx pairs with the Kiiroo Pearl, but can also be used on its own!

top male sex toys

It is paired up to your computer and operates through a Bluetooth chip. You can then pair it with a cam girl or your partner who are using the Pearl, a porn designed to be used with the Kiiroo, or use it solo. It is easy to clean, comes with a free trial of the interactive content, and has a realistic feel to it.

6. Mangasm DSRV – The Mangasm DSRV is the Doggy Style Realistic Vagina. It is designed after a real, but anonymous model at the peak of arousal. It is 6 lbs of Cyberskin and has two holes to choose from for use. The two holes meet a couple of inches into the toy and come out on the other side, making for easy clean up.

top male sex toy

The toy has no mechanics to it at all. There are no internal workings or technology to deal with. It takes you back to simple masturbation, with an almost life-sized sex toy. I find that it is best used by placing in a corner and using the walls to brace yourself on. At only $80 the Mangasm DSRV can be a great addition to your collection!

7. CobraLibre 2 – The Cobra Libre is a sleek, stylish male vibrator. It is designed to just stimulate the head of a penis. You turn it on, place it on the head, and either let it rest there or move it around. It has two motors, one that stimulates the glans and the second stimulates the small portion of the shaft that rest just inside the toy.

top male sex toy

The Cobra Libre 2 is completely rechargeable and totally waterproof. It is charged through the Fun Factory’s signature Click ‘n’ Charge, making it sealed off from any water being able get into the inner workings of the toy. It is also completely quiet and with different angles you can achieve different types of stimulation.

8. Lovense Max – This is another toy for long distance lovers. You can pair it with the Lovense Nora and play with your lover or a cam girl. You can also use it on its own. Like the Onyx, you pair it up to your computer and can use it with porn. There are various ways you can use the Lovense!

top male sex toy

Solo you can pair it with music and get off to your favorite beats. You can also pair it with your smart phone and use your phone as a controller. Or you can use it without connecting to anything, and using the buttons on the base of the toy. If you wish to use it with another person you can pair it with the Nora or have your partner play with the remote.

9. BlewIt! – BlewIt Pleasure + Performance Male Masturbators is a masturbator with an artistic look and a simple design. It is a stamina training unit, similar to the Fleshlight STU. But the ergonomic design makes it a bit easier to use and less bulky than its Fleshlight counter part.

blewit pleasure

Also, unlike the STU, the BlewIt! has a “tquick-flip suction control cap, and removable rings allow you to control the intensity of the sensation.” It can accommodate a penis up to 7.67 inches in length. It is easy to clean, and the octagonal and twisting design makes it incredibly easy to hold. It is lighter than the Fleshlight STU and cheaper.

10. Fifi – The Fifi is designed after the crude sex toys found in prisons. It is made with a piece of cloth sewn around foam. You insert one of the disposable latex sleeves, similar to the design of a female condom, and roll up the external part to the tightness of your desire. You can then adjust the tightness using the Velcro on the toy once you have completely inserted yourself.

top male sex toy

The design of the Fifi makes for easy clean up and simple prep time. It is light compared to most other male masturbators and more discreet than those that feature a pussy or anal opening. If this is not enough to make you want to at least try it, it is only $16!

11. Twerking Butt – PornHub knows what men want. They cater porn to you and keep track of what is popular. So you really should not be surprised that they have come out with an incredibly popular sex toy: the Twerking Butt. It took them four years, and a partnership with Topco to perfect their VR enabled male sex toy.

top male sex toy

The Twerking Butt is a whopping 20 lbs and comes with a VR headset. There is special porn made for the Twerking Butt, and the butt moves in tandem with the video playing on your headset. It also comes packed with a ton of goodies. The packaging includes the butt, a wired remote, a power cable, a water jet wand to aid with cleaning, a storage bag, and renewable powder. It also comes with a sample of free water based lube!


  1. I’m not surprised that the AutoBlow 2 is number one on this list. For a true blow job machine, it is fantastic. While it is a bit bulky, it’s definitely worth the hassle of set up.

  2. It’s great that you have reviews for all the products that you suggest.

    It helps me believe that you actually would recommend these products.

    I hate it when people recommend things they’ve never tried.


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