Twerking Butt

Twerking Butt Introduction

If you are an ass man, who frequents Porn Hub you have probably heard of their Twerking Butt. It took four years of diligent research and testing for Porn Hub and their partner in crime, Topco, to perfect this CyberSkin sexual breakthrough.

Using advanced technology Porn Hubs Twerking Butt allows you to experience a broad range of fantasies through VR and cyber connection. The technology and life-sized CyberSkin disembodied butt blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

The website dares you to “act out your wildest dream” with their ground breaking sex toy. Pair it with your smart phone for a personalized experience. It is the most realistic sex toy on the market of its kind. It heats up to body temperature, moves to your music or video, and massages and vibrates.

What is the Twerking Butt?

The Twerking Butt is Porn Hubs response to VR porn. With the use of various VR devices like the Oculus Rift, the Vive, and Samsungs Gear VR users have been envisioning their deepest fantasies in 3D! Porn Hub features some videos that cater to this new trend, but none quite like the ones that pair up with the Twerking Butt.

The Twerking Butt is made with CyberSkin, and you power it by plugging into your wall. Finally, a good toy for men that rivals with the power of the Hitachi Original Magic Wand! The Butt even comes with an adapter for users who are outside of the USA. Porn Hub really did think of everything.

Twerking Butt

It includes a detailed anus and pussy, so there are two options for your pleasure. It can be controlled with the attached remote, or through an app on your smartphone. You can pair it with your favorite music or video, or customize it to fit your needs!

Twerking Butt Features

The main feature that sets the Porn Hub Twerking Butt apart from other products on the market is the CyberSkin Virtual Reality headset that comes with it. This headset is powered by your phone and allows users to view 2D and 3D videos available on the Twerking Butt app. It can be used with or without the VR headset.

The Twerking Butt vibrates and massages along with whatever technology you pair up with it. The vibrations paired with the massage creates the feeling of an orifice tensing and relaxing around your cock. To add to this realistic feel, the Butt is self-heating and heats up to 98.6 degrees, which is normal body temperature.

Another feature, not as unique as the previous two, are the orifices. They look realistic, complete with lips, folds, crevices, and flaps. The texture inside the orifices are also designed to feel as realistic as possible. The official website claims that the toy offers “rhythmic vibrations [that] realistically simulate [the] human body.”

The Twerking Butt is a whopping 20 lbs, with a width of 12.6 inches, a height of 8.7 inches, and a depth of 13.8 inches. Its insertable length is only 7.5 inches, though.

One of the best features is the app that you can download for any IOS or Android phone. Through the app you can watch porn on the VR headset, customize your own vibration/twerk/massage combos, or pair with your music/video. It is simple to download and can make your experience with the Twerking Butt a complete one of a kind encounter.

What comes in the box?

Oh, man! This bad boy, uh, girl, comes with a lot of stuff!

• You get the Twerking Butt, of course. Which, as I mentioned above weighs 20 lbs and looks and feels incredibly realistic.
• It also comes with a wired remote control that is attached to the bottom of the toy with a reasonably long cord.
• A power adapter and a cable, so you can power your Butt. It also comes with an adapter for consumers outside of the USA.
• The CyberSkin Virtual Reality headset, for your viewing pleasures. If you have the Oculus Rift, you can use that instead of the VR headset that comes with it!
• A high-powered water jet wand to help you properly clean the Butt.
• A storage bag, to keep your Twerking Butt safe from lint, dust, and other things you do not usually worry about until you get a CyberSkin toy that attracts dust and lint like no one’s business.
• Renewable powder because for $700-1,000 you will want to take care of this thing and make it last for as long as possible.
• And finally, some water based lube. You will want to use ONLY water based lube with the Twerking Butt to avoid bacteria building up in the porous material. Water based just washes off easier than other types of lube.

Twerking Butt Demo Videos

How to Use the Twerking Butt

To use the Twerking Butt, you need to plug the power adapter into it and the wall. You can then use the remote to control the Butt or connect to your phone (more on this later). If you use the remote, there are six vibration intensities and six twerking modes. These are controlled by the up and down buttons on the remote labeled with the corresponding label.

If you want to pair the Butt with your smartphone, you need to download the app. Then you are going to register for an account on the app, download videos that appeal to you, turn on your Bluetooth and pair your phone with your Butt, and slide your phone into the headset.

You can also pair the Butt to twerk, vibrate, and massage along to your favorite music or video. As I have pointed out there are many ways to use the Twerking Butt; you can even personalize your experience with the customizable options in the app.

What Do I Like About The Twerking Butt

Realistic – This is for every aspect of the Butt. From the size to the weight, from the look to the feel. Everything.

Extras – Porn Hub really went above and beyond when designing the Twerking Butt. It heats up, moves like a human, and feels like a human. They did not skip out on any ‘extra’ stuff.

Uses – There are many ways to use the Twerking Butt: alone, with VR, with music. Pair it with your smartphone or just use the basic remote that comes with it.

Downloads – You download the videos from the app, which means that you don’t need an internet connection to enjoy the Butt.

More Extras – When packing the box for shipping, Porn Hub included everything that a user could possibly want or need with their new toy. From the VR headset to the cleaning wand. There is even lube, a storage pouch, and renewable powder.

What I Didn’t Like About the Twerking Butt

Price – This toy ranges from $700-1,000! I considered not even putting this as a con because you get a lot of really cool stuff with it, it is realistic and feels amazing. But that is a steep price!

Strings – You are pretty much stuck near an outlet when using the Butt. Due to the way it is powered, you cannot take it with you on a vacation where you will be “unplugged” for the weekend.

Cumbersome – The Twerking Butt is heavy, cumbersome, and difficult to get used to using. I recommend practicing using it doggy style or build up some impressive stamina during arm day at the gym.

Insertable Depth – It is only 7.5 inches deep. If you are more than 7.5 inches, you will have to look elsewhere, and sadly, there are not any competitors on the market at this time. Especially not any that include all the bells and whistles that come with the Twerking Butt.

Smell – When you first open the box you are hit with the strong smell of chemicals. Thankfully, this dissipates after a couple of washes. But it is a little off-putting until it goes away.

My Final Verdict

Porn Hubs Twerking Butt is a life-sized, realistic, pricey, technologically advanced, one of a kind, masturbator. Not only does the Butt itself come with way more features than I had originally thought, but it also comes with a box packed full of any extras you could need.

When creating the Twerking Butt Porn Hub and Topco Toys took their time (four years’ worth!) into thinking of every possible thing the users would want. While there is room for improvement (maybe a rechargeable version), this is a fantastic start! I cannot wait to see more toys like this one in the future!

Ease of cleaning
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  1. This is so good, it may as well be a longterm hooker. This ass shakes like it’s 2am and the girls at the club have been drinking all night and then Cardi B came on. I love grinding ass and this lets that happen and then I get to bang it too. Putting this to the music is so great to get into the mood. I can’t say a single bad thing about this. The ass is fat, lifelike all over, and it heats up. IT HEATS UP TO 98.6!! It’s freaking heavy too. That’s not bad cause that lets the humping happen without the thing flying away. You need an extension cord though so you can have it anywhere but it doesn’t take away from it AT ALL.

  2. My girl got me this as a gag gift. WE LOVE THIS! On top of it working that ass like a 2Live Crew girl, we just love having it around like a lava lamp. This always cheers me up to watch. My girl will twerk next to it and have a twerk off.
    And then there’s what it’s actually for. Feels super good. Sometimes my girl has me get started with the butt and move onto her. Or she’ll have me finish in the butt while rubbing me down because she doesn’t wanna have to get the cum out. It’s just good fun and I love that my girl loves it with me.

    • I’ve been thinking about getting this for my boyfriend, and I think this comment just sold me on it! I love the idea of having a twerk off and I feel like even if we were using it, seeing it twerk would help brighten up bad days. LOL! Also, having another place for him to finish sometimes would be great! Thanks for this info! I think you just sold me on this. <3

  3. This shit is some other shit! So I got this and I wasn’t ready. It heats to body temperture. It shakes a little too fast for twerking with the normal settings, but when you set this to music with the app, you can’t go wrong. It fucks to the beat of whatever it is set to. I put this on a club mix and life is amazing. Plugs in so it never dies.
    So it takes work to set it to the right height. You also gotta keep this clean like you mean it. It comes with everything you can imagine, but it still has to be done. This is the ultimate.

  4. I hate trying to move this thing around. It’s heavy and cleaning it is a pain in the ass. My wife got it for us to experiment with cause she is bi-curious and didn’t want to bring another woman into our bedroom. She loves it and enjoys playing with the realistic cheeks and practicing her lady oral skills on it, but I don’t like finishing in it cause it’s too much work to move around.

  5. I have this one and lemme tell you, this is a next level ass. The way it shakes and how warm it gets is perfect. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to the real thing. I can go at it hands free and just let it shake and do it’s thing. It’s perfect when I wanna be lazy and just get off while letting “her” do all the work.

  6. I did not kno this thing heated up. I was shocked when i got it and it started gettin warm. i thought it was gon catch on fire! it did not get that hot and then i realized it was for realizm. I like it. but you should read about it before you buy it so you wont be shocked.

  7. I wish I woulda red this before I got mine. I didn’t use water based lube and had to throw min out. After I ran outta the lube that came wit it I used some silicone lube and it got nasty so fast.

    Note to any1 reading this: use ONLY water based lube. this thang can get nasty!

  8. the twerking butt comes with EVERYTHING you need for a well rounded experience. i keep mine in my btrm since i live alone and dnt want to carry it around just to clean it.

  9. I wanted something to keep in my room and use whenever I didnt wanna bring a chick home to the roommates. This twerking butt looked amazing. But since I share a bathroom with my roommates I have to wait til theyre asleep before I can clean it. Which sucks.

    One night I thought they were asleep and my girl roommate found me cleaning a 20lbs ass in the shower. It was so embarrassing. She told her boyfriend and they still havent dropped it.

  10. My wife and I got this for a friend as a gag gift at an adult christmas party and it was great. We made it a center piece and everyone laughed at it twerking while we got drunk.

  11. I’ve been watching VR porn since it first hit the market. Then when this thing came out I had to get it. Porn Hub really does know what men want. I don’t think I have used my first vr headset since I got this damn thing. And I sure haven’t used a vr headset alone.

    The twerking butt changed the entire vr porn game!

  12. My husband hates cleaning out his toys and will often just do the bare necessities. I love that porn hub thought to include a jet thing to clean it with! It makes clean up so much easier and we have had this longer than any other toy he has tried.

    • Use a condom with it. I use a condom with all my toys and it makes clean up 1000000000000x easier. You just gotta rinse out the condom lube.

    • I’m a tit man, too. But the thong on this toy makes it look so fucking cute. I can deal with not having tits to play with in exchange for a nice squishy ass with a cute thong.

    • I am 100% an ass man and as soon as pornhub released this I was on it. I follow pornhub and knew that they were coming out with it. I only wish I could had tested it for them. If you are an ass man, you gotta get this toy.

  13. All these comments talking about how amazing this damn thing is, but no one talking about how they had a random $700-$1k layin around for a fuck toy.

  14. These pictures do not help at all. The butt looks like it’s upside down. Do you fuck it upside down? It doesn’t even look like it’s in doggy style. Just upside down.

  15. Next level masturbation right here! Not only does the top eat and live better, they get off better too. Try to catch it on sale, but get you a twerking ass if you wanna see how the other side lives.

  16. Without the underwear this thing looks so fucking fake. The hole for the pussy is literally a round, circular, tiny hole. It looks so dumb. The ass cheeks and butt crack look good, but otherwise it looks fake as fuck.

  17. I hate toys that have remotes attached. Either put the buttons on the device or give me a wireless remote. For $1k, I don’t want a cheap short cut like this !

  18. I love the way the thong sits on this in the pic. I have a HUGE thing for panties and this looks like it could help me with that between women. It would always have on a different pair of panties and could even twerkf or me.

  19. Can you imagine the thoughts that runs through one’s head as they stand over a sink cleaning out their cum out of a fake ass with a jet sprayer?


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